FIFA 23 HyperMotion2 Hands-On Preview

FIFA 23 has more to offer players than ever before, and one of the big improvements is in character movement.

Some fans are looking forward to the return of Juventus while others are more interested in the new game, which features both men’s and women’s World Cups for the first time.

HyperMotion2 introduced new changes to the way women play.


HyperMotion2 introduced new changes to the way women play.Photo credit: EA Sports

Whatever your taste in football, EA Sports has claimed that new motion technology will spice it up.

GLHF was in Vancouver for the first hands-on showcase for FIFA 23 to play an early build of the game and speak with producers.

While we’ve written a full preview that includes all of the new gameplay features, this preview is solely focused on the new technology.

What exactly is HyperMotion2 and how will it improve FIFA 23? We’ve got all the facts you need to know.

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Gameplay producer Sam Rivera explained that EA is “trying to do as much as possible in terms of animation” to give players a lot of variety.

He claims these “change how the game is played”.

What is Hypermotion2?

The first version of HyperMotion allows FIFA 22 to display all 22 players on the field at once, all using full motion capture technology.

This means that each player’s movements are based on how their real-life footballer moves and plays.

HyperMotion2 has even more player data that developers can work with to provide a more realistic impression of players both on and off the ball.

The technical team recorded two full 90-minute games, both a men’s and a women’s game, with professional soccer players in full motion capture outfits.

The players then underwent training exercises while the team recorded their every move.

This resulted in EA Sports having access to 9 million frames of player motion that were converted into 6,000 different player animations.

Hypermotion2 also includes machine learning.

That means the software can create new animations based on the ones created by the developers.

What difference does HyperMotion2 make?

All of this is to make the gameplay feel more realistic and ultimately fair.

The algorithm aims to answer with a higher level of accuracy who would do better in each tackle or tackle for the ball.

The big difference that the developers wanted to highlight is that in a dogfight between the goalkeeper and a goal scorer, the player now has a fighting chance.

HyperMotion2 also features AcceleRATE, which animates players in three different walking styles.

Players now run in an explosive, long, or controlled style to add more variety to the action.

Previously, only running speed and acceleration were taken into account for who is ahead of whom.

Now, a cross-country runner will ultimately outperform someone running in an explosive style.

How does it play with HyperMotion2?

While we didn’t manage to pull off the fancy footwork shown in the reveal trailer, the gameplay felt fast and fluid.

Players have tight turning circles and no longer feel like they are walking on ice.

Adjustments to stride styles made loose ball foot strides look and feel tighter.

It was more than possible to tear up the grass and send the ball into the stands with strong players like Rúben Dias.

Compared to previous entries in the series, the box didn’t feel nearly as crowded by the computer AI.

When asked, Rivera claims the team has been working hard to improve the AI ​​and make it smarter.

“With the positioning changes we’re making this year, we’re making the defensive positioning a little bit wider and we’re getting a lot more runs in the box because it was too crowded.

“We’re also reducing the number of offside runs.”

As the team said, we managed to score a number of goals despite a physical fight with the goalkeeper in the air.

What difference has HyperMotion2 made in women’s football?

Before FIFA 23, the female players featured in the game used the same models as their male counterparts.

Now women are no longer an afterthought and players have been given their own specific animations.

Players no longer feel like little men with ponytails, instead they play like real women play.

Between the two types of brawlers, male and female, the gameplay now feels completely different, from the pace to the fight for the ball.

Finally, FIFA 23 is taking steps toward diversity and inclusion that feel real.

What does HyperMotion2 bring to online gaming?

One of the reasons EA Sports invested so heavily in the new technology was that players would be encouraged to keep playing the game longer after release.

When he asked Rivera about it, he confirmed:

“That is the goal. We plan to reach [longevity] with the gameplay live team we created for 22.

“Now we have dedicated people who just care about gameplay balance all year round.

“And that, combined with the features we’re introducing in HyperMotion2 this year, we think will result in a more refreshing experience where it’s not just the same meta.”

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After trying FIFA 23 ourselves, we believe that HyperMotion2 has brought a fresh feel to the game that will make players addicted.

Hopefully what we played away in Vancouver will be repeated at home.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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