Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough – Where to go, missable bestiary entries and chests, step-by-step guide

The Pixel Remaster launch of Last Fantasy IV marks the primary time that the 2D model of the sport is formally playable for PC. If you’re trying to 100% the sport and get all achievements, we’re right here to assist.

This walkthrough is a minimalist bullet level information for many who do not wish to dive right into a dense prolonged walkthrough, but additionally for many who do not wish to miss something that can stop you from getting 100% bestiary and chests. For many dungeons, the offered in-game map is all you want for dungeon exploration, and these maps will inform you in case you’ve obtained all of the chests/gadgets in an space. Merely open it up to have a look the place chests are. Nonetheless, a handful of dungeons do have secret passageways resulting in additional rooms and chests, so we’ll level these out infrequently.

Last Fantasy IV is a fairly simple entry within the Last Fantasy sequence, so anybody with RPG expertise ought to be capable of get by way of the sport with out an excessive amount of hassle. Keep in mind to maintain your mages within the again row, bodily attackers within the entrance row, heal when wanted, and all that. Just a few bosses do have gimmicks that we’ll level out.

What this walkthrough will do:

  • Provide a minimalist walkthrough so what it’s worthwhile to do at any level within the sport.
  • Level out missable treasure chests and enemies so you’ll be able to full the sport 100%.

What the walkthrough is not going to do:

  • Provide methods for bosses or get together construct.
  • Most Dungeon Walkthroughs. The dungeons in FF4 Pixel Remaster are largely very easy. Use the in-game map and you’ll normally not get misplaced. Some dungeons have hidden paths, which we’ll level out a few of the trickier ones.

1. Introductions, Baron, and the Mist Dragon

  • The Last Fantasy IV journey opens up in Baron Citadel and the encompassing city. After story occasions, you’ll be dispatched on a mission to ship a Bomb Ring, which certain is an ominous factor to hold. There’s quite a lot of story nattering. 
  • Within the fort, you may get the three apparent chests on 1F by speaking to the guard and urgent the button on the wall subsequent to the door. They include a small quantity of gil, an Ether, and a Tent. Past that, there’s nothing else to do – although you’ll be able to speak to a bunch of individuals. Ultimately, after bumping into Rosa and Cid, you’ll head to sleep.
  • After resting in a single day, you’ll be able to embark in your mission, and can see the title crawl. Earlier than you truly go away, you should purchase restorative gadgets from Baron city if you’d like  – however you’re fairly well-equipped by default, and the weapon store is locked. When prepared, head to the Cave of Mist. 

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Merchandise Assortment Be aware:

Most cities have each gadgets and chests that may be discovered by the participant. The in-game map would not level out the place these are precisely, but it surely does monitor what number of you’ve present in every city and what number of are left to seek out. For probably the most half, this information will not level out the place precisely this stuff/chests are, until they’re particularly tough, as a result of most will be discovered with comparatively little hassle simply by looking out usually. Most gadgets are invisible and will be present in grass, pots, and the like round city. 

This information may also observe any merchandise that’s missable. There are not any missable gadgets in Baron.

For merchandise collectors, you will discover 8 hidden gadgets within the city of Baron, together with 3/6 chests for now. Within the Pixel Remaster, you should utilize your map display screen to see what number of gadgets and chests are in every location. Objects are sometimes hidden in pots or as invisible spots within the grass. In Baron, be sure to take the waterway path close to the dancer within the NE a part of city to get just a few gadgets, in addition to a hidden path west by way of the bushes within the NE a part of Baron for just a few extra.

Be aware that it is going to be some time earlier than you’ll be able to acquire the remainder of the gadgets in Baron Citadel.

Summon Uncommon Drop Be aware:

Last Fantasy IV has four summons that may be picked up from terribly uncommon merchandise drops from enemies: Goblin, Cockatrice, Thoughts Flayer, and Bomb. If you’d like all achievements, you need to get these. Fortunately, none of those are missable and will be obtained after you beat the sport, however observe they’re exceedingly annoying to get due to their low (I imagine 1/256) merchandise drop likelihood. Exterior of Baron, you will discover each Goblins and Helldivers, which drop Goblin and Cockatrice respectively. If you happen to like, you’ll be able to farm for these drops proper now. On PC, it is comparatively simple to arrange a keyboard macro to have Cecil and Kain battle on their very own for some time, if you wish to automate it, simply having to examine it to save lots of/heal each on occasion. Alternatively, you’ll be able to at all times use a coach cheat.

  • You will wish to head to the Mist Cave Dungeon. You may’t miss the Mist Cave on the world map – you spawn into fairly an open space round Baron, however there’s just one path that goes anyplace, to the North-West.
    • Be aware: For achievement functions, you may wish to ultimately enter every Chocobo Forest within the sport world, lots of which have Gysahl Inexperienced gadgets hidden within the grass. There may be one such Chocobo Forest SW of Baron. We’ll level these out later, although, once you get an airship to simply go to them multi functional go.
  • When you’re within the Mist Cave, you may discover a good, easy dungeon to introduce you to the final move of FF4’s dungeons. 
  • Alongside the way in which, there’ are some Tents, Potions, and Gil to be present in chests. The dungeon format is easy sufficient, however you’ll must go barely off the crushed path to get all the chests. Use your map liberally to seek out your approach by way of – there are solely 4 chests to get. Within the North-Jap space of the cave, the threats from the Mist start to accentuate. If you happen to push on, you’ll encounter your first Boss Battle.
  • Boss Battle: Mist Dragon – With simply 450 HP, the Mist Dragon isn’t a troublesome boss battle. The primary factor it’s worthwhile to know is that when the Mist Dragon assumes a kind that’s extra mist than dragon, it is best to cease attacking. Attacking might be futile and trigger a nasty counter-attack – which is just about the one approach this pushover boss can beat you. As an alternative, press left on the menu to entry the choice to defend, or heal up throughout turns whereas the dragon is mist. When it adjustments kind once more, proceed attacking. Give all of it you’ve received with each Cecil and Kain, and the Dragon will fall shortly sufficient.

