Family finances may be stretched, but there’s no way we can give up Netflix


During a recent bout of gastrointestinal distress, I had time to reflect that Netflix really is one of the wonders of the digital age. If you’d told me as a teenager that in the future you could watch a show on TV, hit pause as you convulsively scurry to the bathroom, and then continue watching the same show from the exact same spot on your phone , while you’re on the jacks, I would have told you please stop using such weird illustrative scenarios.

In fact, I probably wouldn’t have even heard you as I would have been desperately trying to program a VCR to record the 10 minutes of free smut that appeared on the multi-channel around midnight, but you get the point.

Netflix, like all streaming services, is a marvel; albeit an increasingly expensive one – €20.99 per month for our all-singing, all-dancing, occasionally buffering package, which dwarfs Disney+’s jump from €69.99 to €89.90 per year. But the rising cost of living has turned us into forensic accountants, scrutinizing every exit and obsessing over fat that can be trimmed.

There can be no waste — that was the mantra that got me into my stomach upset after deciding to eat my oldest son’s lunch if he came home from school untouched. Like everyone who grew up in the 1980s, I was drummed into not wasting food — from the trócaire boxes centered on the kitchen table to watching living help On TV, food was something you didn’t throw away. Obviously, it never occurred to me that eating a ham, cheese and mayonnaise wrap that sat in a teenager’s school bag in a warm classroom for several hours could pose the same risk as eating a bat-stuffed pangolin, but I wouldn’t just throw it away. That would be a waste, and these are particularly lean times. So instead I saved a total of about a dollar and got food poisoning in the process, enjoying two days of Netflix and chills.

While I’m happy to be a human compost to save pennies, Netflix is ​​a luxury we can’t live without because it’s become so central to family life. The youngest is halfway through the 14 seasons ninja gothe next mainline of old Nickelodeon shows, the teenage son explores ways to build a criminal empire breaking Badand the 19-year-old watches endless reruns master chef since she loves to cook (hope they do a by-product about cleaning up after cooking so she can learn from it too).

What makes Netflix so important is how it can act as a panacea — you can throw your phone in the back of the car on long drives and say, just look at it, and they’ll do it. There was a huge outcry when I suggested we might have to cancel it as it is now costing us over €250 a year. That’s not a lot on its own, but when you factor in all the other packages, it’s quite a sum — the $160 annual license fee, Disney’s $89.90 a year, and Jeffrey Bezos’ $9.80 for Amazon Prime in the month .

We chose satellite TV streaming services because we thought it would save us money, and yet we spend hundreds a year on TV. Something had to go, so it would always be Prime. The only thing we looked at on it was reachersa show about a sentient Easter Island leader running around dishing out gory justice and monotonous one-liners, so it was an easy call to cut Prime.

Next on the chopping block is Disney+ because as much as I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe and war of stars (Have a nice Star Wars day by the way), no one really looks at it but me. But Netflix? You can have it if you pry it out of my clammy, clenched, and sweaty hands while I squirm in agony from my last money-saving fight with leftovers. Family finances may be stretched, but there’s no way we can give up Netflix

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