Gemma Owen slams dad Michael for ‘eccentric’ for watching only 13 movies – and here’s the list

Love Island star Gemma Owen is just as confused as the rest of us when it comes to her dad’s feelings about movies, as Michael Owen has an uncanny dislike of movies.

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Through the keyhole: The entrance to Michael Owen’s North Wales mansion

Michael Owen hates movies – and has only watched 13 in his life.

While many of us love to sit down on the sofas to watch movies or go to the cinema, the former Liverpool and England striker simply cannot sit through them.

Even his daughter, Gemma Owen, who is currently appearing on the small screen in this year’s Love Island, is as confused about it as the rest of us.

“He’s horrible with movies. He can’t sit through them. He starts fidgeting and then breaks. He can’t hold still for that long,” she said on the On Emily Dean’s Walking podcast. The Dog in April.

When asked why she thinks her dad doesn’t like such films, she added: “I don’t know. He’s a weirdo, isn’t he.”

In response, Michael said: “I want to defend myself but I totally agree. I find it very hard to turn off and you can do a lot with those two hours.”

Owen was edited into famous movie posters

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The shocking revelation first came in 2014 when Owen sent Twitter into turmoil by announcing that he had only seen eight movies in his life.

After a long flight back from China, he tweeted: “Watched my eighth movie on the flight back home. Must have been bored. #HateFilms”

After that, people started coming up with titles based on the career of a football professional with the hashtag #owenfilms – and many mocked his unfortunate injury record.

Suggestions include “I can’t bend it like Beckham”, “Lord of Hamstrings”, “Scar Wars Return of the X-Ray” and “Snow White and the Seven Owens”.

Within minutes, the hashtag he created went viral all over the world and people could see which movies made his list.

The original eight seasons were Rocky, Heat, Ghost, Jurassic Park, Cool Runnings, Seabiscuit, Karate Kid, and Forrest Gump.

Three years later, Michael revealed that he’d added five more movies to that list and offered some harsh reviews of the films.

This includes four of the Rocky sequels and the Creed spin-off, which is one of the only recent films to make the list.

“I haven’t seen many movies. To be fair, I’ve seen all of the Rockys, so that’s five. Is there a sixth in there? I don’t know that. Rocky IV is my favorite. No like Rocky I, it’s trash,” he said Shortlist in 2017.

“I watched Creed the day before. It was okay. My wife kept complimenting me, so I watched it on my flight to Dubai. Honestly, I like a good documentary. I love it. actual stuff. I don’t look like I’m being toyed with by anything.”

Michael explains that his main issue is that he is constantly thinking about how many people have taken a scepter or whether a stunt was used.

He insists Heat is “not great” and that he likes Ghost, the movie he saw when he was 8 years old because his sister saw it.

Owen also explained that he was “forced” to see Jurassic Park for the first time on two occasions as a youngster and felt it was “in pain”.

He did a week of training at Arsenal and all the kids were taken to the cinema, then the next week he had a trial at Manchester United and they did the same thing.

His hatred of movies may have ruined relationships, as he pretended to like Cool Runnings to impress his wife when they first dated /

He explained: “When we were 17, my wife and I got back together the right way. She said, ‘Let’s go back and we’ll see a movie.’ It was the movie Cool Runnings. I tried and impressed her. As soon as she clicked on I’ve been in Hell, I had to pretend to like it. A few weeks later, I told her that movies are not my thing.”

On the Walking The Dog podcast, Owen also admitted he’d only watched Seabiscuit for 10 minutes and it “was going on too long”.

Owen explains that he can be “boring” and says it was part of his image when he first became a professional footballer.

Michael Owen with his daughter Gemma


Michael Owen / Instagram)

“It’s okay, I really don’t care about my image in many ways. As long as it’s not a really bad image. It’s definitely different from what I believe but it doesn’t keep me up all night. .”

Obviously Michael doesn’t like to sit for hours on end watching a movie, so he doesn’t like his kids being lazy either.

He never puts the kids in bed and makes sure they get out of bed even on weekends.

“They’re unacceptable in our house. You wake up at 7 a.m.,” he said. “I can’t stand people lying in. Just get out of bed. There’s a whole day ahead.”

This desire to be grafted was certainly ignited in her daughter Gemma, who started riding at the age of two and competed across Europe for the UK at the age of 11.

“It’s really been all my life,” she said. “I never lie on weekends. Even when I go out for the night the day before, I always sort the horses in the morning.

“It’s just what you have to do when you get to the highest level in your sport. I’ve always wanted to achieve for myself, to stand on my own two feet, to be independent, to do my own thing. That’s what drives me.”

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