Foul ball nearly eliminates “Giant Bird” in Dodgers game


A foul ball nearly turned into a fowl ball at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday night when a goose picked a bad time to fly through the ballpark.

In the 7th inning, Dodgers outfielder David Peralta picked up a hit from Tigers reliever Miguel Díaz and sent it to the left side, out of the game but almost directly into the bird as it circled the stadium.

If the goose was shaken, this was not evident as it continued its loop.

The announcers had no idea what to make of the situation. One excitedly called it a “giant bird” and said it “looks like a pterodactyl” as it circled:

Surprisingly, the goose was not the only unexpected flying object over the Chavez Gorge on Wednesday evening.

Earlier in the evening, play was briefly halted when a giant bubble floated across the field:

Neither Gans nor Blase seemed to help the Dodgers as they lost 4-2 to the Tigers.

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