Fire dog runs over 4-year-old in golf cart


Firefighters in Michigan said a four-year-old girl was unharmed but “visibly shaken” after she was struck by a golf cart that was moving forward as her arsonist pressed the vehicle’s accelerator pedal.

Westland Fire Service’s Labrador Retriever bella According to the statement, he accidentally “jumped the cart forward” during Friday’s Blues, Brews and BBQ summer party. a Facebook post from the fire department.

The fire department tried in vain to steer the car away.

It hit the girl and “the front passenger-side tire went over her left leg,” officials said several media points of sale.

The girl had “no apparent injuries and her mother refused further treatment or transport to an emergency room,” the department said.

She “ate her popcorn again” and within a few minutes “jumped into the fire brigade’s bouncy castle,” it said.

Bella was “fineThe department also responded to comments.

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