Goldie Hawn lists the reasons why she doesn’t want to marry her 40-year-old partner Kurt Russell

Goldie Hawn loves Kurt Russell, her partner of 40 years, but has no intention of marrying him.

The longtime lovers have proven to be one of the most enduring couples in Hollywood, formally linked or not. Hawn has previously raised questions about not being married to Russell, but was more direct when asked again on Thursday.

“Why should we be?” Hawn told CNN’s Chris Wallace. “Isn’t that a better question?”

Hawn and Russell met during filming.swing shift‘ in 1983 and welcomed their son Wyatt three years later. Both already had children with their ex-spouses but were known to bring the families together to protect the health of everyone involved. As for remarriage, Hawn dismissed the idea.

“If it doesn’t work out, it becomes big business,” Hawn said. “It’s always ugly.”

The Oscar winner was married twice – to actor Gus Trikonis from 1969 to 1976 and then to musician Bill Hudson from 1976 to 1982. Hawn and Hudson share two adult children, Oliver and Kate Hudson; Russell had a son, Boston, with his ex-wife, Season Hubley.

“Somebody has to actually look and say, ‘How many divorces are actually fun?’ How many divorces don’t actually cost money? How many divorces actually make you hate the person more than you did before?” Hawn told Wallace.

She continued, “How many divorces have harmed children?”

Hawn and Russell met while filming a movie together in 1983 and have never looked back.
Hawn and Russell met while filming a movie together in 1983 and have never looked back.

Chris Pizzello/Invision/Associated Press

Hawn previously narrated People. Their partnership is “not about marriage”, but about “the will to stay together”. She said, “The joy and excitement of being together at night and touching someone’s toes” is priceless — and certainly not guaranteed by a ring.

When Wallace assured Hawn that it was clear from the start that she and Russell would never divorce, Hawn pointedly asked, “How did you know that back then?” I like the idea of ​​waking up in the morning and making decisions every day whether I want to be here.”

Kate Hudson previously told Russell: who led her to the altar in 2000She “shares the value” of cultivating this “melting pot of a family” with her mother.

“It became her purpose in life: We will have the best family” she told Stephen Colbert in 2022.

Hawn clarified Thursday that the decision not to get married isn’t the reason she’s so happy in her relationship — and that the decision to nurture it regularly is far more important, as she agrees that “relationships hard” and “not always easy”.

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