Fox News analyst dismisses latest Biden allegations


Fox News analyst Juan Williams dismissed mounting claims from GOP lawmakers that whistleblowers had damning evidence against the Bidens. (Check out the video below.)

The allegations are “a bunch of rumors and innuendos and no solid evidence,” Williams said on Friday on the conservative broadcaster. He compared the claims to Democrats’ flawed Steele dossier, authored by former British spy Christopher Steele, which contained lurid allegations that Donald Trump was fooling around with sex workers in Russia.

Still angered by a deal sought by the President’s son, Hunter Biden, for tax evasion and gun ownership, Congressional Republicans continued to introduce alleged evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in shady dealings.

This week, GOP Lawmakers released a WhatsApp message in 2017 It allegedly shows Hunter Biden pressuring a Chinese business partner to complete a deal, using Joe Biden’s influence.

“I’m sitting here waiting for the call with my dad,” the message said.

But Williams wasn’t impressed.

“What we have this week was the decision by a Trump-appointed prosecutor, who said he had full authority over the case, to bring two misdemeanor charges essentially against Hunter Biden,” Williams said. “That was it. All these other things we’re hearing about — an app message? We don’t know if the president was involved, and he wasn’t president or vice president at the time. That was from 2017.”

“Last week, Sen. [Chuck] Grassley [R-Iowa] said he had a recording of someone,” Williams continued. “You got an app message this week. I don’t know what’s coming next week, but it looks like this is the Republican version of the Steele dossier with a lot of rumors and innuendos and no hard evidence. No proof. Nothing!” he added with a smile.

Conservative columnist Marc Thiessen responded that the news appeared to disprove Joe Biden’s claim that he never discussed business with his son and that there was a screenshot of the communiqué.

Williams, one of the more moderate voices on the right-wing station, was still unmoved.

“Marc, that was obviously in 2017,” Williams replied. “I repeat myself. And Joe Biden was not an official in any capacity as Vice President or President.”

The Justice Department last week concluded a five-year investigation into Hunter Biden that is unlikely to result in a prison sentence. Many Republicans, including an IRS whistleblower, allege that Attorney General Merrick Garland influenced the investigation, but Garland said he exercised no authority.

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