Final Fantasy 14 Activities You Probably Didn’t Know Still Alive

If you already pack Endwalker and have a little more time for your subscription, yes you can just take a break and try another game. But if you don’t want to let it go to waste, there’s a lot you can do Final Fantasy 14!

The concurrent advantage and disadvantage of any MMORPG is that it can introduce new activities all the time. At the time of release, it was easy to see so many players trying out such content. However, it’s easy to feel like you’re being left behind as these things become obsolete and more content shows up.

In FFXIV, with loads of great items and offers, old content continues to be a focal point for certain players. Here are a few things that if you’re new to the game you might miss out if you’re not observant!

Hunting & Hunting Ships

Have you ever seen a mortal enemy with a strange enemy marker that almost resembles a star? Chances are, it’s a hunt, and it might not be wise to attack it…at least, not alone. This is part of an activity called “The Hunt”, which allows you to fight powerful enemies in every part of the game. Sure maybe received alone, it’s a general bounty and “B rank.” However, some enemies actually need a larger number of people to kill them effectively.

Join the Hunt community, which is dedicated to killing these enemies (plus some FATE). They run the top-tier, S-Rated boss kills, as well as “hunting ships” that run through as many A-ranks as possible in one giant server ride. If you want to limit your timetable, this is a great way to do it for a few hours of fun.

Communities around The Hunt exist as long as the system features in-game Links and other chat shows, but the introduction of Discord means the organization is much more streamlined. Each data center tends to have at least one or two hunting servers, allowing players to ping when large enemies, hunting ships, or FATEs appear. There are also websites with similar goals, such as Faloop! and Ariyala’s Toolkit.

If you want to start collecting currency, before joining The Hunt, you can officially register at the main centers in every expansion. Every Grand Company should have hunting grounds A realm of rebirthin Ishgard and Idyllshire for Heavenswardin Kugane cho Stormbloodin Crystarium near Rookery for Shadowbringersand in Old Sharlayan for Endwalker.

Bozja, Eureka and Their Quest

When Shadowbringers Bozja open exploration quest is just a bit outdated compared to how Endwalker rolls, it and Stormblood Eureka partners have a lot to offer. Both have great glams, mounts, emotes, and more to earn, and Bozja certainly has a fair share of the items and stories adjacent to Garlean. Plus, both are great advancement opportunities for part-time jobs you can get. This is a special case of Bozja, when Endwalker’s launched, is a playground of Reaper and Sage.

But if you feel like you’ve missed these, don’t worry, because there’s a community for that! Most data centers have servers for you to search for like-minded Warriors of Light looking to defeat the Garleans or collect lost treasures. If you’re up for a challenge, the Bozjan server typically offers a speed boost for the Delubrium Reginae, as well as Savage learning/progress groups (and yes, there’s a Savage mode for it). There are even leveling parties that will take you past Bozja’s FATEs, here called Critical Engagements and Fights.

Old Extreme, Old Brutal & Mountain Farm

Chances are, you’ve seen some other Kamuy, Unicorn, and Gwiber mounts flying around. Or if you’re a newer player you’re looking at Extreme betas, like… I want to do it. Good news! People still revisit these for the charm and attachment of farming quite often. Freelance companies even advertise as part of their activities.

Even better news: Unlike the other combat activities on this list, you don’t have to join a server or community to participate. Most “farms” just throw a party on the in-game Party Finder with their expectations. Once you’ve got yours, if not for a while, be polite and try a little to help others get theirs!

It’s also a great way to experience old Extreme betas. If you indicate you will be doing it “synchronized”, others may want to join and teach you. These are great ways to start training for Savage level raids.


When Final Fantasy XIV It’s a bit disparaging for its focus on PvE, that doesn’t mean PvP is completely dead. In fact, it’s quite lively; you just need to know when and where to look. After all, some of the game’s coolest armor is locked after PvP wear and tear. Line up for Frontlines roulette is more reliable with the increase in player count, but there is no better way to find out what is going on than to find a group of experienced players.

The top English speaking community for PvP is Revival Wingsaims to bring competitive play to the highest level (mainly through Discord server) across NA and EU data centers. If you’re looking to join, queue times tend to be local Saturday and Sunday nights (6 to 7 p.m. PT).

Treasure Map

Have you ever wondered why coats and their materials are so expensive? It was probably because they were locked behind countless quests, including subordinate joint ventures. But some of the most popular Shadowbringers, including the Frontier and the Adventurer’s Hood, are locked behind so-called Treasure Maps.


Treasure maps are largely the same as they are: Collectors find Timeworn Maps throughout the expansions and you intend to dig them up. After fighting a few enemies, you open a chest with loot and start with Heavenswardlevel map, you have a chance to battle through an extra dungeon for extra rewards. Certain charm points, as well as lots of small battle items in the level, are hidden in these chests and dungeons.

Worst case scenario, the high tier treasure map is an easy way to earn a little extra spending gil if you’ve unlocked Gatherers. You unlock the Treasure Map at level 36 through the Dong La Noscea quest “Treasure and Tribulation”.

Doman Mahjong

Yes, everyone plays Doman Mahjong. Technically, it’s Riichi Mahjong, the most popular gambling and competitive mahjong in the world. It was actually popular enough before modern games like Mahjong Soul has been released, everyone will use Final Fantasy 14 free trial to access mahjong app: a free mahjong app with MMORPG that includes…

The most popular competitive English server seems to be Light, but honestly, you can line up on nearly any English speaking server and get a match. Final Fantasy 14 Activities You Probably Didn’t Know Still Alive

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