Get the Addams family on TV to get some quick thinking with set design

As detailed in Linda H. Davis’ 2021 biography”Charles Addams: The Life of an Animator“, the longtime New Yorker illustrator, known for his creepy, creepy humor, suffered a heart attack in 1988 while sitting in his own parked car. Addams’ widow, Marilyn “Tee” Miller, pointed out soon after that her husband had always been a car enthusiast and his place of death was a perfect fit. , looks more like a journalist than a hunter.

From the hands of Addams, a glorious miasma of death and humour hung adorned the pages of his publication from his first publication in 1937 until his death 50 years later. there. Addams is best known for a family of recurring characters who seem to live in a universe with sensibilities that are completely opposite of our own. The Addams family reveled in the dark and stormy days, planting thorny roses (sans roses), and – in what may be Addams’ most famous strip – killing Christmas police soldiers. mercifully with a cauldron of boiling oil. The family consists of a squat, troll-like father, a skinny and scary mom, a big-eyed bald freak who laughs in horror movies, two creepy kids – a vicious kid and a moody goth – a witch-like grandmother, and a Frankenstein butler. They also had a cousin whose hair was covered from time to time who would visit, as well as a living severed human hand.

It wasn’t long before these characters took on the author’s name and became the proper noun versions of the Addams Family.

Adaptation for TV


By 1964, the Addams Family had become so popular that MGM had cast the characters for a gritty TV sitcom, presenting a host of new creative hurdles. For one, the Addams Family now needs names. Charles Addams decided to name Gomez for the father and Morticia for the mother, but it took a while for him to name the children. Based on a report in the AV . ClubWednesday Addams was named after the famous “Monday Child” poem by a friend of Charles’ named Joan Blake.

Also, the Addams Family needed a home. In the comics, the Family lives in a huge dilapidated mansion filled with rickety planks and rotting walls. The look and feel of the comics wouldn’t be accurately reproduced on screen until Barry Sonnenfeld’s 1991 feature film adaptation of the characters. In 1964, something more practical was needed.

As it happened, Addams lived in a large, luxurious, lavishly decorated apartment in Manhattan, and the production designers of the upcoming sitcom decided that would have to be the look they had will go along. It would be too expensive to build new films, so MGM hastily remodeled leftovers from the 1964 “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” that had just finished filming. Lucky for the Addams Family, they’ll be lucky enough to have a house big enough for a feature film.

Then the MGM, without knowing the rhyme or the reason, started looting their inventory in search of something – for anything – that would be deemed “haunted” from afar. They dot the set with stuffed turtles, whetstones, anything weird. If it’s creepy, creepy, mysterious, or spooky, it’s included.

Sitcom, But Evil


The series for “The Addams Family” are as unique as the sitcoms. The classic monster image in the movie about the overgrown “haunted mansion” was intended for “The Munsters”, a monstrous rival of “Addams”. In contrast, the Addams live like Old Money, living in a very nice house but… a bit off. One can seem to be resting in some Addams living space, as long as they’re not shocked by severed hands or hairy monsters living on chimneys.

Rob Zombie, director of the new feature film based on “The Munsters,” has been filmed a comment for “Munster Go Home”, in which he made an important distinction between two monstrous families that dominated the waves in 1964. He stated that “Munsters are people who look like monsters, and the Addams family are the the monster looks like a human.” The Munsters are very gentle and kind and only notice the movements of their neighbors because of the way they look. One could see “The Munsters” as a metaphor for evolution or even the experience of immigrants. Monsters can assimilate? In contrast, the “Addams Family” is not gentle and has no interest in assimilation. They have found their niche on the outskirts of humanity, embracing and enjoying sex and death. Munsters are lovely lights. The Addams family will bury you alive as soon as they look at you and always smile.

As such, the design of the Addams house really has an impressive function. Like the Addams themselves, it looked relatively ordinary, but it came from a parallel dimension that was once very unusual. That distorted sensibility was at the heart of Charles Addams.

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