Flight attendants’ tip for better treatment on the plane — but only if you’re being honest

A flight attendant has shared his tips for any passenger who wants special treatment from cabin crew – but it requires being honest about your situation

A flight attendant giving champagne to a man
Honesty is more likely to make your flight attendants like you (stock photo)

A flight attendant explained exactly how they choose which ones Airplane Passengers who need special treatment and it has nothing to do with how much you paid for your ticket.

Miguel Munoz spoke to about the most effective ways Packing things like free food and drink or better seats than what you booked and said it all boils down to one simple thing – how nice you are to the cabin crew.

That Air Stewardess Insisted that you should never try to lie to the crew by pretending to be uncomfortable in order to snag a free glass of water or a cup of orange juice as staff can mostly spot your fibs from a mile away.

But if you’re really dizzy and need to get your blood sugar up, most flight attendants will be happy to get you the drink and snack you need to get you back on track.

Being nice to cabin crew is also a must (stock photo)


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Miguel said: “Sometimes people come to me and ask for an orange juice or a snack because they say they are dizzy or have low blood sugar. We automatically think they are lying just to get something for free. And probably some people lie.

“But I always think if you lie, karma will surely come back. But if they don’t lie and I don’t give them anything, it’s even worse.

“I have to, just in case. On the plane, the crew is responsible for helping the passengers, so we really have to trust them.”

The flight attendant also claimed he had to “officially say no” to people asking for a glass of water, as water is not free on a plane and shouldn’t just be distributed to passengers.

However, Miguel is known for handing out water to those who need it — but only if they kindly ask for it and don’t make a fuss when he tells them it’s against the guidelines.

He added: “Most airlines don’t give anything for free, not even water. So if passengers say they are very thirsty, need to take medication or just ask for a glass of water, I officially have to say no.

“First of all, I always tell them that we sell bottled water. I would normally give it for free, but it all depends on how you really ask.

“For example, after I say we ask for water, if they get upset and say things like ‘but the law says you have to give me free water’ or ‘that’s a human right,’ then I won’t automatically give them one give .

“Well if you say you don’t feel well or you ask very nicely then I’ll definitely give it to you.”

And Miguel claims nice and honest passengers could even get themselves a little extra legroom if they know how to ask for it, as they might be moved to the emergency exit seats if they’re empty.

But this is definitely a situation where you don’t want to lie, because if you claim you need the legroom because of a “knee” or other injury, there’s a high chance you won’t get the seat you want.

The flight attendant explained: “When passengers come to me and say they need more space for some reason, I move them to the overwings. But you have to be careful what you say!

“For example, if you say you have a bad knee, I have to be careful with these people because the passengers who are seated at the emergency exits are the ones who have to help the crew in an emergency.

“If you can’t operate the emergency exit because you have a knee bag, I can’t take you to the overwings. So it won’t work.”

So what should you do if you want to move seats?

Well, Miguel says the key is to be honest and definitely not dramatic.

He said: “My advice is to be honest, don’t try to be dramatic. If it’s true that you have a bad leg, fair enough (although you won’t be in the overwings!). But don’t lie about it because you probably don’t know, but it won’t do you any good.

“Just be honest. If you’re not in pain, just say, ‘Hey, if you have an exit row seat available, could you let me know?’ and I will.”

And the number one flight attendant tip when it comes to flights is “make it easy for the crew” as the staff will be more likely to help you if they know you’re not a nuisance.

He added: “That’s the trick: Make it easy for the crew.

“You might say, ‘Listen, if you don’t mind if I sit in the overwings, if there’s space, I’ve sat there before, I know how it works, I’m happy to sit there’, then I know that this person feels comfortable sitting there, operating the exit, knows that everything has to go in the overhead compartment, etc.

“So you basically make it easier for the crew.”

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