Fractured Online introduces a deep, strategic character creation system


Fractured Online aim to have a meaningful, flexible and strategic character system and Team Dynamight Studios there’s a new take on what this will mean for players.

Previously featured highlights knowledge system, include skills you can learn, and introduces the three races and families in the game, along with the meaning of race options.

After choosing your character’s race and attributes, you won’t be able to change them, so you’ll have several choices to make. Whether you choose Human, Wildfolk or Demon not only influence the planet you come from and the rules of society you live inbut it also affects attribute score and attribute limit.

In other words, race determines the set of rules by which your character operates and experiences the world. When it comes to attributes, you have to decide how your protagonist will distribute Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Perception, Prestige, and Intelligence. Each race gets creativity points that you can distribute between attributes. Wildfolk and Demons get 80 points, while Humans get 100. Minimum attribute level will be 6 but the limit changes based on some reason.

Races also have families, so if you select a certain member of a race, those families may be known for a different trait that will guide the type of attribute you might want to focus on. centered on. One example the team mentions is the Nhedra, a race of Wildfolk bears that typically have slow reflexes and aren’t very charming so Dexterity and charisma have a lower limit.

There is also a background selection so that when you select a race and attribute you will choose the background for your character which gives you some abilities that you learned and have with you at the beginning of your journey. All players can learn all the possibilities, but you have to start somewhere. However, while each character can learn all of the skills, you’re only allowed to use some skills at a time, and the game calls these skills mnemonics.

The Knowledge System also has a rest period. While resting, your character will sit down and you have a menu where you can reassign the talent points and spells you want to cast and memorize for your next stage. You can memorize more skills than match your hotbar if you think you need them, but you’ll have the opportunity to adjust your payload in combat.

For a complete description of all the properties, descriptions, and how the mnemonic system will work, see focus in Fractured online. Fractured Online introduces a deep, strategic character creation system

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