Fortnite Leaked Skins (January 2022) – v19.10 Chapter 3 Season 1!

Fortnite has become synonymous with skins, cosmetics, and a variety of vehicle-related crossovers from every form of entertainment. While this is not the main attraction of the game, it is definitely one of its interesting aspects. Playing as some of your favorite characters from different universes is something very unique to Fortnite. If you’re wondering what you can expect next released into the game, we’ve got the full list of all the leaked skins and cosmetics in Fortnite!

If you are looking for all skins in the game, just go to Fortnite Cosmetics Database to find them all!

Fortnite Leaked Skins

Leaks in Fortnite often come from the game’s own files. They are usually encrypted, but smart users out there have found a way to get the details out of the file. While this is one of the ways to get things leaked, it’s not the only way! Sometimes you’ll find that platforms post things too soon, or even Epic itself might accidentally let the cat out of the bag. Whichever way it’s found, you’ll see the latest in the insights below.

Recent leaks

These are leaks that we don’t have in our database for whatever reason. They are often “deep” leaks, which require special methods of detection. These may not always end up in the game, but often they will be added in some way, shape, or form.

Blue elves set

Looks like Spider-Man won’t be able to run around the map without being disturbed for long. The infamous Green Goblin is coming soon, along with his signature Pumpkin Bomb and Goblin Glider! Credit to GMatrixGames, ralisdumband FNLeaksAndInfo Twitter account.

Fortnite green elves leak

February 2022 Crew pack

The February 2022 Crew Pack has been leaked and will include the Aftermath skin along with the Flatline Back Bling, Rave Digger Pickaxe, and Glitter N’ Grim Wrap. Credit to GMatrixGames, ralisdumband FNLeaksAndInfo Twitter account.

Fortnite February 2022 crew pack image

Hawkeye set

A Hawkeye TV show is now live on Disney+, which means it’s a great time to introduce the superhero to Fortnite. You’ll soon be able to get Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, and various themed items based on the show. Credit to GMatrixGames, ralisdumband FNLeaksAndInfo Twitter account.

Fortnite Hawkeye skin leaked image

Arcane VI

Like Arcane Jinx isn’t the only skin that will be available from the Arcane: League of Legends show. arcane VI will be added to the game in the near future with emoji, pickaxe and loading screen. Credit to GMatrixGames, ralisdumband FNLeaksAndInfo Twitter account.

Fortnite Arcane Vi . leaked images

Skin leakage

Also known as Outfits, this is the main attraction because it’s what you’ll see for most of the time you’re in the game. You can find all available outfits by looking at our Fortnite Skins Page!

Back Bling Leak

Also known as Backpacks, these are the things you’ll wear on your back when you’re on the battlefield. They can be animated, simple, clean or on top! If you want to see all available backpacks, be sure to check out ours Fortnite Back Blings Page.

Bundle leak

Bundles are a way you can group items by theme for a lower-than-usual price. If you’re going to buy all the items in a set, expect it to come in bundles so it’ll be cheaper if you buy them individually! You can find all the options previously available in Fortnite Packs database.

Leaking emojis

A logo or dance is how you can show off when you’re styling someone in a game or just to entertain friends before a game. Now you’ll find these in so many different varieties, including those with popular songs in them! Find all the dances in the game above Fortnite icon Page.

Glider leak

When you enter the battle, you will soar through the sky with your glider! We have all the different flying devices that already exist in the game above Fortnite roller coaster Page.

Music leak

Choose the tunes you want to hear while in the lobby with Music! We have all the ones that were released on Fortnite music Page.

Currently, there are no leaks about Music.

Pickaxe leak

Pickaxes aka Harvesters are what you use when hacking things in Fortnite to gather resources! You will find all the ones available on Fortnite pickaxe Page.

Spray leak

Spray is a card that you can leave showing where you’ve been on the map or after you’ve dispatched a player and want to send them a message afterwards. There are many different ones to choose from that you will find on Fortnite spray Page.

Wrapping leak

Wraps will coat the weapons and vehicles you’ll use on the battlefield! We have a complete list of them on Fortnite Wraps database page.

Those are all the cosmetics currently leaking in Fortnite right now! We cover a whole lot of things in the game, which you can find in Fortnite section of our website. Fortnite Leaked Skins (January 2022) – v19.10 Chapter 3 Season 1!

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