Future Battlefield 2042 maps will be smaller, changes to current maps are being considered.

DICE has outlined some of the changes it is considering for cards Battlefield 2042.

According to the developer, it addresses traversal, intensity, line of sight, paths, cover, and other changes to specific maps like Kaleidoscope.

One of the core issues the team is addressing is traversal, as players have expressed frustration with how long it takes to travel between flags or from base spawn to flag. This is the result of introducing 128 players combined with some of the largest maps the team has ever created as game rooms. DICE said that while the larger maps offer more scope and freedom, “a side benefit” is that gameplay is now more spread out, resulting in an overall increase in battle time when it comes to playing the objective.

To counteract this, reducing the total travel time between flag and base spawn is being investigated on some maps, and this will be done by moving both the base spawn and the closest flags.

Another area where the team can improve the gameplay experience is in combat intensity. Again, this issue mainly affects 128-player modes, notably Breakthrough, which can get a bit chaotic when fighting for flags if there are too many players or vehicles.

In terms of improvements, DICE is reviewing whether it makes sense to keep Breakthrough at 128 players instead of 64, or whether reducing the total number of vehicles that can spawn makes things less overwhelming. At the moment it seems that Breakthrough offers the best experience for 64 players.

With line of sight, the team currently feels that there are too many open and flat areas on some maps, putting too much focus on direct ranged combat between targets. Most of the feedback on this is directed towards Kaleidoscope, but this applies to other areas of the map as well. The current improvement plan is to ensure there are more ways to hide while moving to and from objectives. The goal is to reduce the focus on ranged combat and the need to carry weapons.

With Kaleidoscope being an “obvious culprit for line of sight challenges,” DICE is working on improving certain areas of the map, including redesigning the Breakthrough experience to move combat to areas of the map where there is better cover.

Another focus is not having clear paths to targets, because without a clear intended path, enemy fire will come in from all possible angles. This can make holding a target difficult, and when players attack, they expose themselves on bad lanes to push for a flag. The paths on the maps will be improved to create clearer and more defined paths and make it easier to understand how to get from one destination to the next.

Finally, the current lack of cover across all maps is another area of ​​improvement the team will be focusing on. While attempting to limit direct ranged combat between targets, it also attempts to ensure adequate cover when traveling between targets. DICE is attempting to address this by reviewing the need for additional cover where required to prevent firing from a 360 degree angle.

As an example of the changes examined, DICE cited Breakthrough – Sector A on Kaleidoscope Large as a good example of where targets are too far from the Defending Base Spawn. The team currently feels too unforgiving for the offensive side.

Conquest – Kaleidoscope has too many open areas with no cover, leaving players open for long periods of time.

Because the plans that DICE have outlined will require “significant development time,” not all proposed changes will be available in all in-game map libraries at once. The team has already begun incorporating “healthier behaviors” into new maps in development, but it’s approaching updates to old maps with a specific focus on the maps that need the changes most. This includes Kaleidoscope for both Conquest and Breakthrough, where players will see the first updates to land. The current plan is to provide updates to Kaleidoscope during the first season.

Future map design will reflect current insights into the design process, and because larger maps don’t equate to “more freedom and playstyles or fun”. Players can expect future maps to be smaller than most maps in the release. This also means that DICE is investigating a possible reduction in the number of sectors and the total number of capture points per map when playing with 128 players. Changing the shape of the maps to give them more orientation is also being considered.

The number of players in different modes like Breakthrough is also reviewed, as well as the types and number of vehicles that can be used on specific maps, with an emphasis on where to find the right balance that positively improves the gaming experience .

https://www.vg247.com/future-battlefield-2042-maps-will-be-smaller-in-scale-changes-being-looked-into-for-current-maps Future Battlefield 2042 maps will be smaller, changes to current maps are being considered.

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