Forgive me nostalgia: Neighbors are trash

Everyone loves Father Ted, right? Of course they do, and why wouldn’t they? It’s a work of unparalleled comedy genius, as fresh and funny today as it was the first time.

Listens on Channel 4 and RTÉ2 have been virtually unchanged since the final, poignant episode aired in May 1998. Life wouldn’t be the same without the annual Christmas Eve screening of ‘A Christmassy Ted’. ‘ on RTÉ2.

The same goes for other classics, Fawlty Tower. German! Waldorf Salad! Basil gives his stubborn Austin 1100 “a damn stab” with a pathetic little twig!

No matter how many times you’ve seen all of this before, it will never let you down again. But here’s the thing: both series were unpopular from day one.

I recently found an Irish newspaper review of the first episode of Father Ted. The reviewer (I won’t name them because it wouldn’t be fair to point out a column after so many years) was less impressed, deeming most of the jokes weak and wondering if Channel 4 would ever make it last. second or not.

But at least it’s an honest critical review. Some reviews of the UK press about the first Fawlty Towers, on the other hand, completely hostile and seemingly driven by malice. Some critics seem to have supported John Cleese for allegedly abandoning his radical comedy style in favor of something more conventional.

However, first impressions, especially of a brand new comedy, can be misleading and I imagine that quite a few reviewers changed their mind after they watched a bit more. Ted and Fawlty.

Changing your mind because you feel you’ve judged a series too harshly too soon (which we all blame each other for) is perfectly acceptable. Trying to rewrite reality, well, it’s another ball game.

A lot has happened, especially in the British media, regarding his imminent departure from TV. Neighbor after 37 years. The final episode of the Australian soap will air on Channel 5, which has been fully funding production for years now, on Friday and on RTÉ2 next Wednesday.

The big news is that former actors Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce and Margot Robbie will appear.

Fair dinkum, as Australians say. It’s not like any of them need work.

Minogue has been a pop star for decades. Donovan is doing well in musical theater. Robbie and Pearce have long been big Hollywood stars. Apparently, they have an emotional attachment to the series that got them started.

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But to read some interesting things written about Neighbor Over the past few weeks you would think that the curtain was falling on a beloved and respected television institution, rather than something a British broadcaster must continue to financially support for life because even Australia is no longer interested.

Neighbor is still shown in Australia on one of Ten Network’s subchannels, but its audience is a meager 200,000, compared with one million on Channel 5.

During the 1980s, Neighbor certainly impressed viewers in this part of the world, especially teenagers, who responded to fresh, attractive young stars (especially Minogue, Donovan and Pearce) ) and the perennially sun-drenched setting, it was a refreshing change from the dreary cobbled streets and squares of Opening the street and EastEnders.

At its peak, it attracted 20 million viewers a day on BBC1, a number that dropped in 2008 when the soap’s owner, Freemantle Media (which also owns Channel 5), tripled its price offered for sale to £300 million in eight years.

But let’s be honest: that’s trash, isn’t it? Cheap production, messy acting, silly plot.

No soap has more amnesiac characters, no character I know has a backstory about a doppelganger, and I’m pretty sure Neighbor is the only series in history where a dog dreams about marrying another dog.

Out of obligation, I watched a few episodes of this week. The old faces that are still around have more strokes than before; other than that, things are as bad as ever.

Then parting, Neighbor, and good quiz for a lot of you. Forgive me nostalgia: Neighbors are trash

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