‘Five Supermarket Private Branding Swaps Your Kids Will Love – and Things My Family Hates’

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Supermarket savings expert Mrs. Mummypenny talks us through her family’s favorite brand swap in the latest installment of her Cost of Living: We Here to Help series – have you tried any?

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What brand of products does Mrs. Mummypenny recommend to buy at the supermarket?

One of my favorite ways to save money on weekly grocery shopping is to switch brands.

This means that business is falling from well-known branded goods to supermarket private brand alternatives.

But it’s not always an easy transition, trying to convince my family that private-brand products are as good as well-known brands can be challenging!

I’ve stuck with some of the family favorites, winning them over, and they’re happy with the switches.

But there are a few items that my kids have been asking about, next time mom goes shopping can you please pick up the ones we used to have.

I’ve been using those switches for at least a year, saving a lot.

In our latest issue Cost of Living: We’re here to help series, is my favorite brand switch with my family approval.

Cost of Living expert Mrs. Mummypenny says she’s swapped brands over the years – and some of them taste exactly the same


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Chocolate spread

When do children growing up for love spread chocolate on bread/toast?

We’ve been through a lot, and I’ve had success moving them from the branded version of Nutella to the alternative version of Nutoka the Aldi.

Nutella 630g is £3.65 while Nutoka is £1.09 for 400g so the savings are huge.

Grain Sauce

Sunday roasts, sausages and ground meats are staples in my house and gravy is essential to both.

I had great success switching to my own brand version of Quixo Aldi instead of Bisto gravy.

The taste is very similar, and you can make the gravy tastier by using gravy.

Aldi Quixo Gravy nuts are 79p for 300g while the Bisto alternative is now £2 in Asda for 350g.

Coffee pods

Aldi’s Ristretto pod £1.45 for a 10 . pack


Male bednews agency_sbna_fairleys)

This is one of my favorite switches where I save a lot and love the replacement switch at the supermarket.

Aldi coffee pods taste great and work perfectly with coffee maker at home. There are a number of different supermarkets that mix their own brands.

Aldi Ristretto berries cost £1.45 for ten, compared with Starbucks’ £2.50 (current prices in Asda, Sainsbury’s) for 10.

Cat food

Okay, not quite human here, but cats can be picky about their food. Not mine!

Trev loves Aldi brand cat food and this is really save us a lot on weekly store.

He eats 28 bags of food a week, which costs 18.9p per 100g pack (bought in a box of 12) so £5.29 per week.

Compare this to Whiskas, the current best price is £3.29 for 12 packs or 27p each. Or £7.68 for the week.


I know it’s a luxury, but Aldi candles are amazing value for money – they smell good and last a long time.

Jo Malone-style candles cost £3.49 in Aldi compared to £50 on the Jo Malone website.

What brand switches have you had success with? Let us know in the comments section below

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The Worst Brand Swaps We’ve Tried

These are the brands my family refuses to give up.

Heinz Ketchup and beans

The Heinz brand is the winner here with the boys specifically asking me to buy only the Heinz brand ketchup and bean curd.

They say its taste is very different especially the ketchup.

Toilet roll

Lynn pays a little extra for the toilet roll – but says the impact on the planet makes it worth it


Male bednews agency_sbna_fairleys)

An interesting thing we tested recently. We used to use Aldi toilet rolls but have recently switched to Bazoo toilet rolls that distribute recycling.

Much better quality and more sheets per roll. 24 reels cost £21.

This is more than double the price of the Aldi toilet roll, but we think the price is worth the softer price compared to the recycled bamboo and soft toilet roll.

High solution

Another product that guys like the branded version is the crisps. And we tried them all.

They prefer Walkers and Sunbites for their packed lunches. Their taste is much better.


Lynn’s kids aren’t convinced by Frosties’ dupe


Male bednews agency_sbna_fairleys)

A recent test failed. Guys really don’t care about Aldi’s version of Kellogg’s Frosties.

They report that the supermarket version tastes processed and has more sugar. Back to Kellogg’s I went to buy my favorite cereal.

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