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Nothing can take away the good vibes from fromis_9.

Two days before their new EP release from our Souvenir Box On June 27, a small car accident involving 5 of the 9 members of the K-pop girl group forced them to cancel their press conference ahead of the album’s release. The collision temporarily halted promotional plans (their PR released a statement saying that all of the passengers’ injuries were “not serious and they were all immediately taken to the emergency room for a check-up”. and treatment”) and fans are getting ready to see ninesome’s latest move in their rise to K-pop stardom.

In August 2021, fromis_9 officially transferred its label to PLEDIS Entertainment, home of K-pop giants SEVENTEEN, belonging to the HYBE Labels family, home to BTS’s BIGHIT Music and Zico’s Tomorrow X Together and KOZ Entertainment. . It kicked off a significant year of growth for the group, including #1 on the charts and winning TV awards.



Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

While the Korean pop scene is getting more competitive year by year, fromis_9 hitting their stride more than four years after the start of their 2017 shows that playing the game long term can be beneficial. Girl groups stay true to their constant upbeat, fun pop releases (like “Love Bomb” and “We Go,” both named as one of Billboard’s the best K-pop songs of their respective years), where listeners couldn’t miss the members’ delivery and playful tunes. With the summer theme of wanting to capture the day and embrace nature, the new single “Stay This Way” and from our Souvenir Box The EP has recorded from is_9 the best sales and results of their career in Korea so far with the hope that the budding success will come to foreign countries.

Ahead of the release of new music this summer, members Lee Sae Rom, Roh Ji Sun, Song Ha Young, Lee Chae Young, Park Ji Won, Lee Na Gyung, Baek Ji Heon, Lee Seo Yeon, and Jang Gyu Ri took a moment to discuss their latest release and look back at their journey so far and why they’ve stayed close despite any disparities in the K-pop industry. .

Hello fromis_9! Before anything, I wanted to check how everyone is doing since you were in a car accident before releasing the album. Can you tell us how you’re doing?

SONG HA YOUNG: We are fine now, thank you. I go to the hospital for regular check-ups.

PARK JI WON: Unfortunately the accident happened right before our return. But I’m focused on recovering, so I can continue with my promotional schedule as planned. I couldn’t be more grateful to see our fans in better shape. With this in mind, we’re glad that our album is getting such a big response!

Right, from our Souvenir Box is becoming your greatest success. What do you think of such a well-connected album? Can you share more about choosing “Stay This Way” as the single?

ROM LEE SAE: from our Souvenir Box implies what it means to collect precious memories of summer days in a chest. The lead single “Stay This Way” tells the story of an impromptu trip, escaping from a series of dull and exhausting days. I think the album and “Stay This Way” are getting a very good response because the fun, fun mood is best suited to the hot summer. It also depicts an uplifting atmosphere that energizes our listeners.

BAEK JI HEON: The lead single “Stay This Way” is about fromis_9’s long journey. “Stay This Way” is a song that creates a good mood. “Stay This Way” is a song that creates a good mood and radiates our energy on stage.

ROH JI SUN: “Stay This Way” was a song that both the label and our members agreed to for the lead single. So we started working on the album with great anticipation and excitement. “Stay This Way” is a one-of-a-kind song with the positive energy we tried to bring out during the recording process.

Do you really enjoy being in the studio together? I hear a lot of joy in fromis_9’s music. Is there a way for you to make sure your listeners get the good vibes in your music?

ROM LEE SAE: I can say that I feel comfortable in the recording studio now, as opposed to the anxiety in the early days. I follow the other members recording and try to sync our tunes, even by running and dancing for energetic tracks.

SONG HA YOUNG: When instructing [demos] out, we all discussed how to keep our sound in sync and best match the mood of the song. We also cheered each other on with bright energy as we entered the recording studio.

JANG GYURI: We gathered together in the recording studio with a fun and healthy mindset to create the best product. For example, we order food and have long conversations to keep our minds clear.

PARK JI WON: I always sing with the desire to fully convey my emotions to the listener – perhaps that’s why the songs seem to contain joyful and happy emotions. In the studio recording and preparing the album, I was moved throughout the experience and encouraged to think of our fans, who have always supported and loved unconditionally.

ROH JI SUN: I believe we have successfully created our unique style and color so far. Our songs are easily enjoyable because they naturally evoke pleasant feelings. As the years passed, the anxiety and stress about the recording subsided.

LEE SEO YEON: We also strive to complete the recording in less than an hour because we believe a song is best recorded when it captures the initial emotions.

LEE CHAE YOUNG: We always try our best to bring positive energy by encouraging each other before recording or going on stage. I think our fans can directly feel and capture our feelings, so I try my best to be happy.

LEE NA GYUNG: We have complete confidence in our song because we do our best to show our full potential.

BAEK JI HEON: We always keep an eye on each other while filming. We share feedback and comments to make a better version of our song. Since we have good vibes together, this is reflected in our songs.

August will mark a year since you changed management to PLEDIS Entertainment under the name HYBE. Can you share the changes you’ve noticed or felt?

LEE SEO YEON: Since joining PLEDIS Entertainment, we’ve been trying to show a better version of ourselves to our fans.

LEE CHAE YOUNG: Now we feel very confident that we are once again working together [PLEDIS Entertainment founder] Han Sung Soo, who has been our producer since our debut. We are also glad that we are able to showcase our color variation through diverse genres and concepts.

You were introduced through a TV show in 2017, officially debuted in 2018, and in September 2021 you won your first #1 with “Talk & Talk”. I think sometimes people worry if they don’t achieve immediate success. What advice do you give to those who follow their dreams?

SONG HA YOUNG: I would say, “I hope you stay strong until you reach your goal.” The most important thing is not to give up and believe that one day your dreams will come true. It’s okay to take a break at some point, but just believe in yourself and your dreams.

JANG GYURI: I believe I have a destiny path. If things don’t go as planned, I try to hold my head high and handle the situation with the mindset that under the circumstances this will happen. If you mull over the details, you may start to doubt yourself.

What is the relationship between fromis_9 members? Is there something that binds you all or something that you all agree on?

LEE CHAE YOUNG: The secret to our teamwork is the respect we have for each other. In fact, we are a family that understands each other’s difficulties and listens to them through a sincere conversation.

SONG HA YOUNG: With this album taking first place in five music shows, it makes us feel that now is the time for us to show our full collaborative effort to find the way forward. yourself, step by step.

JANG GYURI: Having spent six years together, we know each other so well that we know each other’s thoughts. So we respect our preferences and differences to become a bigger team.

PARK JI WON: As we spent more time together, we felt like we were starting to mirror each other. Over the past few years, we have shared many layers of emotions whether it is happiness or sadness. But our biggest push is of course [fans named] hoverers.

ROH JI SUN: We have fully understood what it means to be “us” to fulfill our responsibilities and goals despite our differences. We also look forward to having more opportunities to meet fans in different places. Flovers, don’t forget to watch out!
LEE SEO YEON: Honestly, we get closer whenever we decide to choose a restaurant or order something off the menu.

LEE NA GYUNG: As you may have seen in our content, we show love and support for each other through playful jokes and heartfelt expressions. We can be sad at times, but our bond is as strong as ever with music.

BAEK JI HEON: Having spent a long time together, we completely feel the difference and uniqueness in each other’s personalities.

ROM LEE SAE: It’s been six years since we’ve been together. The time we shared together speaks volumes for itself and, of course, we bond more than ever through conversations and thoughtful consideration for each other. fromis_9 Talk ‘Stay This Way’, First Year with PLEDIS & HYBE Labels – Billboard

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