GOP donor says Donald Trump should “quit” for two reasons


Lambert told Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto on Tuesday that he will now be “doing everything I can” to help Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who is expected to livestream his 2024 campaign on Wednesday Twitter owner Elon Musk will win the GOP’s presidential nomination and then the White House.

“First, Donald Trump can only serve one term,” said Lambert, who was a member of Trump’s inauguration committee. “If he won, he would be practically a lame duck on day one.”

“But I don’t think he can win the General. That’s the second most important reason,” he explained. ‚ÄúThere are states that matter and we all know what that is. It’ll be things like Nevada and Arizona and Virginia, Wisconsin. I don’t think Trump will win any of those states. And we can’t win if we don’t win these states.”

Lambert claimed DeSantis, who has passed a series of extremist measures in Florida in recent months, has “done a great job as governor” and offered America a “vision forward, not backward.”

“I think Donald Trump should openly give up the race for the good of the country,” he added of the Republican Party’s front runner. “I think he should drop out of the race.”

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