Experts warn a mild episode of Omicron can cause nasty side effects for MONTHLY

Experts have warned a single episode of Omicron’s MILD can cause unpleasant side effects for months.

It can interfere with work and daily tasks. But most of all, it will be over within a year.

Covid survivors can be stuck with "brain fog" for months on end, even though their illness is mild


Covid survivors can be stuck with “brain fog” for months at a time, even though their illness is mild.Credit: Getty

The researchers found that the “brain fog” was annoying for “long-lived” asymptomatic people who had been infected with the virus before.

Specifically, they showed attention and memory problems in a series of tests conducted by the University of Oxford.

Dr Sijia Zhao of the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, said: “What is surprising is that although our Covid-19 survivors did not feel any further symptoms at the time of this study, Dr. test, but they showed impaired attention and memory.

“Our findings reveal that people may experience some chronic cognitive consequences for many months.”

Professor Masud Husain said: “We still do not understand the mechanism that causes these cognitive deficits.

“But it is encouraging to see that this attention and memory largely return to normal in most of the people we examined six to nine months after infection, who demonstrated a significant recovery. recovers well over time.”

Previous studies have shown that long-suffering people You may experience brain fog along with other symptoms such as cough, heart palpitations, muscle aches, or insomnia.

Brain fog can include low motivation, lack of concentration or attention, poor sleep, or other cognitive problems.

However, people who have had no other problems since recovering from Covid do not know if these effects will be felt.

The study involved 136 people, average age 26, of which 53 said they had had Covid-19 before, most of which were mild.

Although they took part in May 2021, when the Delta variant was dominating in the UK, the finding could apply to people who have caught other strains.

Study participants were asked to complete several cognitive tests with a focus on attention retention, memory, planning, and semantic inference.

You can do the tests yourself on the Web but no result will be given.

Covid survivors performed better on short-term working memory and planning than the control group.

However, they scored significantly worse on episodic memory and ability to sustain attention on a task over time.

Episodic memory is a person’s unique recollection of past events, such as details of their breakfast or first kiss, including where and when it happened as well. like the feelings they experienced.

It was tested by showing participants 20 images, then asking them to recall them at the end of the experiment.

Sustained attention is being able to maintain concentration on a task for a long period of time.

There was a decrease in the Covid participants’ performance during a nine-minute task compared with healthy subjects.

It is not clear why Covid causes these brain problems, the researchers say.

But in their paper, published in Brain CommunicationThey say previous research has shown that people with the most severe brain problems after Covid have changes in the forehead area.

These are the brian regions that are involved in episodic memory and long-term attention.

Covid participants had no worse scores for factors such as fatigue, forgetfulness, sleep habits or anxiety at the time of testing.

Other studies have reached the same conclusion as Oxford, that people who were previously infected with Covid have problems with mind changes.

A study including researchers from Imperial College London and Cambridge found that people lost their intelligence while monitoring Covid.

In a classical intelligence test, they would lose the equivalent of seven points in IQ, the team announced in August 2021.

People who were on ventilators during their Covid illness were more likely to experience a drop in scores.

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