Fractured Online’s competitive gameplay means you’ll have some important decisions to make

With Fractured Online, The Dynamight Studios team demonstrated a variety of elements that will come together to shape your possible experience in the game. These range from Knowledge Systems, skill versatility, meaningful differences between races, and more mechanical things like player-controlled housing systems. Now the focus is on competitive gameplay, both PvE and PvP, as well as your own choices about how you want to play your characters.

You’ll have plenty of decisions to make, which is clear from everything revealed so far about Fractured Online. One of the things you will determine is your alignment. This will vary depending on your race and characteristics, but your alignment and the actions you take will have impacts and consequences. One of them is in the Karma point, which will affect your alignment and you can do things like kill the Evil creature or make an offering to the temple to get more Karma.

If you’re playing a Human, then you can just choose the type of character arrangement you like, with the whole scope open to you. Wildfolk is restricted to Good Alignment and has positive Karma. Demons, well, they are demons, and have an association of Evil. If you’re flagged as a Pawn, you won’t be able to do anything hostile to Good or Neutral linked characters. However, you can attack or even kill Evil-matched characters and this will earn you Karma points.

If you are Neutral, you can also be hostile towards Evil characters, but also against your Neutral colleagues. None of these actions will cost you Karma, so there’s an advantage here to this choice. As the team pointed out, being Neutral can allow you the freedom to take hostile actions against others without too much penalty and Neutral alignment will be required for some events. Late game PvE. So this is likely where the most competition will end up.

Bad alignment is what you might think. Hostility can feel strong, but anyone else can attack or kill you for a reward and you could even be jailed (if someone becomes a bounty hunter and gets you in, enhance their own reputation) or are excluded from society.

The last element to be marked is the position. The home of the good Arboreus Wildfolk, is a lush and peaceful planet. No non-consensus PvP and a good place for peaceful players. If you bond with the Devil and somehow land on that planet, it will repel you until it drains your life force. Syndesia is a planet where all races can spend time, so it is the economic hub and has room for PvP outside of the player’s town, along with systems (like bounty hunting) for solving resolve potential problems. Finally, Tartaros, the home of the Devil, is hot and free for all Devil heavyweights and affiliations to find themselves at home.

For more, check out the preview at Online interruption. Fractured Online’s competitive gameplay means you’ll have some important decisions to make

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