From head to toe… the most common signs that you might have cancer

CANCER will tragically affect many of us in our lives.

It’s scary to think about you or a loved one suffering from it – but if you’re caught early, the chances of survival are much better.

Tragically, many people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives — but early detection is key


Tragically, many people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives — but early detection is keyCredit: Alamy

Because of this, it’s important to be aware of some of the red flags that might indicate you need to be checked out.

While they don’t always mean you have cancer and ultimately you know your body best, it’s good to keep a few key areas in mind.

head and mouth:

A fever above 38C that does not last for two weeks, or sweats or infections that keep coming back is a warning sign.

If you have a cold or contracted Covid, a raspy voice is usually not a problem.

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However, if you notice a raspy or hoarse voice that hasn’t gone away on its own after a reasonable amount of time, it’s best to have it checked out.

Another thing to keep an eye on is a cough.

Coughing is also common here. But if you have one inexplicable cough that doesn’t go away or gets worse this could be a sign of cancer.

Another area in the mouth that can be a warning sign is when you’re struggling to chew or swallow.

If there isn’t an immediately obvious problem, let your doctor know and they can take care of it.

Loss of appetite is a common feature of many diseases.

But if you haven’t felt noticeably queasy and just still aren’t hungry, this is worth checking out.

Mouth ulcers are common but usually get better within about three weeks.

So, an ulcer or red-and-white spot that doesn’t heal on its own after three weeks should be checked.


Sudden heartburn or indigestion that keeps coming back is a warning sign. Your doctor should be able to examine this for you.

Keeping an eye on your fitness is a useful indicator — if you notice shortness of breath resulting from activities you haven’t previously inflated, schedule a check-up.

Most women are aware that they need to examine their breasts regularly to be aware of new signs of cancer.

But even men should check their upper body every now and then, since they also have a small amount of breast tissue.

Any changes in shape, size or sensation should be reported to your GP, including on the skin, under the skin or on the nipples.

Knowing your regular toilet habits can also be life-saving — if you’re having trouble or pain with urination or a bowel movement, it’s a red flag.

Going to the bathroom more or less often or seeing blood should always be checked – even if it’s not cancer related, it’s not normal.

And under that roof, it’s not normal to feel bloated most days. So if you feel very unwell on a regular basis, let your doctor know.


Your skin usually heals fairly well. So if something doesn’t fix itself properly, it’s worth having it looked at.

Moles are the first sign of skin cancer, so it’s important to know what’s normal for you.

If you notice a new mole or an existing mole that is changing in size, shape, or color, talk to your doctor.

General signs:

Heavy night sweats can be caused by all sorts of things – menopause, infections, or just a very hot night.

But regular sleep sweats that leave you drenched can also be a sign of cancer.

Unintentional weight loss over a short period of time is also a warning sign of cancer, as is unexplained pain or pain that won’t go away.

Feeling very tired for a while for no apparent reason is another warning sign that something might be wrong.

Finally, if you find any unusual lumps or swellings that don’t appear normal or go away within a few days, talk to your doctor.

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