Fox Host Drops Receipts to Republicans for Claiming Hillary Clinton’s ‘Threat to Democracy’


Tarlov responded that Clinton’s comments posed no threat, adding that they would “end up in a number of GOP ads” as Trump and other Republicans campaign for the 2024 election.

“I really need everyone to spare me the fake outrage and incitement about this,” Tarlov said, before citing a string of nasty words from the Republican Party.

“Small collection of things that Donald Trump and senior Republicans call liberals every day: anarchists, anti-Americans, deranged, communists, corrupt, compromised, orderlies and perverts, thugs and traitors.”

“And then I told you, ‘So all this is happening and he’s skyrocketing in the polls.’ And when you see these interviews with Trump supporters outside of the rallies, they say, “None of this is true.” That’s the big lie. “He won the election,” Tarlov noted.

“And you wouldn’t tell me, ‘You’re in a cult’? “It’s actually harmless what Hillary Clinton said.”

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