GAA legend Davy Fitzgerald welcomes second child after 25-year hiatus

Sports legend Davy Fitzgerald has announced that he has become a father again after a 25-year break.

Lareman Davy told that sunday world how his wife Sharon O’Loughlin gave birth to their first child together, Dáithí Óg, in May.

The All-Ireland goalkeeper has a 25-year-old son, Colm, from his previous marriage to Ciara Flynn.

Davy (51), who married Sharon in 2019, also has two 12-year-old Bichon Frize dogs.

“Holly and Sophie, they turned 12 last week,” he says of his pets.

“I woke up this morning and Holly was pinned to the back of my head, she was right behind my pillow. It was deadly. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

“We have a five month old baby and my god the dogs get along so well with the kid it’s unreal.”

He admits that after a quarter of a century, his eldest son Colm was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of a little brother.

“We have young Dáithí Óg and Colm,” smiles Davy. “It’s different with Colm. About 25 years later he ends up with a brother. You know what, I don’t think it’s a bad thing that the two of them are together now.

“I’m excited. It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.”

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When asked if he’s busy changing diapers again, Davy replies, “Let’s put it that way. Sharon is amazing at what she does. Sharon keeps an eye on Dáithí Óg.

“She won’t fucking let me do anything, so she won’t! She’s very attached to him, but you know it was a good thing for us.”

Not only does Davy have two Liam McCarthy Cup medals with Clare in 1995 and 1997, but as a manager he led Banner County to All Ireland glory in 2013.

Sharon is a former Camogie Champion and a sister to Clare legend Ger ‘Sparrow’ O’Loughlin, while Colm is a former minor player with his county and Sixmilebridge and is part of Clare’s senior management team.

With all that pedigree, the future for Dáithí Óg in the hurling action is certainly bright.

“Maybe I’ll hit him with a golf club or something, we’ll see what happens,” laughs Davy. “Whatever he wants to do, we will support him.

“He could just stick with golf and make life easier for himself. Dáithí Óg is in trouble, between my competitive nature and, believe me, Sharon is extremely competitive. She’s as competitive as it gets, so he doesn’t stand a chance. He’s in trouble.”

Davy admits he was pretty much keeping Dáithí Óg’s arrival under his guard.

“We haven’t aired it too much, there’s not really much out there,” confirms Davy, who has returned to RTÉ screens tonight as one of the four mentors Ireland’s fittest family.

“We would be very private ourselves that way. We want Dáithí Óg to have his own chance to just be normal and do his own thing.”

As for Davy, Dáithí Óg and Sharon’s chances of continuing fittest family to the future, he laughed. “I don’t know what shape I’ll be in 12 or 13 years from now when he gets to the age he needs to be.”

Former trainer Derval O’Rourke has left the series to be replaced by jockey Nina Carberry and Davy admits he will miss his former pal on the show.

“Derval was amazing. The relationship I have with Derval is excellent and we would still have a lot of contact,” he explains.

“Nina got off to a flying start. She just blended in so easily. She’s probably the most ambitious person I’ve ever seen. She has a beautiful personality about her.

“If she has to hit the ‘on’ button and get into the competition, she’s in and she’ll be looking for ways to get her families through to the next round. Nina is a great addition to us.”

Davy reveals that the Eliminators in the new series are nerve-racking and pulling their strings.

“We have a bunch of kids on this show and I swear to god they’re absolutely amazing,” he exclaims.

“But I’m telling you, the show’s biggest story is the moms doing it for their families. They almost get sucked in, oh my god they are amazing.

“There are some mothers who don’t want to be there, they’re just doing it for their kids. I love that.”

Davy is now back in charge of Waterford and is hoping to give the Deise their first Liam McCarthy Cup win since 1959.

“I started my career here as a senior manager in 2008. They signed me on for a quick fix to get them over a few months. I ended up here a few years. We’ve reached our first All-Ireland final in years. I’m back. I’d like to bring you some silverware. I’m more motivated than ever before,” he claims.

Like most people, Davy has found the last two and a half years challenging.

“Lockdown has been a struggle and I still think a lot of people are struggling to get out of it,” he reflects.

“I feel like people are very slowly getting back into the social element and meeting people and talking to people. Personally, I just enjoyed the break, did more exercise and spent time with the people I should be spending a little more time with.

“I realized that people like my ma, my dad – I needed to spend more time at home.

“Even the last few months, to tell you the truth, I’m probably a little crazy, I should be spending more time than at home and I’ll correct that.”

But Davy admits he initially panicked during lockdown.

“I remember a few days before the first lockdown came and we rushed off to buy as much food as possible because we didn’t know exactly how it was going to go,” he recalls.

“I went out and bought tons of stuff because I was scared. There was no point in saying I wasn’t scared. I’ve never come across anything like this.

“I can remember buying a second fridge, I can remember having this feeling inside me, ‘this doesn’t feel right, like this isn’t normal, like’.”

He and pregnant Sharon went on their first holiday during lockdown late last year.

“Last year I was totally relaxed in Portugal. That was the last time I was away, last November. Pretty soon I’ll be out the door and having a little vacation,” he says.

“The baby was later, so we needed a little breather. I walked 30 to 40,000 steps every day, which was great.”

Ireland’s fittest family airs Sundays at 6.30pm on RTÉ One. GAA legend Davy Fitzgerald welcomes second child after 25-year hiatus

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