Final Fantasy 14’s 10-Year Plan: What the Future Looks Like for Square Enix’s Unsinkable MMO

Now, buzz from the release Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker has settled and free trial players can once again revisit the critically acclaimed MMORPG, it’s time to start looking at what’s next for Warrior of Light and Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

During a recent Live Letter stream, producer and director Naoki Yoshida updated fans on what the future of Final Fantasy 14 will look like. In addition to the usual patch content updates coming up, we’ve also got preliminary information about a graphics overhaul in the works and plans to make the game playable solo. After reconsidering what made Endwalker so goodand examine the complexity of its successThe team is looking to the future with enthusiasm and excitement – and that’s great to see.

After a massive spike in player numbers over the past six months, FFXIV is the most popular and successful game it’s ever been – so it’s a joy to see the developer’s plans so far, rather than pretentious. with current success. While lesser MMOs can wait until player numbers start to drop to make any significant changes, it’s refreshing to see a team so dedicated to growth. FFXIV has nothing to prove, but it’s doing it anyway.

The most immediately obvious of the upcoming changes is the graphics update planned for the next expansion (7.0). While you can expect any kind of photorealism or anything akin to Forbidden Horizon in the West (or even premium grapes) and development is still in its early stages, the culmination of the characters and the player setting is already very promising. Still, it’s a significant upgrade for a game that’s been around since 2013.

All textures, shadows, lighting, and number of placeable objects are under review and improvement. Of course this means that the minimum spec requirement will be raised, but the team is keeping PS4 players in mind as PS5 is still very hard to obtain so there is no need to worry about them dropping. support for dashboards.

However, the biggest update is arguably the fact that the developers are aiming to make FFXIV playable solo, so if you’re a Final Fantasy fan who’s never played it because you got rid of the whole MMO and playing with other people that won’t be a problem anymore. Starting with patch 6.1 (next big content coming in April), all 4-player dungeons will be playable using the game’s ‘Trust’ system, which will fill up your team by AI, so you’ll never have to worry about queues again. If you The Elder Scrolls Online’s solo type of playerthen surely Final Fantasy 14 will start to capture your interest.

To address this, the devs have also changed some of the battles and dungeons – the infamous Battle of Cape Westwind and Lahabrea are now solo versions instead of an 8-player test, and the dungeons Praetorium and Castrum Meridianum will now be 4-player dungeons instead of 8. Future patches will add more Trust dungeons for patch missions, Heavensward, and Stormblood until the game catches up to Shadowbringers when this system is up. initial introduction. One caveat, though – the Trust system currently only works for 4-player content, so you’ll still need to combine that with 8-player trials and story-related raids… so basically you will need to combine a lot of boss fights.

The better combination of solo play is a real boon to the game. FFXIV contains one of the greatest Final Fantasy stories of all time but is often overlooked because it’s an MMO, so hopefully this removes that dreaded barrier for many. Some people might be concerned that perhaps this will mean fewer people wanting to play together and as a result the game will become less social or the queues will be longer, but I don’t think so. worry about it – the kind of people this is for will play through each dungeon once for the story and then move on. The core playbase that replays everything to grant other Jobs, organize raids or crush ruins etc will remain the same. The changes just open more doors for everyone, and maybe by doing so, some others will be persuaded to move on.


I actually have some concerns about this as this currently means that the first battle you’ll be forced to play against others in the story will be against Good King Moggle Mog XII – a first fight fun but tough when mechanics involve a fair bit of cooperation and direction to conquer. Introducing play with others would be highly unlikely but with how many changes are being made to the previous missions to accommodate the play, I think this fight will also be tweaked so there’s no need must panic.

Going forward, we still have a lot of patching content to look forward to before the next expansion. 6.1, due out at some point in April, will see the return of everyone’s favorite foreign affairs inspector Hildibrand, as well as the 24-player alliance raid ‘Myths of the Realm’ first, story updates, Ishgard house and Hrothgar haircut. Not long after that, you’ll be able to move between datacenters in patch 6.18, while patch 6.2 (possibly coming out in September by the time of the current patch) will introduce the already existing Island Sanctuary feature. long-awaited for those who want to add a touch of Harvest Moon to their lives.

All of that is just a small part of what’s to come over the next few years for Final Fantasy 14, and we’ll get more info on patch 6.1 on March 4th (just stay tuned). Seeing the development team open to their progress and expectations while they continuously improve on what they’ve achieved is exciting to watch. With so much going on and a bright future mapped out ahead, there has never been a better time to be an FFXIV player. Final Fantasy 14’s 10-Year Plan: What the Future Looks Like for Square Enix’s Unsinkable MMO

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