F1 Manager 2022: 10 tips to get you in first place

WHEN playing F1 Manager 2022 it is important to keep a cool head both in preparation and during a big race.

It’s not an easy task, but it’s all the more difficult when you don’t know the racing series inside out.

Drive to the top with F1 Manager.


Drive to the top with F1 Manager.Credit: Frontier Development

You don’t have to be an F1 fan to do well in this game.

Pick the right team, follow this beginner’s guide, and you’re off to the races.

Start developing as soon as possible

Before you start the first race of the season, you should visit your team’s development department and commission the first drafts.

For best results, try starting with large parts like the chassis and underbody as these affect many different aspects of driving.

Take the lead with your very own F1 team with these WIN tips
Take control of your own F1 team in this game

It’s important to allocate a generous testing time to these projects to get the best results.

Also, never choose a new mount for your first development.

After the first race, you will receive an updated suspension for free to introduce you to the development system.

Accept optional sponsor goals

Money rules the world and it’s no different in the world of F1 Manager.

Each sponsor will assign you a set of objectives and upon completion you will receive specific bonuses.

At the beginning of each race you have the opportunity to accept sponsors with additional bonuses.

Despite the penalties for missing a target, these are worth it when you have a strong team at your side.

Teams like Alfa Romeo, which have good cars but bad finances, benefit most from this.

Play at least one training session

Training sessions will not only help you get to know the track and find the perfect setup for your car, but you will also receive bonuses for the upcoming race.

You can watch the AI ​​track as usual, but it’s worth trying one of the three exercises for yourself.

Send out drivers with white or yellow tires and listen to their feedback on the radio.

You can then use their feedback to customize the values ​​within the displayed range.

This will really help you perform at your best on the big day and is an easy way to earn extra spots.

Aggressive launch settings

Set your driver settings to full aggression early in the race to start things off with a bang.

The perfect time to do this is when the game is asking you to strategize.

Let your drivers attack the tires aggressively, use the engine’s boost mode and make use of the ERS overtaking function.

This puts your drivers in the best possible position when the DRS is unlocked.

Push, push, push!

While the fuel gauge can look terrifying when it goes negative, it’s important to push the limit at the start to keep the momentum for the race.

The lower your weight, the faster you go, and dumping your fuel as you rev ​​up helps with that.

Once DRS kicks in later in the race, you start saving fuel, especially when slipstreaming other cars.

Try to stay in push mode for as long as possible and end up with an empty car.

Safety car and rain

When a race doesn’t go to plan, it’s important to know how to manage your pit stops.

If accidents cause safety car periods and the game tells you it’s a good opportunity to pit, it probably is.

However, if you’re hot on your opponents’ heels, stay tuned. These benefits outweigh anything gained from a new set of tires.

Putting your battery in charge mode during a safety car can also save you fuel and tires.

Rain is a good time to stop, especially if it starts while you’re near the entrance.

Throw on some intermediate tires and set yourself apart from the competition.

Take a look at your competitors

F1 Manager 2022 is a numbers game, not only for you but also for other players.

Most of this isn’t too helpful as a beginner, but you should keep an eye on your competitors’ tires and lap times compared to yours.

High tire wear means the team is ready to make more pit stops, which you can benefit from.

Lap time comparison shows you where to accelerate and where to cross so you can make your move.

To keep calm

When you’re in a fast-paced race, your next move may not seem obvious.

Pausing the game to study data before making decisions is a good way to give yourself some space.

For example, if one of your drivers has an accident but is able to continue, go through your options and decide if a pit stop is the right choice.

Rash decisions lead to losses, and pausing gives you the time you need.

Keep your eyes on the goal

It’s important to keep your overall goal in mind rather than making risky decisions for short-term gains.

While you might want to be up front with the Ferraris and the Red Bulls, staying within their DRS window will give you the greater advantage.

You can wear out your tires if you’re unsuccessfully trying to move up a spot, and then the car behind you will start kicking on your heels.

Conserve your resources, save yourself overtaking, it’s all about the points at the end of the season.

Review contracts in a timely manner

Your drivers start with a contract of only one year, so it is important that you think about future team changes from the start.

Check with the chief designers as well, as other teams may try to improve their games.

Invest in your headquarters to increase your team’s appeal and help with your negotiations.

And don’t worry if your negotiating partner runs out of patience. You’ll be back in a few days.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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