Father of soldier killed on Russian warship attacked by Vladimir Putin’s security service – World News

Dmitry Shkrebets has been targeted by Russian security services after threatening to expose the real hidden horror of what happened to the Moskva’s lost crew

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Russia: Father of a Russian warship soldier targeted by Putin’s security services

The father of a man who died on the wrecked Russian cruiser Moskva has been targeted by Russian security services after he threatened to expose what happened to the lost crew.

Dmitry Shkrebets, 43, has led a one-man campaign for transparency and justice on the fate of the Black Sea Fleet’s flagship, which was sunk on April 14.

His son Yegor was lost in the sinking as a 20-year-old conscript, despite Putin’s public insistence that conscripts should not be sent to war.

Shkrebets claims he was interrogated over alleged terrorist offenses after intelligence officials made “false” claims that he had sent bomb threats.

This alleged attempt to quash him with fabricated allegations comes as sensational new details about the Moskva sinking emerged.

Former intelligence agency Igor Strelkov, 51, told how the warship was hit by two suspected Ukrainian Neptun missiles, one in the bow, the second in the stern “below the waterline”.

Former intelligence officer Igor Strelkov


Andrei Kovalyov/east2west news)

The army veteran was formerly a staunch pro-Vladimir Putin commander of clandestine military operations during the 2014 annexation of Crimea and Donbass.

“[There were] two missiles. The first [hit] the bow of the ship, the second hit the stern below the waterline,” he told TV presenter Andrei Kovalyov.

“First of all, as a result of the first strike, the artillery cellar of the 130mm turret blew up. Then the ammunition for two Vulkans, which are anti-aircraft guns, multi-barreled.

“There was smoke. The command post has been deactivated.”

Moscow cruiser


Twitter/east2west news)

Russia has not admitted Strelkov’s version that the attack surprised the crew commanders.

Instead, the country claims the ship sank as a result of a fire and explosion on board.

“The S-300 [missile defence] weren’t even open,” Strelkov continued.

“And at that very moment, the second rocket hit the hold. The cruiser tipped to the left and after some time sank.”

The Moskva sank between one and three hours after the attack, said Strelkov, real name Igor Girkin, who is wanted in the west for the 2014 downing of flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine.

When questioned by Kovalyov, he downplayed rumors that the West, not Ukraine, fired the missiles that sank the Moscow River.

Vladimir Putin, President of Egypy Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, on board the Moscow cruiser in August 2014


“Were those Ukrainian missiles…? Rumors are circulating that someone else created it,” the presenter said.

“Who else…?” replied Strelkov.

“I’m not ruling out anything, our dear western partners could start, but I don’t know that.”

Shkrebets revealed that Russian intelligence services sent interrogators to him after he publicly criticized the failure to reveal the true death toll on the Moskva, which had 510 crew members, including an estimated 300 conscripts.

He accused them of fabricating a false story that he sent bomb threats from his laptop.


Picture: news)

“I’m even ashamed of these serious, smart and really polite people who were forced to visit me because of such a bestial fake,” said the father.

“It seemed to someone that my son’s tragic death didn’t shock me enough, not enough sadness, not enough anger.”

Authorities appear to want to gag him after he previously said: “There have been no rescue efforts. Officers fled like rats from the ship, the sailors were left in the lurch.”

Shkrebets promised: “Putin will answer personally. He’s used to lying.”

The parent has demanded that authorities clarify the true death toll – officially just one – amid suspicions dozens or even hundreds have died.

And he has threatened to reveal more details while insisting he is a true patriot of Russia.

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Defying warnings to remain silent, he asked: “Do you want to know why there were no badly wounded survivors of the Moscow River? Because they sunk her along with the cruiser.

“They couldn’t tow the ship to Sevastopol because everyone would know what happened, so on the night of April 13-14 they towed it further south and sank it.

“That’s the naked truth. The scary, horrible truth and I’m going to prove it. Time will pass and I will prove it.

“Look at the terrible beasts we have as our authorities.”

He denied there was evidence of a bomb threat on his confiscated computer and said: “You can’t make a terrorist out of someone who by nature, mindset and character can never be one.”

He urged officials who know the fate of the Moscow River to admit it.

“I can call myself a patriot in the sane sense of the word,” he said.

“I can’t understand why everyone is silent. We lost our flagship, we lost our people – and it’s like nothing happened.”

The head of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Igor Osipov, has not been seen in public since the ship sank.

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