Genius iPhone tricks to increase your battery life – and they only take seconds

IF your iPhone battery life is getting worse, there are some quick and easy ways to fix it.

We’ve rounded up some simple tips and tricks to improve your iPhone’s battery life today.

There are some simple tips and tricks that can improve your battery life


There are some simple tips and tricks that can improve your battery lifeCredit: Alamy

Turn on auto brightness

You can easily turn your phone’s brightness to maximum – but it doesn’t have to be on all the time.

The brighter your phone’s screen, the faster your battery life will drain.

So consider turning on Apple’s Auto-Brightness feature, which adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light no matter where you are.

This can greatly improve your battery life over time and is a handy way to automatically keep the brightness at the right level.

Remove battery-draining apps

Your iPhone has a built-in tool that lets you spot exactly which apps are draining your battery.

Go to Settings > Battery, then wait for the page to load.

Next, tap on the ‘last 10 days’ option, which shows battery usage for different apps over the past week and a half.

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If you scroll down, you can see the apps that have used up most of your battery life, as a percentage.

So if an app has 20% next to it, that means it has taken up a fifth of the battery life used in the last 10 days.

You can also toggle it to show items listed by activity – keeping them in order by battery usage.

So, if you’ve spent very little time on an app but it’s high on the list to use, that means it’s a battery killer.

This section also divides the time the application runs in the background.

Watch out for apps that use up a lot of battery and increase background time – they’re especially bad for your battery life.

Stop ‘exiting’ your apps constantly

Constantly closing iPhone apps is a waste of time – and can really damage your handset.

Apple says you shouldn’t bother unless an app is frozen.

“When the apps you recently used appear, they’re not open, but they’re on standby to help you navigate and multitask,” Apple explains.

Part of the problem is that you might think the apps in your “carousel” are running.

But they are actually frozen by your iPhone, so they don’t drain resources while you do other things.

Having to restart the app completely after being swiped away consumes more battery.

Also, the more strain you put on the battery, the faster it will degrade over time. That app will also take longer to restart.

It’s like loading the TV from standby, versus having the phone reboot completely.

Do not use iPhone while it is charging

However, it is very tempting to use our iPhone while it is connected to the charger, which can be extremely damaging to its battery.

There is compelling evidence that using a phone while it is charging can not only shorten battery life, but also disrupt charging cycles.

This is especially the case if you are using your phone to play games or watch videos, which are considered processor-intensive tasks.

Automatically close your Safari tabs

Another way to increase performance is to enable the self-destruct command for tabs in the Safari iOS app.

When enabled, this setting means users don’t have to manually close tabs from within the app.

As a result, your browser is less likely to get a build-up of unused tabs that can slow down your device and reduce your battery life.

To set your Safari tabs to automatically close, open your iPhone’s Settings app. Scroll down and tap Safari.

Scroll down again and tap Close Tab. Choose from the menu whether you want the tabs to close after a day, a week, or a month.

Keep your iPhone cool

The last thing you want to do to preserve your iPhone battery is to keep it cool as often as possible.

Not only will this help preserve battery life, but it will also improve the overall functionality and longevity of your iPhone.

For charging specifically, this could be like keeping the iPhone in a well-ventilated place, or perhaps even taking it out of the box while it’s back on.

Also, you’ll want to avoid placing your phone on a hot panel or under a pillow while sleeping.

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