2. Mist Village and Kaipo, Oasis City

  • You’re spat out of the cave and onto the overworld. From there, it’s a brief, linear path to the Mist Village. It is a sleepy little city – however enter it, and unintentionally make it an entire lot much less sleepy. Story occasions take over. 
  • When you’re finished with the story occasions, you’ll be again on the world map on the opposite facet of the Mist Village, unable to return to it. Merchandise collectors, don’t fear, the map display screen factors out chests and gadgets in Mist Village, and also you’ll be capable of get these later. In any case, head on out to the north-west and into the desert. There’s a city within the desert, round a lake – an Oasis city referred to as Kaipo. You’ll mechanically head to the Inn.

Missables Be aware: In some variations of Last Fantasy IV, the Normal enemy within the upcoming occasion battle is not going to be added to your bestiary until you defeat him, so be sure to take him out first.

  • After resting up, extra story sequences, and a straightforward enforced battle. On this battle, you’ll wish to take out the Normal first, as he’ll run away in case you take out his subordinates. Afterwards, you may get a brand new get together member. After this, you’ll be able to discover city and hit up the outlets and the like. It’s also possible to discover an Ether merchandise in one of many two jars proper behind the weapon store. There’s a minor improve for Rydia however not a lot of curiosity obtainable. For these attempting to gather all of the hidden gadgets, there’s just one in Kaipo – an ether in a pot.
  • When prepared, head to the home within the top-right of Kaipo for an additional story sequence. You now have a brand new objective – vacation spot, Damcyan!

3. Desert Grinding, the Underground Waterway, and Water Cavern

  • Initially, be sure that Rydia is within the again row. We now counsel you just remember to stage up a bit within the desert, as the problem ramps up a bit right here. We advocate that you just stage up right here till she’s round stage 10; you should utilize the Inn at Kaipo to heal if crucial. Which will appear to be so much, however since she’s thus far behind she’ll catch up quick. 
  • You might discover from the again row all of Rydia’s bodily assaults miss; it’s no large deal. Cecil’s Darkness talent will one-shot quite a lot of these desert enemies, and although it does scale back his HP, therapeutic is close by – that may make the grind fly by in a couple of minutes. 
  • When prepared, return to Kaipo for one final heal. It received’t damage to have just a few Tents at hand, too. Now head to the North-East of Kaipo, into some mountains. 

Underground Waterway / Subterranean Lake Dungeon

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  • That is one other easy dungeon, and in case you’re on the FF4 Pixel Remaster model, the map will present you the place chests are in case you look intently. The chests dotted all through the dungeon include a Potions, Maiden’s Kiss, Tent, Iron Armlet, Ether, Antarctic Wind, Dry Ether, X-Potion, Phoenix Down, Ether, Ice Rod, Bomb Fragment, Hourglass, and the Shadowblade.
    • Merchandise Assortment Be aware: Within the first room of the Underground Waterway, you’ll see a waterfall on the map that’s three areas vast. There’s a hidden room right here with three chests.
  • Keep in mind, undead enemies on this space will be damage by restorative magic and gadgets. All the water-like enemies will be obliterated by Thunder magic. Partway by way of the dungeon, Sage Tellah joins your get together. As soon as Tellah has joined, you’ll be able to both proceed to the top-left space exit, or work your approach proper and round the remainder of this space mopping up loot. You’ll want to head into the large waterfall on this first space for 3 chests multi functional place.
  • Within the second part of the dungeon, you’ll must work your approach across the room in a clockwise trend to achieve the door within the middle. The door on the left facet results in a free heal zone, then places you again into the identical room.
    • Merchandise Assortment Be aware: In Underground Waterway B2, you’ll be able to enter a hidden path on the left facet of the display screen, then head up and round to a chest on the suitable facet, holding a Feathered Cap.
  • The remainder of the dungeon is easy sufficient. You’ll ultimately find yourself again on the overworld; however it is a temporary detour, use a tent to heal, then it’s proper again right into a cave. At this level, it is best to have picked up all 18 gadgets in Underground Waterway.
  • This subsequent cave is the Subterranean Lake; comply with Tellah down the waterfall. There’s a pair extra gadgets right here; the Hades Helm & Hades Gloves. Then head to the door. By means of right here there’s two extra chests providing the Hades Armor and Hermes Footwear. Equip Cecil, then proceed, and work together with the tentacles within the waterfall to kick off a boss battle.
  • Boss Battle: Octomamm – First, don’t hassle with Darkness as Cecil; preserve his power. Have Rydia use Lightning magic or name the Chocobo summon as typically as she will be able to. Use Tellah as a healer and carry on utilizing Lightning magic repeatedly. And… that’s it. Actually, this boss ought to fall fairly shortly, and also you’ll know you’re getting someplace because the tentacles begin to disappear.
  • As soon as the enormous Octopus is defeated, head by way of the waterfall. On the world map you’ll witness a narrative occasion, then hurry to Damcyan.

