Giant rats ‘killed’ mom’s dog after neighbors turned yard into a rubbish dump

A mum claims her home is being terrorized by hordes of rats after her ‘nightmare neighbours’ used her yard as a ‘garbage dump’ – with the rodents even ‘killing her dog’.

Nicola Green first noticed a rat under her fence “poking its head out” from under her fence in November last year, as she says months of her neighbors “throw out” rubbish in her yard have created mountains of litter.

But the 34-year-old claims the rats have now taken over her garden too and are terrorizing all the surrounding houses – eating sheds and eating property.

The caregiver even believes the bacteria-carrying rats were the cause of her 14-year-old Jack Russell Jess’ kidney failure, which led to her having to be euthanized.

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Nicola Green, 34, with her sons Leighton, 16, and Harry, eight, and their dog Jess


Kennedy News and Media)

Rats crawled around piles of garbage bags and larger trash


Kennedy News and Media)

In the meantime, her children can no longer play in the garden because of the infestation.

Horrific footage shows rats crawling around piles of garbage bags and larger junk – while one large rodent even relaxes on an abandoned mattress.

Nicola has since filed numerous complaints with the landlord and environmental health, who she says did not act for nearly four months until she presented the rodents’ video evidence.

The municipal administration then had to threaten the landlord with a fine if the garbage was not disposed of after the tenant had repeatedly failed to clear out the garden.

Last week, the landlord finally cleaned up the mess, but Nicola says the rats have yet to be treated and are still rampaging in neighborhood gardens.

Most confusingly, both the Platform Housing Association and Newark and Sherwood District Council advised tenants to report the problem to the other, claiming responsibility rested with the other party.

Nicola, from Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, said: “They always had things scattered around the garden.

“It started with just throwing the odd can in the garden but over the past year it’s gotten so bad.

They threw away everything – groceries, household waste, used sanitary napkins – just about anything you would throw in a trash can, but they just threw it all in the back garden.

She claims the rats have taken over her garden and are terrorizing all the surrounding houses


Kennedy News and Media)

“I think there was a point where they put out the bins, but there were tote bags in there that you shouldn’t put in them, and because the bin men refused to empty them, they just stopped putting out the bins.

“I could hear a rustling in the garden, so I thought it was rats, but I wasn’t sure at first. My dog ​​would dig near the fence and I would have to pull her away.

“Next thing I was out in the garden and a rat stuck its head through a hole under the fence and I just felt sick. I was shocked.

“First they were only in this garden, then they came into mine and now they are in all the gardens and sheds.

“One day I looked out and there were tons, I couldn’t believe how many there were. They chewed through people’s scales and damaged a lot of property.”

The mother-of-two moved into her home almost four years ago but claims she quickly realized she had “nightmare neighbours”.

She says after years of throwing the odd beer can or plastic bag in the garden, things escalated late last year until the garden was inundated with mountains of rubbish.

Despite several attempts by neighbors to knock on the house, Nicola said there was never an answer at the door to confront the couple about the issue.

The growing rat population quickly flooded their gardens too, leaving Nicolas Kinder, Leighton Green, 16, and Harry Green, eight, unable to use their own garden.

Nicola said: “They just don’t have any self-respect at all. If the garden is like this, I can only imagine what the inside of the house is like.

Nicola’s neighbors have since left the property and will not be returning


Kennedy News and Media)

“The house is only four years old and they are really nice houses, but it has just been vandalized.

“I have a pretty stressful job, especially with the pandemic, and then I can’t just come home to rest and my kids can’t go out in the garden.

“On New Year’s Eve we had to have our family dog ​​put down because she had kidney failure.

“About six weeks earlier she was really bad and I think it’s because of the rats that carry diseases so it made me so angry to think of it leading to that.

“All of this made me want to move. My last resort would have been to stop paying the rent until everything is sorted out – some of us neighbors have talked about it.”

After reporting the problem to the development landlord, Nicola claims he said there was “nothing he could do” other than inform tenants of the complaint and ask them to vacate the garden.

When they didn’t, the mother contacted environmental health, only to find she had already visited the property twice after another neighbor complained.

She claims they said that since they had not seen the rats themselves, this was not considered a “matter of urgency” and therefore no action was taken to allow it to develop into an “infestation”.

But when she shared video footage of the rats scurrying through the adjacent gardens, the council department finally stepped in and ordered the landlord to make sure the mess was cleaned up.

After the tenants failed to dispose of the garbage properly for another two weeks, the landlord was finally forced to step in and clear the garden himself, as he was threatened with a fine.

Nicola now says the tenants have left the property and the landlord has confirmed they will not be returning.

Nicola said: “The tenant said it would be vacated by Sunday about three weeks ago but it wasn’t – she had just moved things around and all the rats were still there.

“Environmental Health gave them another week to sort it out and then came back and saw it hadn’t been done and told the landlord they would fine them if it wasn’t sorted out.

“He came last Friday and cleaned it up which was a relief and they agreed to put in place an eradication plan to get rid of the rats but they haven’t done it yet.”

A Platform Housing spokesman said: “We are sorry to hear about this issue in Ollerton; ultimately, the closed gardens of the customers are their own responsibility.

“Any problems should always be reported to the local authority, who will send out pest control to survey the area and take appropriate action.”

A spokesman for Newark and Sherwood District Council said: “The property is owned by a private housing association and we are working with them, the tenant and the complainant to resolve the issue.

“We were made aware of the rat infestation and asked the housing association to take care of it.

“The responsibility is on them, but we have the power to make sure they solve the problem.”

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