GOP strategist crushes Trump co-defendants with ‘whorehouse’ punch


Republican strategist Alice Stewart was uncompromising on Tuesday as she described the reckless political ambitions of Donald Trump’s 18 co-defendants in the Georgia election interference case.

But Stewart told CNN’s Jake Tapper that those indicted alongside the former president — including former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani — are just as likely to act against Trump as they could now face a hefty prison sentence if they were convicted.

“I know many of these Fulton County people who are co-conspirators or unnamed co-conspirators from Atlanta. I know these people,” Stewart said in a video shared online by Mediaite.

“You’ve worked so hard and done so much to ingratiate yourself with Donald Trump and the Republican Party,” she continued. “These are the people who would throw their mama into a brothel to get ahead politically.”

However, Stewart made a grim prediction for Trump.

“Now they’re looking, ‘That’s real.’ “You don’t go into the big house or the poor house for Donald Trump,” she said, hinting that they might work with prosecutors. “They say their voice, that could affect Donald Trump.”

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