4. Damcyan and the Antlion’s Den

  • Damcyan is mainly a story-only vacation spot; you’ll expertise a number of narrative occasions right here and have some get together member switches, which it is best to get used to – in FF4 this occurs typically, and is dictated by the story development.
    • Within the Pixel Remaster, you do not have to fret about unequipping characters who go away the get together, as they will mechanically return their gadgets to the stock.
  • Your subsequent vacation spot is the Antlion’s Den, however first, get out of the hovercraft go to the doorway of Damcyan. Stroll across the outer wall of the fort, on the sand, to the suitable, then up. There’s a room you’ll be able to enter right here that’s filled with treasure. You need to be capable of get all of the gadgets and chests right here – bear in mind to examine your map to make sure.
  • Take your new hovercraft and use it to journey over the ‘shallows’ – that’s the little rocks jutting out of the water within the ocean – to get to the Antlion’s Den dungeon, simply east of Damcyan, over a few of these shallows. Given your get together make-up, you would possibly wish to contemplate grinding Edward up some ranges earlier than getting into the dungeon; use a tent to be totally healed in case you do.

Antlion’s Den Dungeon

  • The Antlion’s Den is a fairly easy dungeon. There’s a number of gadgets obtainable in chests right here that you will discover by going off the crushed path, however the single most fascinating and essential is a Lamia’s Harp weapon for Edward. 
  • Deep on this dungeon – although not that deep, because it’s a brief one – you may encounter the Antlion itself. You need to be capable of get the 13 gadgets listed right here fairly simply by following your map. A boss battle ensues. 
  • Boss Battle: Antlion – The primary factor to concentrate on right here is the Antlion’s counter, which might do a very good 35-40 factors of injury. Don’t let that cease you from attacking, nonetheless. The principles are much like the final battle: have Cecil battle with common assaults (no want for Darkness right here), have Rydia use the Chocobo summon, and have Edward do what he can along with his harp. The Antlion can’t be affected by Edward’s standing impact assaults – so simply assault with him. The counter will imply you’ll want to make use of Rydia as a white mage as and when required to maintain your self healed. This boss is finally fairly easy, and it’ll fall very quickly.
  • After the boss battle, you’ll must take your self out of the dungeon, after which all the way in which again to Kaipo. To get there, journey throughout the shallows again to Damcyan, after which previous Damcyan, retaining west to seek out extra shallows that loop you again right down to Kaipo.
  • At Kaipo, give Rosa the Sand Ruby you bought from beating Antlion to advance the plot. Edward may have a story-driven battle, and then you definitely’ll have a good bigger get together heading to your subsequent vacation spot, Mt. Hobs.

5. Mt. Hobs, Mother Bomb, and Fabul

  • Mt. Hobs can be reached utilizing the hovercraft. Go from Kaipo again to the Damcyan space, after which from the highest north-eastern little bit of that landmass use the hovercraft to go throughout shallows to achieve it. Enter the mountain. Rydia will soften the ice to grant you entry.
  • From this display screen, the left cave results in a secure zone and a great deal of chests. The best facet results in your subsequent story beat, together with a brand new get together member and a boss character. 
  • Boss Battle: Mother Bomb – You’re combating with a brand new get together member right here, Yang. Mother Bomb has just a few varieties. The essential technique is that this – assault like loopy, retaining healed, till Mother Bomb warns it’s going to blow up. At that time, press left on the d-pad within the menu to decide on to defend to black huge harm. As soon as exploded and in a brand new kind, resume attacking. When Mother Bomb splits into six smaller, regular bombs, use Yang’s kick and Cecil’s Darkness (so long as you’ve the HP to take action) to take all of them down shortly. With Edward and Rosa obtainable to heal, it is best to be capable of preserve all people secure simply. Keep in mind that the crimson bombs are weak to Ice, in order that’s an choice for Rydia.
  • As soon as Mother Bomb is taken care of, you’ll be capable of proceed to the secondary, Jap exit of Mt. Hobbs. You need to have gotten all 5 chests simply for the merchandise assortment.
  • From right here, preserve following the apparent path to the east till you discover Fabul Citadel ready for you. It’s secure to enter even in case you’re worn down – no must heal.
  • Inside Fabul Citadel, you’ll discover a weapon store with some new stuff for Cecil and elemental claws for Yang. There’s additionally a chest with a tent in it hidden away. You would possibly discover a hidden button to the suitable of the throne room too – however you’ll be able to’t step on it simply but.

Missables Be aware: In some variations of Last Fantasy IV, the Captain enemy within the upcoming sequence of occasion battles is not going to be added to your bestiary until you defeat him, so be sure to take him out first.

  • Communicate to the King within the Throne Room to kick off a sequence of main occasions within the fort. You’ll have some battles alongside the way in which. Inside these battles, ensure you kill one of many Captains to get his bestiary entry. As soon as that is throughout, you’ll be capable of press that button within the throne room and take the key path that opens to get your arms on a Demon Protect merchandise, plus another helpful stuff. With this, and the gadgets within the West and East Towers, it is best to be capable of get all of the gadgets in Fabul for you merchandise assortment fairly simply. Additionally, observe you’ll be able to choose up one merchandise within the close by Chocobo Forest, however we’ll level out the Chobobo Forests later, too.
  • Relaxation on the Fabul Citadel Inn (without spending a dime!) to advance the story. As a part of this, the crew formulate a plan, and also you get the Deathbringer weapon from the King for Cecil to equip. Whenever you go away Fabul, a ship might be ready on the jetty to the east, able to take you to FF4’s subsequent main story beat…

