Fate and the Silver Screen? Yes, please!

In their time Fiscal year 2021 third quarter earnings callSony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced 3.6 billion dollars acquired Bungie, Inc., hailing the partnership’s history. While Sony is relying on Bungie’s expertise to expand their reach into the gaming space, Sony intends to leverage its multimedia platforms for Bungie.

In other words, there’s never been a better time to dream of untold Bungie stories or, better yet, be told in fresh, creative ways! In Life The franchise alone has been around for several years developing stories that haven’t been fully realized in the game itself. And, that’s just an intellectual property that the Bellevue-based studio had to draw from.

In the context of the upcoming release Fate 2fourth expansion, Witch Queenwe thought it would be a fun exercise to let our imaginations loose as we consider the stories that can be told through different forms of media.

Fate 2

Legends of The Last Word:

One of my favorite stories woven throughout Life and Fate 2 is the lore surrounding the Strange Cannon, Thorn, and the Last Word. The story plays out like an old western story, chili just enough Science Fiction to keep it grounded Lifeof the universe. I can picture these stories being told in a cartoon style similar to Arcane series.

Image of Palamon, a watershed settlement with no law except for the man who claims to be a shaman: Loken. His rules keep everyone in line, but safe. That is, until a stranger comes to town – a man slow to speak, but fast to act. A man named Jaren Ward.

With nine guns trained on Ward, Loken wanted to set an example for him, to remind the people of Palamon to obey the law. What Palamon received that day was a new lesson in justice. Jaron Ward, faster than lightning, has introduced Loken to the Legendary Last Words… and those words will be his, not Ward’s.

The stories that unfold in this series will tell about the fates of three men, bound by their belief in the true purpose of power. Along with Jaren Ward, we will meet Rezyl Azzir, a once famous champion driven by greatness, but haunted by dark ancient whispers. And amid these stories, a young Shin Malphur wrestles with the balance of revenge and justice in the smoldering ashes of his home town. Will he become a hero worthy of the legacy of the Last Word or a monstrous thorn in the side of humanity?

The Drifter’s Gambit (Other):

No matter what you call him, be it Eli, Wu Ming, or simply “best friend,” The Drifter plays a long-winded con man, but his kids always have room for just one ace. topic again. Step into Cayde-6, the wise Pioneer Hunter, but (reluctantly) with a taste for naughty play and healthy loot. While The Drifter denies ever knowing Cayde-6, Cayde’s final recordings tell a different story.

Let me imagine a little bit of a late night in the Last City. A bowl of hot, spicy ramen sits on the counter in front of a boisterous, yet cheerful Exo. He was retelling a story that seemed too strange to be true: a legendary score, a last-minute change of plan, a double cross, a double, double cross, and stolen loot. lost through the ages. While the crowd responded with groans of disbelief at the end of the story, the man at the other end of the counter let out a grin, “…and we could have been paid that day, but someone can’t stick to the plan. There’s always a soft support for pretty people, huh? ”


This story could play out like a drama about a police robbery turned into best friends by the military – both of them having to maintain certain measures of legitimate denial, while trying to make real. plans to restore and smuggle an arsenal of Golden Age weapons into the City. In the midst of it all, Cayde unwittingly becomes a Pioneer Hunter and members of Drifter’s old crew begin to track him down. Since they both value scores, they must discover how little trust they can rely on to secure such a grand prize.

Agents of Ikora:

For a secret agency, The Hidden is quite notorious – at least in whispers. Operating as a secret spy organization, these agents were chosen by Ikora Rey of the Warlock Vanguard. Their purpose? To identify and gather information about any alien or wildlife threat to the Last City. While we don’t have an exhaustive list of the known members of the Hidden, legendary names like Eris Morn and Aunor Mahal often pop up in conversations about this dark secret.

This is where a new story can be told. Think of the open world of espionage (a la Kingsmen or Man in black) to a brand new Guardian after she had a strange encounter with Osiris late one night. The words of this otherwise eloquent sage sounded forced and alien, as if they were squeezing out of his lungs. There was a sick anchor that stained his regal robes; he’s dumbfounded… something very, very wrong is going on.

This moment haunted young Warlock. Her thirst for knowledge fueled by the light prompts her to investigate, which brings her into contact with another resurrected Guardian: Crow. His connection to Osiris aroused her curiosity and scrutiny, but his gentle, innocent demeanor stood in stark contrast to the man she discovered him for. How is it that this former Prince of Reef and Cayde-6 killer can freely roam the streets of the City? Why is the once-proud Ghost of Osiris gone and declining? Are both here by coincidence? How are they all connected?

Her investigation exposes her to both The Hidden and the Queensguard, all of which unravel the tangled web of Savathûn’s tricks. The story can also bring its protagonist into contact with some of the aforementioned members of The Hidden as well as peers like Petra Venj and Mara Sov.


Brotherly Light:

Exo Guardian Saint-14 and Eliksni Kell Mithrax couldn’t be more different. However, they have two things in common: both have dedicated their lives to serving The Traveler, and both are seen as monsters to the other’s people. Their paths become intertwined as the Last City descends into the shadows of a Vex simulation.

When the real culprit is revealed and the City is freed from despair, Mithrax and Saint-14 discover that the only thing alien between them is where they come from. A new friendship is formed as the two adventure together through space and time, searching for the Saint’s lost mate… recapitulating their newfound brotherhood in the light of the Light. shining.

Here are a few possible candidates to explore, but I have some other ideas…well, they are ideas:

Raiders of the Lost Archives: Crypto archaeologist and Golden Age historian Rahool stars in a Indiana Jones-story follows heartbreaking decipherment, puzzles suffered, and a life-long search for legendary lost archives. Why? Because we may never be as safe as we used to be… and, sometimes, English is key.

Dodgeball – The Legend of Lord Shaxx: Told in style Ted Lasso with Disney collaboration Breaks, the eternally idealistic Shaxx Lord captures a tight-knit group of kids in the Ultimate City making mischief wherever they go. Since he couldn’t throw them at the Crucible to solve their problems, Shaxx channeled their energy into something a little healthier: the dodgeball tournament. However, instead of pitting the children against each other, they must go through him first. Lord Shaxx asks to win… that’s all he will ask and he will ask only once.

Gnop !: Moving on to another Bungie IP, this Hallmark Channel-style tale tells the story of a distant romance, betrayal, and two oars who find love in unexpected places while competing for a ball. .

TELESTO – The Rock Opera: Why break the world in silence when you can explode in song? Join a strange story about a wild weapon searching for meaning in the universe. Told through a combination of smooth jazz and explosive rock ballads, TELESTO filled with all the glitz and glamor of Broadway, proving that not all that glitters is gold… sometimes it’s vibrant and purple.

Bungie has proven time and time again that they are masters at weaving rich stories together. It is my hope that their pending acquisition by Sony will expose many of them to new mediums from movies to series and from anime and audio adventures. The Distance of the Twilight, the Midnight Coup, the destruction of the Riis, and explore countless stories from the Golden Age. But, for now, we will only have dreams.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with a few fan-made projects that you’ll probably enjoy.

Solas – Episode 1 – IMMERSIPLAY

Dynasty – MyNameIsBfy

(This is a development magazine, but it’s slated for release before The Witch Queen. Also, if you don’t know what’s going on in Destiny 2, check out Byf’s video – you won’t regret it. .)

If you are interested in more Fate 2 and Bungie related content, stay tuned. We’ve been planning a few things leading up to the release Witch Queen includes a review of the expansion when it’s released.

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