Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera breaks the ranks to beat Tucker Carlson


Fox presenters and contributors have been relatively silent about Carlson’s departure both on and off the air. The exact reason for Carlson’s departure remains unclear, although the New York Times reported that newly unearthed offensive private messages sent by the host may have played a big part.

On Wednesday, Rivera called out former prime-time star Carlson, who peddled a certain untruth.

The veteran conservative commentator tweeted:

“I don’t wish ill on anyone, but there’s no doubt — as I said at the time — Tucker Carlson’s perverted January 6th conspiracy theory was ‘bullshit.'”

“After President Trump lost the election, he launched an insurgency aimed at undermining our constitutional process,” he added.

Carlson has repeatedly minimized the deadly Trump-instigated riot in the US Capitol on his widely acclaimed show alongside his usual racist and misogynistic fare.

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