6. The Excessive Seas, Mysidia, and Chocobo Forest

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  • It looks like poor previous Cecil and crew simply can’t catch a break. That is what they received for starring in probably the most story-driven FF thus far, I suppose. As quickly as you step foot on the ship the narrative takes maintain. Ultimately, you end up again in management, in a brand new place. Whenever you first come to, you would possibly wish to contemplate grinding it out to get Cecil’s ranges up only a bit… On the toughest variations of the sport, stage 25 is an efficient spot. You may positively make it by way of decrease, although, and also you would possibly wish to wait to do that till after you’ve been to city.
  • When prepared, head into Mysidia. That is the city Cecil laid waste to beneath orders from the King of Baron proper at the beginning of FF4, however oh how the tables have turned. Surprisingly, even if you ripped their city to shreds, the weapon and armor outlets will nonetheless promote you stuff – however there’s nothing right here for you… but.
    • You may go forward and purchase the Mild tools and Knight Armor right here now you probably have the cash to spare. You’ll equip it on Cecil comparatively quickly.
  • Discuss to the Mysidian Elder within the northern home. This provides you your subsequent mission, and a few new get together members. Now you can exit Mysidia at will, although we’d advocate that in most variations of the sport you now head to the world map and stage up the twins a bit – in all probability to round stage 17-20. 
  • It’s additionally price noting that on the trail to Mt. Ordeals, you’ll see a circular-shaped forest to the south. It is a Chocobo Forest. What you are able to do right here is proscribed for now, however they’ll restore your MP if wanted, which mixed with Porom’s Treatment spell offers you free heals, which may be very helpful for the grind. There’s additionally one other merchandise to choose up within the grass. When prepared, needed to Mt. Ordeals, the place every little thing adjustments for FF4 protagonist Cecil.

7. Mt. Ordeals ~ Darkness & Mild

  • Mount Ordeals is a reasonably brief dungeon, and selecting up the chests right here is kind of easy. 
  • Whenever you get to the highest, you’ll tackle a boss, Scarmiglione, twice, shortly after the save level, whereas on a bridge. The primary time you first him, it is going to be as regular. Nonetheless, when you defeat him, you should definitely swap your character rows round, placing Cecil within the again row with all of the mages within the entrance. The explanation for that is that Scarmiglione will ambush you the second time with a again assault. If you’re already flipped in your positions, then the back-attack will assault work in your favor, make sense? In any case, Scarmiglione is weak to Fireplace, so have Palom and Tellah dish that out.
  • Afterwards, you may have an occasion battle on the tombstone. Do not assault the shadow and you will win, and Cecil will flip right into a Paladin. NOW you’ll be able to equip the armor you bought for him again at Mysidia.
  • Make your approach again to Mysidia – you should utilize a chocobo from the forest close by Mt. Ordeals to assist. Ultimately you may unlock a path again to Baron.

8. Return to Baron

  • Whenever you return to Baron, you may discover Yang within the pub, who will battle you in a mind-controlled stupor. Whenever you knock him to his senses, you may get the Baron Key, which is able to help you lastly get all gadgets/chests within the city of Baron. Verify the weapon/armor store and the doorway and the Outdated Waterway.
  • Enter the lone door on the SW facet of city with the Baron Key to enter the Outdated Waterway. This dungeon is easy with 8 chests; there are some hidden paths however they’re fairly readily seen.
  • After the Waterway, you may enter Baron Citadel. You’ve got just a few boss fights arising.
  • First is Baigan. He is sort of a pushover however will forged replicate on himself. Have Palom and Tellah get a magic hit in on him early earlier than he will get an opportunity to place it up.
  • The second is Cagnazzo. The trick to beating him is to make use of Ice assaults when his protecting water wall is down, after which hit him with lightning when it’s up. So long as you do that, you should have no issues.
  • A bunch of scenes will happen right here, together with the twins leaving your get together. You will acquire Cid and an Airship.
  • Be aware: You STILL cannot get the chests in Citadel Baron, don’t fret, you may get them later.

9. You Now Have an Airship! – Elective Part 1

Now that you’ve got an airship, there are a number of non-compulsory issues you are able to do now.

  1. You may return to the city of Mist to wash up the merchandise assortment there. Most gadgets are bomb fragments hidden round city, but additionally examine the hearth in the home for just a few good gadgets as effectively.
  2. You may go to the city of Agart on an island south of Baron. There’s a singular hidden merchandise in Agart, plus new enemies close by that you would be able to add to your bestiary. None of those are missable, thoughts.
  3. Equally, you’ll be able to go to the city of Mythril on the east-center of the map. There are three gadgets to be discovered round city right here (choose these up first) and costly mythril tools to purchase. There are additionally new enemies close by, however within the Pixel Remaster, seems like it’s worthwhile to fly a bit south to really land within the area of the world map they spawn in. Once more, these enemies aren’t missable, simply pointing them out for these filling out their bestiaries.
  4. You may go to the abandoned Eblan Citadel on the SW island of the world map. It is a little little bit of a mini-dungeon, however you can already get every little thing right here if you wish to, simply you should definitely examine each towers. Nonetheless, save earlier than doing so, as a few of the chests listed here are guarded by troublesome monsters at this level within the sport – be at liberty to place this off for now if you would like.
  5. You may go to a lot of the Chocobo Forests simply now together with your airship. The Chocobo Village you need to head to shortly, north of Troia, however the remaining will be discovered here. You wish to go to every and choose up hidden Gysahl Greens in these locations for achievement functions.

