Frightened witnesses report spooky “dogma” creatures roaming forests and prairies


The “Dogmen” creatures, described as the head of a German shepherd, have reportedly been seen in terrifying encounters in the United States and Canada

Dozens of people have reported seeing the terrifying creatures over the years
Dozens of people have reported seeing the terrifying creatures over the years

Dozens of people have shared their terrifying encounters with creatures that lurk in forests and prairies known only as “dogmas.”

Reports have been circulating since the 1880s about the bizarre creature, described by various witnesses with a head resembling a German shepherd and shiny strong muscles.

However, unlike dogs, the monster is said to be able to walk on its hind legs as well as on all fours and have long arms.

Several people have shared their stories of encountering the creatures armed with razor-sharp claws and teeth, including park rangers and Supreme Court justices in the US and Canada.

One from Ohio said: “People need to be made aware of these things, they are as real as it gets and they are dangerous.

The dogmas were seen in the US and Canada


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“I’ve always loved the outdoors, I love the woods, I love hiking and camping, fishing.

“On this occasion, I was at a lake for 15 minutes when I suddenly had this overwhelming feeling of fear.

“I turned on my headlamp to turn and walk up the riverbank and just behind a large plane tree I saw what appeared to be a very large animal kneeling beside it.

“When I fixed my eyes on it, I froze completely. I knew I was definitely seeing something there, but my mind couldn’t process it.

The experiences were described by the witnesses as “terrifying”.


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“What I was looking at didn’t make any damn sense. I kept telling myself, “Animals shouldn’t look like that.

“As I think this, it’s as if this thing read my mind, stood up and made itself fully visible.

“You know, those monsters your parents told you weren’t real and couldn’t hurt you?

“I’ve heard of the ‘Dogman’ but never really took it seriously. These things are perfectly adapted killing machines.

“From the way the arms and legs looked, it looked like it would be perfectly suited to walking on all fours as well as on two legs

“This experience left a huge hole in me.”

Another, sharing his experience in Georgia, said he had been rafting with friends when he had to answer a call from nature.

When he stopped in a clearing, “a genetically mixed unit of human, wolf and primate” suddenly emerged.

Witnesses said they ‘now know what lies in the dark’


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He added: “I’ve spent 21 years in the army, around the world and in three different theaters of war, and I’ve hardly slept since I saw this thing, a huge canine-like creature.

“I can still taste the fear in my throat and my own vomit. I’m 6’1” and about 250 pounds and this thing put me to shame.

“At least 7ft 6 and maybe 350-400 pounds.

“As a former collegiate and semi-professional football player and powerlifter, I’m familiar with tall people and with strength and musculature, and this was not a normal creature that sort of evolved in that environment.

“I can promise you that no one wants to see this twice.”

Another witness, a deputy sheriff, said: “There aren’t many things in the world that scare me, simply put I’ve seen some shit in my days but nothing prepared me for tonight.

“I remember there was a search for a young man who was sucked down a drain and I parked my squad car in the electrical company’s yard.

“About five minutes pass before I hear a snorting, almost snuffling sound coming from the other side of the tracks. I turned off my light and to this day wish I hadn’t.

The mysterious creature had ‘long ears, a snout and was covered in fur’


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“It had pointed ears and a long snout, and it looked me straight in the face before darting into the wood. It wasn’t a mask and it was NOT a person in a costume.

“Who would walk up to an armed man with a police radio in full uniform and risk being shot? I remember it was surreal, so final I think.

“I now know what lies in the dark.”

Nick Redfern, a lecturer and journalist who covers unsolved mysteries such as Bigfoot the Loch Ness Monster and UFOs, confirms there have been a number of reported Dogman sightings in the UK.

He said the day star: “In the summer of 2006 there was a flood of it.”

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