George Best’s ex-wife Alex says she found his spirit “comforting and loving”.

Alex, George Best’s ex-wife, says she found his ghost “comforting and loving” and wouldn’t mind if his ghost came back to haunt her.

The former model, 50, has revealed she finally had her 200-year-old home in Surrey evicted by her ex-husband’s ghoul, years after he had started “playing tricks” on her since she moved into the home in 2014.

By an amazing coincidence, ghost hunters cleaning the home of the football icon’s ghost found a second ghost – a man named George Best – stalking them around the house.

They told Alex that the slightly more sinister presence she sensed in the house earlier this year belonged to a George Best who lived next door to their cottage in the early 1900s.

Also disturbing for Alex was that they found out George Best had a daughter named Lilly who drowned in a nearby well at the age of six – who Alex was convinced was haunting her home.

In an exclusive interview from her Surrey home, she said: “My George and the other George Best are gone, now the paranormal team have used sage to get rid of them.

“But I don’t mind if her presence comes back – it was never a terrible thing.

“It was really always a peaceful thing. I felt really loving things in that house of theirs.

“But it’s just weird what they found with the other George and this place is haunted, big time.”

Alex’s ghost hunters used sage burning techniques to rid the house of all three ghosts.

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It’s a method that paranormal investigators call one of the “oldest and purest methods of purifying a person, group of people, or room and eliminating unwanted spirits,” according to exorcism guides.

Alex said, “I didn’t feel anything after that — they didn’t come back.”

Before the ghosts left, she added that investigators caught George on tape and said “sorry.”

Alex said: “He could have apologized for anything and everything.

“I was really emotional when I heard that, to be honest.”

She was reluctant to speak publicly about her experience for fear of being attacked by “skeptics”.

This is the first time she has spoken openly about the exorcism ridding her house of the spirits and her sense of “relief” that footballer George’s spirit can now rest in peace.

She says while she knows the two George Best who were “cleansed” earlier this year could return, she doubts she will ever leave their cottage.

Her ghost hunters found census records showing a George Best lived next door to her home in 1902 and his daughter Lilly drowned in a nearby well mentioned in the Doomsday Book.

Documents uncovered by the paranormal team showed the other George Best was born into a family that lived in Alex’s house and placed him in a now-vanished cottage called Elsmore that stood next to hers.

Dating back to the Doomsday book where Alex says she intends to spend her days, the village of Kingswood, Surrey, is known for pagan rituals, with myths of witches and werewolves filling its folklore.

The well that George’s daughter Lilly drowned in is now Alex’s hangout – with the watering hole preserved next to the pub.

She said: “I see it all the time when I walk my dog ​​- it’s really sad to think about what happened to Lilly.”

Alex said her ex-husband’s ghost activities mainly consisted of moving heavy furniture while she slept and hiding items of her clothing, including belts.

She added: “It would have taken three people to move the pieces of furniture which I found moved when I woke up and I could see marks of where it had been moved.

“A really heavy dresser was moved and I would lose clothes that I knew should have been where I left them, then showed up on the dresser a few weeks later.”

After getting over her initial shock, Alex said she’d come to the conclusion that George’s ghost was just as “a fun-loving prankster” as he had been when he was alive.

She admitted the other George Best’s presence was discovered by paranormal investigators, leaving his tragically drowned daughter feeling “more spiteful” than her ex-husband’s ghost.

But Alex insisted that she still wasn’t scared enough of them to want to move.

Though she said she wouldn’t mind if all three ghosts came back to haunt her, Alex added that she was “relieved” that her former husband’s ghoul appears to have disappeared, as she believes that means that he is at rest.

She said: “I’d hate to be dead still hanging around – I’d want to go straight to the other side, right now.

“There’s no way I want to stay here forever, so I think it’s good that these three people have moved on – rest in peace.”

She says she “always believed there was an afterlife” because she’s “intuitive” about spiritual matters.

Alex was married to the former Manchester United footballer for nine years before they divorced in 2004.

Her first encounter with his spirit came after the football icon’s funeral on December 3, 2005, after he died aged just 59 after a lifelong battle with alcohol.

On the day of his departure, Alex was staying at a hotel in Belfast and as she left she said the taps and shower suddenly came to life – terrifying her and a pal.

The model-turned-property-developer added that despite their turbulent marriage, she loved George — and always will.

She married the former Northern Ireland international in 1995 and became his second wife, but their marriage was ruined by his failure to overcome alcoholism, even after undergoing a liver transplant.

Alex said he had nothing more to say to his spirit: “I said my peace when he was in the hospital.

“They say the hearing is the last thing to do, so before they turned off his life support, I said my peace and told him, ‘I love you and I always will.'”

She adds that George and herself had a “strong faith” as the troubled footballer kept a Bible by his bed.

Alex said her son Calum, 41, has been into crystals for years and is “very spiritual” but she “never raised the issue of George’s ghost with him.”

She added that she hates that she’s been trolled in the past for saying she felt George’s presence – and even the footballer’s family in Northern Ireland dismissed it as “nonsense”.

Alex added that she used to be as “skeptical as the next person” but checked her plumbing and electrics at her cottage in Surrey before concluding she was being haunted.

She said: “I don’t want this to come across as like I’m crazy or anything, but it’s haunted and things have been very strange.” George Best’s ex-wife Alex says she found his spirit “comforting and loving”.

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