10. Troia and the Magnetic Cave

  • To proceed the story, it’s worthwhile to head to Troia Citadel on the NW continent. Land your airship on the area close to city and head into the fort. Right here you NEED to seek out Edward to speak to him, to get the Twin Harp. It’s also possible to get 8 chests in one of many rooms, however the remainder of the chests for merchandise assortment have to attend for now.
  • Within the city of Troia the are 4 gadgets within the grass previous the water.
  • You be taught it’s worthwhile to head to the Magnetic Cave. This dungeon is a tough one since you can not use metallic tools in any respect. Have Cecil use a bow, Cid a wood hammer. Yang’s fists are high quality. Equip everybody with a Ruby Ring, and use tools like Feathered Cap over any form of armor.
  • To get to the Magnetic Cave, first it’s worthwhile to head north to the Chocobo Village. There are 3 gadgets to choose up within the grass right here. When you try this, discover the black chocobo to hop on. Fly east to make your approach to the cave.
  • In addition to the restriction on tools itself, the Magnetic Cave is fairly easy. There are 10 chests, simple. Simply you should definitely unequip all of your metallic gadgets first.
    • Uncommon Drop Summon Be aware: You could find Thoughts Flayers right here in case you are in search of the uncommon drop summon. Good Luck! If you happen to do that later, you should not have to fret in regards to the metallic tools restriction.
  • Whenever you attain the tip, you may tackle the Darkish Elf. It’s important to fail the primary time you battle him, don’t fret. You will see a scene right here the place Edward will play the opposite Twin Harp (IF YOU TALKED TO HIM LIKE I TOLD YOU TO). You will be given an opportunity to re-equip your workforce, and YES you’ll be able to placed on metallic tools now earlier than you tackle Darkish Elf for actual. He is weak to Holy.
  • Afterwards, make your approach again to Troia Citadel and speak to the eight clerics, one in every of them will point out accessing the treasury. Now you can converse to the guard in one of many basements to entry the remainder of the chests right here. Yay!

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11. Tower of Zot

Watch out right here. When you head onto your airship, you may mechanically be taken to the subsequent dungeon, the Tower of Zot.

One-Time-Solely Dungeon Warning – Tower of Zot

The Tower of Zot is the primary one-time-only dungeon in Last Fantasy IV, that means it can’t be revisited. That additionally means the chests and the monsters right here will be missed completely in case you are not cautious. There are six chests, ensure you examine your map display screen to get all of them as a result of as soon as you allow the dungeon, you may not be capable of examine. These chests are usually not too tough to seek out when utilizing your map, however they’re missable, so watch out.

These are the missable monsters within the Tower of Zot. Ensure you run into every of those in your approach to the boss. You need to hopefully run into every naturally, however watch out.

Puppeteer (additionally in Tower of Babel, one other one-time-only dungeon later)


Ice Lizard


Chilly Beast

Centaur Knight

Hell Turtle

Black Knight



  • On the finish of the Tower of Zot, you may battle two bosses. Make certain you’ve the gadgets and monsters for this area!
  • First up is the Magus sisters: Sandy, Cindy, Mindy. Go for Cindy first, and watch out with their replicate standing. Afterwards, be at liberty to save lots of, and head to the subsequent part. Tellah will go away the get together, however Kain and Rosa will rejoin. DON’T MOVE. Requip these two as wanted, then as quickly as you progress, you may tackle the subsequent boss. You may put Kain within the again row, since his Bounce is not affected by row.
  • Second is Barbariccia. The trick right here is to have Kain use Bounce when she turns right into a twister. 
  • After this, extra scenes, and you are again in Baron. You will get the Magma Rock key merchandise from Kain. Now you can lastly acquire the chests and gadgets to finish your merchandise assortment. Most are within the east tower.

12. The Underworld – Dwarven Citadel and Tower of Babel.

  • With the Magma Rock in tow, head to Agart (that is the city south of Baron) and throw the rock into the effectively. You’ll entry the Underworld now.
  • After a crash touchdown, you’ll be able to enter Dwarf Citadel. First, head north and speak to King Giott, which is able to ultimately provoke a boss battle.
Missable Bestiary Be aware

When combating The Calcas and Brinas in Dwarven Citadel, be sure to defeat one in every of every kind so as to add them to your bestiary. Additionally, in case you are overleveled, ensure you left one left alive, and let it ‘fuse’ into the large Calcobrena doll, to be able to add all three enemies to your bestiary.

  • After this, Rydia will rejoin your get together. You may then get all chests in Dwarven Citadel, hidden in pots and such. There are additionally new gadgets to purchase within the outlets.
  • One of many Dwarves will open a brand new path for you. Head this fashion if you end up prepared, after which the considerably prolonged stroll to the NW to enter the Tower of Babel.
One-Time-Solely Dungeon Warning – Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel is the second one-time-only dungeon in Last Fantasy IV, that means it can’t be revisited. That additionally means the chests and the monsters right here will be missed completely in case you are not cautious. There are 16 chests, ensure you examine your map display screen to get all of them as a result of as soon as you allow the dungeon, you may not be capable of examine. These chests are usually not too tough to seek out when utilizing your map, however they’re missable, so watch out.

These are the missable monsters within the Tower of Babel. Ensure you run into every of those in your approach to the boss. You need to hopefully run into every naturally, however watch out.

Puppeteer (Additionally in Tower of Zot)

Evil Doll (1F, 2F)

Fiery Knight


Stone Golem

Thriller Egg


Safety Eye

Medusa (6F, 7F)

Missable Boss Bestiary Be aware – Dr. Lugae boss battle

In some variations of Last Fantasy IV, it’s worthwhile to defeat Barnabas earlier than Physician to get all the bestiary entries obtainable on this boss battle, particularly the missable Barnabas-Z. It looks like the Pixel Remaster would possibly provide you with all of the entries for this battle regardless, however simply battle Barnabas-Z to watch out, proper.

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  • On the finish of the Tower of Babel, you tackle the eccentric Dr. Lugae. He is actually a pushover, however observe the missable tip above and take out Barnabas first, simply in case.
  • You will get the physician’s Key merchandise, so return just a few flooring to a locked door, combating an occasion battle. Yang will go away the get together for good. Then you need to retreat to 1F to finish the dungeon.
  • After some occasions, you may be again close to Baron.

