FIFA 23 Player Career: What the New Personality Points Mean

FIFA 23 has revealed all the changes to its popular career mode, making big changes to how player careers work.

EA Sports has introduced a new mechanic called Personality Points that help improve certain attributes.

Reaching the absolute level provides huge boosts.


Reaching the absolute level provides huge boosts.Photo credit: EA Sports

Here’s an explanation of everything you need to know about the new system.

What are the new personality types in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 introduces three new personality types to the game that give players different skills or attributes in the player career.

The three personality types that you can choose from will be called misfit heartbeat, and virtuosoand depending on which type you choose, your player will receive different advantages on the field.

What kind of players are Mavericks?

EA describes Maverick players as: “Aggressively chasing goals and acting on intuition, seeking glory on and off the pitch.

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“They are generally more individualistic and focused on their own accomplishments. They are ambitious and pursue their goals without hesitation.

“Apart from their pursuit of excellence, a lavish lifestyle can be bred by the aura of being a maverick, but of course that doesn’t take away from their impeccable lifestyle as a professional athlete.”

This category includes superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo or Kylian Mbappé, FIFA cover star for the third year in a row.

What kind of players are heartbeats?

Heartbeat players are: “The pulse of a team that anticipates their opponent’s play and dominates through willpower, determination and resilience.

“Their number one priority is to ensure the entire team benefits from their presence, they are not so concerned with personal awards on the shelf as they are doing their best to stock the team’s trophy cabinet.

“They are always willing to help, give advice and leave no one behind. Finance and influence are often used for charity.”

These are players who always help both their team and the community, like Gerard Piqué or N’Golo Kanté.

What kind of players are virtuosos?

Virtuosos are described as: “Skillful and intelligent, relying on their ability to change the course of games on the fly.

“Completely focused on their performance, they are also ambitious, but most of their struggles are internal.

“They want to show they’re capable of making their mark on the game while still achieving their goals.

“They tend to be more humble and focus their finances and influence on achieving their sporting goals more efficiently.”

If we were to compare virtuosos to real players, good examples would be Karim Benzema or Erling Haaland.

How do I get Personality Points?

There are several ways to earn personality points that will help you build your player.

First, it will give players choices throughout their careers. These answers determine which personality points they receive.

Answers given should match personality type, so Mavericks are concerned about their reputation, while Heartbeats are more community-focused and Virtuosos are more focused on their game.

Which options earn which points is clearly displayed on the decision screen.

Personality Points can also be earned passively depending on how you play soccer.

For example, assists earn Heartbeat points, while shooting and scoring can earn Maverick or Virtuoso points.

Finally, you can earn points based on how you spend your hard-earned cash.

Purchasing luxury items like watches and cars earns you Maverick Points, while donating to the community earns you Heartbeat Points.

Virtuosos can earn points by investing in their game, for example by hiring a personal trainer.

Why are personality points important?

Personality points give a boost to your attributes, which means that the more you win, the more successful your player will be during a game.

Which personality type you choose will ultimately determine what position on the court you are best suited for.

The Maverick personality is best suited to forwards and forwards, as they receive bonuses in attributes like shooting, attack positioning, and speed.

Heartbeats work best as defenders and midfielders. Personality points here improve defensive skills such as passing, sight, crosses and reactions.

Typically forwards or midfielders, virtuosos develop skills such as agility and playing with their weaker foot.

No player will complete a path. However, each type you invest in will shape your skills.

As players accumulate points of a certain type, they advance through the tiers.

Each new level a player enters gives a huge boost to their attributes. FIFA 23 Player Career: What the New Personality Points Mean

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