Former RNC chairman sums up Trump’s latest claim with one blunt word


Michael Steele, a former Republican National Committee chairman, on Wednesday derided former President Donald Trump’s recent claim about his legal troubles as “ridiculous.”

After announcing he would likely soon be indicted as part of the special counsel’s investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021 riot, Trump tried to portray himself as a victim this week, telling his supporters he “virtually didn’t know what a subpoena is” before becoming the subject of the investigation, one of several he faces.

“How many times has this guy been sued?” Steele asked Trump.

“He doesn’t know what a subpoena is? “I practically don’t know what a subpoena is,” the former GOP leader continued, rolling his eyes.

Steele called it the “distraction lie.”

“You are a New York real estate tycoon, as you like to tell us, a billionaire. Are you telling me that in all the years you’ve run your businesses, you’ve never received a subpoena? I think that’s pretty well documented as of this writing,” he added.

Trump “wants to come out on top, he wants to keep playing the victim, in front of an audience that eats it all up, digests it all, core and rind,” Steele said.

“They do not care. You absorb everything. If Donald Trump stood up and told them, “I didn’t know, there’s a moon orbiting the earth,” they would believe it.”

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