13. Eblan, Edge, and revisiting the Tower of Babel

  • In Baron, speak to Cid’s males on the east facet of the fort to connect a hook to the Enterprise.
  • Then, head across the Mt. Hobs space to seek out your hovercraft, and choose it up together with your new airship hook.
  • Take the hovercraft over to the Eblan Citadel space on the SW continent. Full the merchandise assortment in Eblan Citadel now if you have not already.
  • Drop off the hovercraft, after which take it to the Cave of Eblan close by, the place you may must hovercraft to maneuver over the shoals.
  • Within the Cave of Eblan, you may discover three treasure chests, then you definitely’ll end up within the Eblan Settlement space. This space has a store and two hidden gadgets in pots, after which you’re thrown again into the cave.
  • Can get the remainder of the 20 chests, many hidden behind partitions. Just a little annoying however not too dangerous. Apologies for no extra particular instructions on this. On the finish, you may run into Edge combating Rubicante, and after a fast scene, he’ll be part of your get together for good.
One-Time-Solely Dungeon Warning – Tower of Babel Revisited

The Tower of Babel revisited is the third one-time-only dungeon in Last Fantasy IV, that means it can’t be revisited. That additionally means the chests and the monsters right here will be missed completely in case you are not cautious. There are 8 chests, ensure you examine your map display screen to get all of them as a result of as soon as you allow the dungeon, you may not be capable of examine

Be aware: Six of the chests are obtained earlier than combating the boss right here, Rubicante. The final two chests are obtained afterwards. Nonetheless, observe that after Rubicante, you may be dropped into a unique part and unable to return, so ensure you received what you needed beforehand. This goes for each chests and missable enemies.

These are the missable monsters within the Tower of Babel – Revisited. Ensure you run into every of those in your approach to the boss. You need to hopefully run into every naturally, however watch out.


Ghost Knight


Lamia Matriarch (flooring after Rubicante)

Mythril Golem (flooring after Rubicante)    

  • Full the Tower of Babel – Revisited dungeon, noting the missables above. Additionally observe that the King and Queen of Eblan battle, earlier than Rubicante is usually an occasion factor.
    • Uncommon Drop Summon Be aware: You could find Balloons within the Tower of Babel, proper close to the save level half approach by way of. Be at liberty to farm right here in case you are in search of the uncommon drop Bomb summon. Good Luck! It’s also possible to battle these on the Moon later, so don’t fret about lacking it.
  • On the finish, you may get one other airship – the Falcon.
  • In spite of everything that is stated and finished, you may return to the Dwarven Citadel. First, speak to King Giott, then Cid within the infirmary. You will get Luca’s Necklace and have the Falcon capable of fly over lava. This unlocks a number of extra non-compulsory occasions.

14. You Now Have an Airship that flies over lava! – Elective Part 2

Now that you would be able to fly over lava, there are a number of extra non-compulsory occasions that may be accomplished now.

  1. Go to the city of Tomra to the SW of the Dwarven Citadel. The gadgets in NW warehouse, and good tools to buy. There are additionally new enemies within the close by space so as to add to your bestiary.
  2. You may go to Kokkol’s Forge to the SE of the Dwarven Citadel. You may’t do a lot right here but, however there are two gadgets to seek out – one in a pot and the opposite in a bookshelf. There are additionally new enemies within the close by space so as to add to your bestiary.
  3. Sylvan Cave

    -This cave has no missables, however a bunch of hidden paths which may make merchandise assortment tough. We’ll truly do a fast step-by-step information for this dungeon.

    -Forged Float on the get together from the menu on each flooring, to keep away from hitting the harm flooring.

    -B1FGet the 2 chests to the east. The third chest is gotten later. Then go down the steps.

    -B2FGo up the steps on the north facet

    -B3FInstantly head west by way of the wall to get three chests, then return to the steps slip by way of the suitable wall, up, proper wall once more, then as much as subsequent flooring.

    -B2FObserve the trail to 9 totally different chests, then fall down the opening.

    -B3FMake your approach to the teleporter

    -Right here, get the six chests, all guarded by enemies.

    -You will then go away the cave. REENTER it.

    -B1F​​​​​​​: Undergo the south path as soon as once more

    -B2F​​​​​​​: Go south this time, by way of the steps to the west.

    -B1F​​​​​​​: Head east after which north above the save level, by way of the wall, can lastly get that chest within the first room. Return to the save level and go all the way in which west to get two extra chests, then by way of the steps.

    -B2F​​​​​​​: Go north and to the primary east fork

    -B3F​​​​​​​: Get 5 chests, then return to the fork.

    -B2F​​​​​​​: Go North, by way of the wall to get a Mage Masher. Then down the steps.

    -B3F​​​​​​​: ​​​​​​​Get the close by chest after which make your approach to a cabin. TALK TO YANG AND THE SYLPHS, get the chest, then go away. Your merchandise assortment will say you’re lacking an merchandise from Sylvan cottage, dont fear, you may get it later. 

