GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE Devs Talks About The Game’s Art Style, Combat, and Inspiration Before its Global Release in 2022

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is an upcoming mobile third-person shooter RPG with a focus on visuals, a one-handed control plan, and a futuristic story about humanity after it’s been invaded by an invading army. underground coercive comb. The only thing that stands between the doom of all humanity and a new beginning is you and your actions in this new adventure, which combines card-shooting and card-collecting gameplay in a world of only waiting to be discovered.

Set in a world after the Rapture invasion set the planet on fire, threatening the lives of every human being; GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE follows humanity, and humanoid girls named Nikke are built to defeat this threat posed by Rapture and take back the planet. A group of Nikke awakens in the Ark – humanity’s new home – bringing a new hope to humanity that has long been extinguished.

To learn more about GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE (hereinafter ‘NIKKE’), which is set to release globally in late 2022, we sat down with NIKKE illustrator and game maker. Kim Hyung-tae – who previously worked on Project Eve – and he guided us through everything you need to know about the upcoming match.

Hyung-tae started discussing NIKKE’s image. While many 2D games feature impressive visuals and character models, a lot of the hard work can disappear in an instant and not be presented in the best possible way. For NIKKE, Hyung-tae wanted to put the characters and artwork at the center with enhanced animations and animated illustrations that bring the characters and battle animations to life.

“I’ve played my fair share of 2D games, but most of them just contain formatted and compressed SD characters. Any subtle illustrations you see are gone in a flash, and what you’re usually given are in-game images in reduced quality. Therefore, we decided to make a 2D game where the aesthetics of the characters would be fully expressed. This definitely required a huge investment of time and money, but the entire team put their heart and soul into every design and character creation. ”

As for the characters and bosses in particular, Hyung-tae and the team wanted their animations and movements to draw players into the world and give them a visual feast along with great gameplay. .

Hyung-tae said, “Whenever they take a cover photo, shoot, or reload, the characters’ unique charms and characteristics can be expressed through intricate and detailed illustrations and animations. details. “We hope that you can pay more attention to bosses and monsters. The in-game illustrations can almost fully represent the character’s 3D movements, and the various shapes transform in different stages. In addition, the background and battle maps are very attractive as they can give the player a sense of 3D space and brushstrokes”.

As for the inspiration behind the visuals and story, post-apocalyptic stories and military themed subculture games played a huge role in the creation of NIKKE. Hyung-tae also shared that, although he previously worked on Project Eve and they were developed around the same time, each game will have a lot of unique points.

“I grew up with post-apocalyptic sci-fi works (Battle Angel, Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, etc.), and they had a big influence on me,” Hyung-tae added. “However, the overall visual version of the game was influenced by military themed subculture games (also known as anime games). I think the mobile game industry in Asia has come a long way. ”

Hyung-tae went on to talk about how the entire art team helped create diverse playable and non-playable characters and heroes. Furthermore, Hyung-tae also shared how the team created the enemy’s design.

“To ensure the flow of the story, we thought it was necessary to start from scratch to redesign it,” says Hyung-tae. “So we started from the original and very original design. For example, enemies on the ground are fueled by arthropods, and enemies in the air are fueled by marine life. Watch the game to discover the secret of why Raptures are shaped like this.”

While artwork is an integral part of NIKKE, gameplay is equally important. The Nikke itself comes with their own unique weapons and abilities, which add to the variety of gameplay and give you different options for how you want to tackle the missions. This versatility is key to saving the world from Rapture your way.

“Each Nikke has their own unique weapon and ability,” Hyung-tae said. “Different characters have special shooting skills or special abilities in explosive skills and passive skills. The right combination of these abilities can help the player maximize synergy, which greatly helps in completing the mission. Furthermore, since enemies in Nikke, called Rapture, also have skills, players need to consider different combinations to unlock levels.

Players will do a lot of shooting in NIKKE, but collecting cards is another key component of the whole package. Hyung-tae believes this will prevent the game from becoming like any other shooter or card game, and will instead give players something to look forward to in battle and beyond. .

“First and foremost, the combination of card collecting and casual shooting can bring new excitement to players,” Hyung-tae said. “While imitating the preferences of other games can be an effective and simple way, the motto of SHIFT UP is to make players experience different from other games, so we tested it.

“Also, a lot of card collecting games have a preoccupation with ‘strategic decisions’ before going into battle, but we think the mix of this genre (collecting cards and shooting conventional guns) will bring enjoyment both inside and outside of battle.”

This battle and operating system is what Hyung-tae is most excited about, as he believes that this will not only create a unique gaming experience, but one-finger operation will allow gamers to at every skill level find something to enjoy. He’s also really excited for people to learn more about the game’s outpost world and characters and more.

“Overall, what I’m really interested in is the most unique part of Nikke – the combat and operating system,” Hyung-tae said. “To match the vertical visuals gaming environment, to attract more players to enjoy the game, we are building a one-handed operation different from other shooting games. So, players who often think that difficult shooting battles can also easily adapt to the game.

“Aside from the battle, I like the puzzles in ‘Lost Sector’. There are puzzles you can challenge and target – this is not a simple game. We have developed different levels to be able to enjoy many gimmicks and will prepare events using this. ”

Finally, Hyung-tae shares his excitement at being able to bring this game to a global audience. The team really tried to make it fun for all regions and hope that everyone will find something to love in NIKKE.

“Honestly, the context of the game might have had some barriers for players to understand, but despite those vague information and terminology or the wording of symbols, the game was created with a great plot,” Hyung-tae said. “This means that general players can also get to grips with the game. Especially because the game is of high quality, players can enter the game without lengthy instructions. Hope everyone enjoys playing! ”

NIKKE will be available on iOS and Android devices globally by the end of 2022. For those who want a chance to try NIKKE earlier, visit here nikke-en.com/cbt for a chance to participate in closed beta testing starting recruitment on March 6, 2022.

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