Future generations should not be burdened with our knee-jerk decisions on neutrality


Many are calling for a referendum on Irish neutrality. It seems fair provided each child has a proxy vote. Eventually, they will be the ones to feel the consequences of their parents’ knee-jerk reactions. As always.

Eugene Tannam, Firhouse, Dublin 24

Western desire for oil fuels another refugee crisis

Those who bemoan the colossal extent of the destruction in Ukraine are right. However, you should be wondering what the cost of needlessly destroying sovereign nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria under the guise of fighting Islamist terrorism has been.

Our hearts ache at the poignant images of refugees fleeing war and persecution, but we need to delve deeper into the causes of this massive human exodus. Behind this is a Western drive to control gas pipelines, encircle Russia and consolidate its hegemony over Eastern Europe, its natural resources, strategic land and sea routes, and rapprochement with China.

dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob, London, England

McCullagh’s interview was anything but diplomatic

Perhaps RTÉ’s David McCullagh will ‘interview’ the Russian ambassador again about the recent death threats he and his associates received in Dublin and allegations that Russian children are being bullied in Irish schools.

Only next time could Mr McCullagh lose the embarrassment of the interrogation he subjected us all to last time playing devil’s advocate on behalf of NATO/EU/UK/US.

Meanwhile Six-One Messageshe didn’t let Ambassador Yuri Filatov get a word in as he berated the man on behalf of neutral Ireland in his practiced tirade of undiplomatic language.

Ambassadors are vital wherever war is raging.

Robert Sullivan, Bantry, Co. Cork

The whole world must hold Putin accountable for crimes

The world watches and sees the horrific images of distraught, blood-stained parents carrying the lifeless bodies of their beautiful toddler to a beleaguered Ukrainian hospital. You will forever be haunted by the simple question – why?

We, the world, know the answer. It’s a 70-year-old paranoid madman chasing a silly delusional dream. We, the world, now face our own simple question, when is enough, enough?

dr Aidan Hampson, Whitethorn Rise, Artane, Dublin

Maybe it’s time for an unorthodox approach

One might imagine that the important lesson of Satan, who imagined that he could deceive Jesus, would be well established in all church leaders by this time. Unfortunately, the Russian Orthodox Church appears to have been duped by Putin, just as Trump beguiled the American “Christian” right by promising to abolish all abortion rights for women.

Unfortunately, with innocent Ukrainians being slaughtered by Russian troops, the Orthodox Church is mistaken in assuming that Putin will reintegrate Chersonese, where Vladimir the Great was baptized in 988, leading to the Christianization of Russia.

It’s pointless to pray for a change in Putin, he can no longer be saved. I believe we pray to the Trinity to awaken the leadership of the Orthodox Church to the dangers of attempting to relive history.

Declan Foley, Melbourne, Australia

The UN Security Council is repeating its past mistakes

Russia’s trail of slaughter in Ukraine continues – international organizations meet and impose sanctions; Russia’s slaughter continues, international organizations meet and impose more sanctions; the slaughter and displacement continue; International organizations meet and impose more sanctions.

We have seen this circle game before in Crimea, Grozny, Aleppo and elsewhere. No lessons learned.

The same international organizations remain, with their anachronistic architecture, composition and voting/veto regime.

Meanwhile, in parallel with the slaughter and destruction, the Ukrainians, the newest people, are becoming stateless, along with the Kurds and Palestinians before them, to form pathetic processions through other countries in search of help and residence.

What exactly is the point of the UN Security Council? Will it take a nuclear Armageddon to finally dismantle the international regulatory apparatus that has failed miserably on almost every continent for the past almost 75 years and to replace it with an organization fit for today’s purposes?

Tom McGrath Dunbur Road, Wicklow Town Future generations should not be burdened with our knee-jerk decisions on neutrality

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