  4. The subsequent non-compulsory space is the Cave of Summons, which is kind of a bit simpler to get every little thing than the Sylvan Cave. You will find yourself within the Land of Summons. Be aware there’s a hidden discolored tile of the higher stage of city (the place there are not any buildings), north of the 6,000 gil chest to be exact. This results in a hidden space with extra chests. On the town, you can battle Asura after which Leviathan within the library, including each summons to Rydia’s arsenal. Be aware by the point you’re finished right here, there might be two gadgets you can’t get but in your merchandise assortment.
  5. This is not a lot an non-compulsory occasion however a notable location: The so-called Three-step Peninsula. NW of the Cave of Summons within the Underworld, there’s a small patch of land that’s three tiles lengthy, and holds some enemies that can’t simply be discovered elsewhere.  Simply to be clear, these aren’t missable, however noteworthy. These embrace:





    -Inexperienced Dragon

15. Sealed Cavern

  • As soon as you have finished the non-compulsory content material above, head to the final cave on the Underworld map you have not been to but, the one close to Tomar. Use Luca’s Necklace to enter the Sealed Cavern.
  • The Sealed Cavern is fairly easy. You’ll want to enter every room alongside the way in which to acquire all of the chests. Be aware lots of the doorways listed here are ‘lure door’ enemies that should be killed.

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Yellow Dragon Be aware

This isn’t a missable enemy, however one that’s simpler to get right here if you wish to add Yellow Dragon to your bestiary. Within the Sealed Cavern, you may battle many lure doorways, which might summon one other enemy if they’re weakened however not killed. Two of those doorways can summon a Yellow Dragon, which is somewhat simpler to drive a spawn right here fairly than else the place. These two doorways are:

-B2F: Third door alongside north wall.

-B5F: Solely door right here,

  • On the very finish of the dungeon, you may tackle Demon Wall. This battle has a time restrict, so give attention to DPS and you have to be high quality. 
  • Afterwards, backtrack your approach out of the dungeon. Kain will go away once more.
  • Return to King Giott within the Dwarven Citadel. You will get a drill placed on the Falcon. Now you are able to do much more non-compulsory stuff.

16. You Now Have an Airship with a Drill! – Elective Part 3

With the Drill on the Falcon, now you can return to the overworld and underworld as you please. There are just a few extra non-compulsory issues to do now:

  1. Receive the Sylph Summon and Knife. Go to Fabul West Tower and speak to Yang’s spouse to get a frying pan (you needed to converse with the unconscious Yang first to do that). Return to underworld and Sylvan Cave, speak to Yang, and get Sylph. There’s nonetheless an merchandise to get right here in your merchandise assortment, don’t fret, you get it later. Return the frying pan to Yang’s spouse in Fabul to get a Knife.
  2. Excalibur arrange: If you happen to received the Rat Tail within the Cave/Land of Summons (it is best to have), get the Enterprise and Hovercraft (which must be round Eblan), and go to Adamant Grotto. This place is close to Mythril within the Overworld – so drop off the hovercraft right here, then land, then take the hovercraft to the close by cave over the shoals. Flip within the Rat Tail to get Adamantite. Then, return to the Falcon and return to the underworld, go again to Kokkol’s Forge, give the smith the Adamantite.He’ll ultimately make Excalibur, however you need to wait a bit for now
  3. If you happen to return to the Baron East Tower Basement, you’ll be able to battle Odin as a secret boss so as to add him as a summon for Rydia. It’s important to have gotten Asura and Leviathan first, nonetheless.

17. The Moon, Cave of Bahamut, and Big of Babel

  • As soon as you’re finished with the non-compulsory stuff above, go to Mysidia. After a headful of scenes, you may get the Lunar Whale, an airship that may fly to the moon.
  • As soon as on the moon, go to the Hummingways in a cave to the SW first. There is a store right here with ethers and different helpful consumables, you probably have the cash.
  • You could get to the Crystal Palace, however you’ll be able to’t land there immediately. As an alternative, it’s worthwhile to make a little bit of a trek. Go NW of Crystal palace and land on the flat floor. You could undergo two Lunar Paths and a little bit of the overworld to get to the Crystal Palace. It might not appear like it, but it surely’s a linear path (solely 3 chests to get alongside the way in which).
  • Ultimately, you may attain the palace, and after some scenes, Lunarian FuSoYa will be part of your get together. Return to the Lunar Whale.
  • Elective: Cave of Bahamut. This is without doubt one of the final non-compulsory content material items in Last Fantasy IV. After you have FuSoYa, and assuming you’ve defeated Asura and Leviathan, head to the cave on the East facet of the moon. This mini-dungeon has robust monsters and some Behemoth mini-bosses. On the finish, you may tackle Bahamut, and in case you can beat him, you earn him as a summon. 
  • Afterward, when prepared, head to the Lunar Whale and work together with the crystal within the middle. You will head again to Earth, see just a few scenes, and enter the Big of Babel.
One-Time-Solely Dungeon Warning – Big of Babel

The Tower of Babel revisited is the fourth and last one-time-only dungeon in Last Fantasy IV, that means it can’t be revisited. That additionally means the chests and the monsters right here will be missed completely in case you are not cautious. There are 8 chests, ensure you examine your map display screen to get all of them as a result of as soon as you allow the dungeon, you may not be capable of examine

These are the missable monsters within the Big of Babel. Ensure you run into every of those in your approach to the boss. You need to hopefully run into every naturally, however watch out.



Mech Soldier


Final Arm (in a chest)

Big Soldier

Mech Dragon (will be summoned by searchers on the final flooring, close to save level)

Be aware: Siren Stealing

Edge can steal siren gadgets from the Searcher enemies within the Tower of Babel. These are very helpful gadgets, as they’ll spawn the rarest enemy group within the native area when used. These are invaluable for farming Pink Tails within the sport’s last dungeon (extra on that later), in addition to encountering any uncommon spawn elsewhere. Nonetheless, since it is a one-time-only dungeon, be sure to get them now. (Apparently, Sirens are additionally obtainable elsewhere within the Pixel Remaster, however actually simply get them right here as a result of why not).

