George Conway taunts Donald Trump about why it was “appropriate” that he chose doctors


Conservative attorney George Conway explained why he thinks it would be “kind of fitting” for Donald Trump to go to jail for mishandling confidential documents after leaving the White House.

“Of all the things this man has done, eight decades of lying, cheating and stealing, this document case is probably the simplest, shortest, most simplistic, and yet carries probably the harshest penalties of any case and any legal trouble involving him.” ever faced,” Conway said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show on Tuesday.

Conway acknowledged that some people think Trump deserves to be jailed for his actions before and after the January 6 violent riot, “and I sort of agree.”

“But for this man, who’s basically a nihilistic idiot, it’s actually fitting that he might go to jail for a long time… for something as stupid and pointless and silly and useless as keeping these documents,” he added.

Conway’s comments came after Trump’s attorneys met with federal prosecutors after the investigation was reportedly nearing completion.

Trump himself appeared to hint this week that he would soon be indicted in the case, just one of several legal minefields he’s currently facing.

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