Extremely rare baby ‘ghost shark’ with retractable penis on HEAD found 1,200m underwater – World News

An extremely rare sight in New Zealand has surprised scientists when they say that ghost sharks often hatch from eggs laid on the seabed.

A ghost shark
Ghost sharks look super weird and have been around since before the time of the dinosaurs

A special species of shark has been discovered off the east coast of New Zealand in an extremely rare sighting.

The newly hatched ghost shark was seen about 1,200m underwater on the southern island of the country.

Scientists are excited by this discovery and say it is one of the few cases of baby ghost sightings. shark because they usually hatch from eggs laid on the seabed.

The fish has a vampire-like appearance that is 60cm to 2m long and has a retractable penis on its head.

They have existed since before the time of the dinosaurs, but researchers have only recently been able to study them.

Fisheries expert, Dr Brit Finucci posted a photo on Twitter of a recently discovered ghost shark that is believed to be only a few days old.

Newly hatched deep sea creatures


Dr. Brit Finucci)

A scientist from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, explains how you can tell the recently hatched little creature has a belly full of egg yolks.

He told “It’s amazing. Most deepwater ghost sharks are known adult specimens. Newborns are not often reported so we know very little about them. .”

“Finding this ghost shark will help us better understand the biology and ecology of this mysterious group of deep-water fish.”

What does an adult ghost shark look like?


Dr. Brit Finucci)

The ghost shark is believed to have been collected at a depth of about 1,200m on a part of the ocean floor known as Chatham Rise.

According to Dr Finucci, a new species of ghost shark is still being discovered and the exact species of this shark is yet to be determined.

Speaking on Twitter, he said: “Just your regular reminder during Shark Week every year that ghost sharks are just as amazing as all the other sharks.”

Eggs are placed on the bottom of the sea


Dr. Brit Finucci)

Genetic samples and measurements will be taken to learn more.

Scientifically known as chimaeras, species that live in deep water are similar to sharks and rays.

They are cartilaginous organisms which means that their skeleton is mainly made of cartilage.

Other names include mouse fish, scorpion fish and ghost fish, according to the Shark Trust.

Ghost sharks feed on worms and molluscs on clean floors and can be found all over the world.

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