Gavin Newsom reviews Hannity on Fox News


California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) broke the Fox News bubble on Monday by dismissing anchor Sean Hannity’s claims about President Joe Biden, mocking House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), upset at his treatment of migrants.

Hannity tried to defend DeSantis, who was transporting migrants across the country in what critics called a political ploy to raise his profile as a 2024 presidential candidate.

But Newsom didn’t have it.

“Why are you using humans as chess pieces?” Newsom asked. “What faith tradition teaches you to treat people like this – belittle them, humiliate them?”

Hannity proposed a televised debate between Newsom and DeSantis, moderated by himself, of course.

“I’m all in, I can count on that,” Newsom said.

“You would have a two-hour debate with Ron DeSantis?” said Hannity.

“Make it three,” Newsom said. “Do it with a day’s notice and no notes, I look forward to that.” We could talk about his urges to demonize, we could talk about his assault on free enterprise.”

He also made a 2024 prediction about DeSantis.

“Donald Trump will cleanse his time,” he warned.

Newsom also picked up on Hannity’s constant claims that something was wrong with Biden.

“I don’t think Joe Biden is mentally or physically fit to be President of the United States,” Hannity said.

Newsom cited Biden’s achievements on a number of issues, including the infrastructure deal and the CHIPS and Science Act.

“Joe Biden has created more jobs, six times more than the previous three Republican presidents combined,” Newsom said.

Playing a supercut of Biden’s verbal slips and physical stumbles, Hannity asked if Newson thinks he’s “cognitively strong enough” for the job.

“I don’t think he’s capable, I know he’s capable. I see results. “I’ve seen a feat of results over the last few years,” Newsom said, acknowledging the achievements and then citing the bipartisan agreement to raise the debt ceiling that had many conservatives in turmoil.

“Look what he just did to McCarthy,” Newsom said. “Kevin was played by the President of the United States.”

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