Five slimming basics to follow if you really want to lose weight

Whether it’s your first “diet” or your millionth, starting your weight loss journey can be overwhelming.

Everyone claims to have a “secret” to losing weight – from so many experts on social media to your best friend.

Graeme Tomlinson


Graeme TomlinsonCredit: GIVEN
Graeme's New Book: THE FITNESS CHEF - Lose Weight Without Losing Memory


Graeme’s New Book: THE FITNESS CHEF – Lose Weight Without Losing MemoryCredit: GIVEN

It can lead to the yo-yo dieting route, losing a lot of weight using the latest weight loss hack, before piling it all back up.

Cut out all the fuss, and long-term weight loss has some very basic underpinnings.

And it doesn’t involve completely changing your current way of eating or cutting out entire food groups (we’ve all been there).

It is according to Graeme Tomlinson, called Fitness chef and author of the book Lose Weight Without Memory Loss.

The former personal trainer turned Instagram star – now with a million followers – by giving people the tools they need to successfully lose weight without having to go on a strict and consistent diet. fashion.

On Monday, Graeme explains why 10 most popular and popular diet tips all nonsense, from cutting out sugar to carbs and everything in between.

So what should you do instead? Graeme reveals the foundations of a sensible and simple weight loss:

1. Reduce calories

The number one rule of weight loss is this: you must consume fewer calories than you are burning.calorie deficit“.

“If you are someone who is confused and you don’t know where to start [with weight loss]”It makes sense if you understand how many calories you’re eating and learn a little bit,” says Graeme.

“For many people, it is a wake up. ”

He explains: “Chicken salad seems healthy before you realize the 25ml of olive oil you are adding is 200-300 calories.

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“You can drop down to 5ml without starting a whole new diet, it’s just a small adjustment.”

Don’t panic, though – you don’t have to count calories by weighing all your food and using an app that tracks forever, Graeme promises.

“Calorie counting is a temporary education,” he said. “Whether you do it in two weeks or two months, you will have that knowledge for the rest of your life.

“And you can start eye shadow size instead of always having to measure and measure”.

2. Make small, slow changes

The “easy” route is a diet that lasts only a month or two, with quick results.

The harder route, which can take a year or more, is to make gradual and sustainable changes to your diet, says Graeme.

He warns against “cutting back on your whole diet and starting a new one” – because who needs that kind of stress in their life?

Instead, take a look at your favorite meals and think about how Small change, little by little, can help reduce calorie intake.

For example, buy cheddar cheese that is 50% lower in fat and, as a result, cut hundreds of possible calories from your toasted pasta dish.

“A gradual approach might not seem appealing because it might take a little longer, but there could be more opportunities to stick with it because you can enjoy it more,” says Graeme. a little bit.

“If you go gradually, you will end up going faster by going slower, which sounds ridiculous.

“But this is because you can just get on with it. It is more sustainable. ”

3. Be flexible – and enjoy delicious food

Graeme says: By striving for perfection every day, you are preparing for failure.

His method of losing weight is to look at the bigger picture.

Instead of looking at calories per day, review them for the week.

Graeme explained: “Say if someone has a daily goal of 1,800 calories, that’s 12,600 for a week. Some days you might have 2,000, some days you might have 1,600.

“It’s just flexibility instead of being fixed to the next meal at exactly 435 calories.”

Flexibility also allows you to leave room for snacks.

But it comes with a degree of responsibility – if you decide to expend a big chunk, just readjust your calorie intake afterwards.

The next day, Graeme suggested a “light lunch and a walk”.

“I would avoid calling it a ‘mistake’ because you already ate it and just move on to the next pick to stay on track.”

Graeme shows how flexible eating can incorporate regular dishes, helping you stick with a pain-free weight loss strategy


Graeme shows how flexible eating can incorporate regular dishes, helping you stick with a pain-free weight loss strategyCredit: @ thefitnesschef_ / Instagram
This picture shows how evenly "healthy snacks" may contribute to your weight. Graeme recommends trying a calorie-counting interval to "wake up"


This image shows that even “healthy snacks” can contribute to your weight. Graeme recommends trying a calorie-counting interval for a “wake-up call.”Credit: @ thefitnesschef_ / Instagram
You can still have the things you like when trying to lose weight


You can still have the things you like when trying to lose weightCredit: @ thefitnesschef_ / Instagram

4. Fill in fiber and protein

Stop thinking about the foods you need to “cut out” and focus on the foods you need to ingest.

Foods rich in fiber and protein are your best friends while trying to lose weight.

Graeme said: “Eat 25g fiber every day can significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer.

“For fat loss, it keeps you full because it’s pretty hard to digest, thus reducing your chances of overeating, and it’s also really good for your overall gut health.

“You can get it from all kinds of fruits and vegetables, beans, beans, and greens.

“Things like the keto diet, which bans a lot of carbs, can be really detrimental because you’re unnecessarily lacking a lot of fiber.”

Protein similar to a filling food option, but also repairs the muscles you’re working on in the gym and burns “more calories in the digestive process than carbs and fat”.

“About 25 percent of the protein you eat burns through digestion, which means you’re actually consuming fewer calories,” says Graeme.

5. Do activities you enjoy

Exercise can seem difficult for people who enjoy a sedentary lifestyle.

Keep it simple by avoiding anything you take for granted (after trying it fairly, of course).

Don’t fall into the trap of taking exercise classes that are considered the key to weight loss if you just can’t stand the idea of ​​doing it.

“The key is to stick to and keep up with exercise, long term,” says Graeme.

“If you love walking and you can hit 10,000-15,000 steps a day, then you will probably help reach your goal more than going to the gym. [which you hate] and hung for about 45 minutes and then left”.
He adds: “All of the things like cooking, cleaning, ironing and housework can add up.

“Even if you’re commuting to work and take a 15-minute walk at lunch instead of just sitting at your desk, park your car farther from the office, or choose the stairs instead of the elevator.

“They seem really insignificant, which is the great thing about it, because it doesn’t have any impact on your life, but over time it really adds up.”

Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind by Graeme Tomlinson (£16.99) published by Ebury Press. Out January 20.

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