Georgia MP reveals what was supposed to ‘scare’ Trump in criminal case


A Georgia state congressman issued a strong warning to Donald Trump about his criminal case in the state.

“I think of all the charges Trump is facing, arriving in Fulton County and meeting Fani Willis in the courtroom should scare him,” Rep. Tanya Miller (D) told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Tuesday.

The former president and 18 others have been charged in the state on a range of charges, including their efforts to pressure officials into annulling the results of the 2020 election.

Trump responded with ugly and racist personal attacks on Willis.

But Miller said that won’t work here.

“I think he’s going to play around and find out, Joy, exactly who Fani Taifa Willis is,” she said, calling Willis one of the “most straight forward and straight forward prosecutors” she’s ever met.

“She is fearless. she is wild And when she stands in front of the people of Fulton County and tells them what she plans to do, you have better confidence that she will do it,” she said.

She said Willis will not be intimidated by Trump.

“In fact, if he tries that, he’ll just encourage her to be stronger and more steadfast,” she said.

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