To get sirens, discover a searcher and have Edge steal from it. Have everybody else guard, and have Rosa use Pray. You may steal a number of sirens from one enemy, so simply have Edge proceed to steal, everybody else defend, whereas Rosa heals with Pray. You need to be capable of shield your self from the Searcher’s wimpy assaults and the creature it summons fairly simply. Simply preserve autobattle on for some time as Edge steals, and you will have 99 very quickly.

  • In addition to the observe above about missables and sirens, the remainder of the dungeon is easy. Use you map to get the chests like regular. You will tackle the 4 elemental lords once more, they’re simple.
  • You will then tackle the true boss of the Big of Babel. In a nutshell, go for the Protection Node first (it heals the others), then the CPU, after which the Assault Node.
  • After some extra occasions you may be again on the moon.
  • Elective: Return to Kokkol’s Forge to get Excalibur. Now you can additionally choose up a Grimoire merchandise within the Sylvan Cave cabin, in addition to the Land of Summons outlets, lastly finishing the merchandise assortment in these areas.

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18. The Last Dungeon – Lunar Subterrane

  • All you’ve left to do is tackle the ultimate dungeon within the sport, the Lunar Subterrane. There are not any extra missable gadgets within the sport, so every little thing else is yours for the taking.
  • To get to the Lunar Subterrane, head to the Crystal Palace (by way of the Lunar Paths but once more, sure), then head North to the warp pad.
  • The ultimate dungeon is the trickiest dungeon within the sport, with probably the most hidden paths resulting in chests and gadgets, with some paths not fairly so apparent. Here is a fast walkthrough.

B1F: Enter a hidden wall to the NE to seize a chest. Then go west from the doorway to a different hidden path, to a teleporter.
B2F: Go alongside the trail, getting a chest on the way in which, to a different teleporter. Then head south by way of the wall, then west. Work together with the Murasame to battle White Dragon. He absorbs Fireplace/Ice/Lighting. Then, use Teleport to go away the dungeon and re-enter.
B1F: Head south this time.
B2F: Head alongside the trail. You can also make your approach to the Fireplace Whip chest by way of the hidden wall, and proceed North. Head by way of one other wall to get the Dragon Protect, then by way of the door.
B3F: Go all the way in which South into the indent within the wall to ultimately discover a Dragon Helm. Then go into the East wall to get a Dragon mail and Dragon Gloves. Return to the doorway of the room and go south to exit.
B4F: Go all the way in which East to Artemis Arrow. Then South and West right into a room with Elixir. Then East and South, down the steps and thru the door to get White Fang. Then SW to seek out an X-Potion. Then go East into the wall to exit. Seize the Stardust Rod, then go downstairs.
B5F: Go alongside the trail to the west to get a Crystal Protect, then enter the door. Go north and into the wall to get a Defend Ring, then east into the wall once more, and ultimately south and out of doors the room. Seize the Crystal Mail and return contained in the room and North this time. Go east to seek out Crystal Gloves, then west right into a room to get a White Gown. Go into the Northern door, then West to get a Crystal Helm. Then go East into the door to get a Pink Fang. Go downstairs when prepared

Be aware: Pink Tail Farming

In Lunar Subterrane B5F, there’s a small room close to the underside with a chest containing a Pink Fang. On this room, you’ve a 1/64 likelihood of operating right into a uncommon enemy group of 5 Flan Princesses. These flans have a low likelihood of dropping a uncommon merchandise often called a Pink Tail. If you happen to commerce one in every of these into the dude on the Adamant Grotto, you may get an Adamant Armor, by far one of the best armor within the sport for any character. Nonetheless, this drop may be very tedious to get, on account of its low enemy spawn and low drop likelihood.

If you happen to received the sirens in the Big of Babel, you can also make this somewhat simpler on your self. Merely use a siren out of your stock and you will encounter the Flan Princess enemy group with out fail. Take them out, and you’ve got an opportunity to get a Pink Tail. It will nonetheless take some time for the drop, thoughts, however a minimum of you do have to fret in regards to the low enemy spawn, simply the low drop charge. Midway there, proper?

If enjoying on PC, you’ll be able to comparatively simply arrange a keyboard macro to have your group use a Siren, auto-battle the battle, and hope for a drop. Simply have Rosa heal with Pray to maintain your self wholesome, in case you are excessive sufficient stage. 

Be aware that the Pink Tail is counted as a Key Merchandise. So in case you are checking your stock to see if it dropped, you should definitely examine the Key Merchandise tab.

B6F: Get the Artemis Arrow and Fuma Shuriken to the west and east. Take the left staircase down for a cottage, then head west over the hole. Alongside the trail you may get a Golden Apple. Head onto the Teleporter.
B5F: Alongside the trail you may get one other Defend Ring. Ultimately, you may run into the Ragnarok – contact it to battle Darkish Bahamut. Afterward, return to the twin staircase just a few rooms again, and take the right-most stairs this time.
B7F: Go south and you will see three doorways. The left-most door has a save level. The center door has a Holy Lance guarded by Plague Dragon. The best door has two ribbons guarded by Lunasaurs. Afterward, go to the final door to the North.
B8F: Beginning right here, the paths get a bit extra easy – examine your map to seek out the chests. Study the Masamune to battle Ogopogo.
B9F: Two extra chests right here, examine your map.
B10F: Two extra chests right here, examine your map. That must be all of them

You will battle the ultimate boss quickly after. Be aware, when you beat the sport, you may be prompted to make a transparent save, which is able to deliver you out of the dungeon as in case you’ve accomplished every little thing up till the Last Boss encounter itself. Use this chance to gather something you might need missed at this level.

Concluding Remarks

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