Gardening expert reveals easy hack to kill weeds from cracks in your driveway

WEEDS can really ruin your garden if you let them run wild.

Luckily, we have some top tips to help you permanently remove them from your land.

Love your garden, hate weeds


Love your garden, hate weedsCredit: Getty

Royal Horticultural Society shared their wisdom on the unwanted horrors of the garden.

Weeds in cracks can be more difficult to remove because they are not easily plucked by hand.

So you need the right tools to kill them from the root up.


A trowel or fork can be fine to use on furrows and borders, but they are not suitable for narrow cracks.

Instead, experts recommend using dandelion grass or a block knife on weeds in patios or paving.

Smaller weeds can only be removed with a block broom.

Hoes can easily handle shallow root weeds.

On gravel beds, use a hoe on a dry day to kill infested weeds.

Flame guns or flame weeders can also work on hard surfaces, especially in warm dry weather.

The heat tore through the plant’s cells, forcing it to die again.

Two apps are the best; The first crop will cause the leaves to change color and a week later another outbreak will burn the dead leaves.

White vinegar solution

Instead of chemical-laden herbicides and herbicides, try using natural methods like white vinegar.

White vinegar has acetic acid that draws moisture away from weeds.

Vinegar has a higher acetic acid content so it is the most effective.

Mix white vinegar with salt and laundry detergent to make a weed killer.

Pour into a spray bottle and spread evenly over unwanted weeds.

Seal the cracks

Once the weeds are gone, seal the cracks with the same stuff you used on your litter to prevent them from growing back.

Weeds can return to cracks if they are not sealed.

Hot water

Another homemade solution that works as an alternative to strong or homemade weed killers is to boil water.

It is eco-friendly, natural, the cheapest option and it will not affect the surrounding vegetation.

Hot temperatures will kill the plant instantly.

Make your own vinegar solution at home


Make your own vinegar solution at homeCredit: Getty
Repeatedly blowing the weeds with boiling water or a flamethrower will prevent them from coming back


Repeatedly blowing out the weeds with boiling water or a flamethrower will prevent them from coming backCredit: Getty

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https://www.thesun.ie/fabulous/8183080/gardening-expert-reveals-easy-hack-to-kill-weeds-from-your-driveway-cracks/ Gardening expert reveals easy hack to kill weeds from cracks in your driveway

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