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just have checked Govees Glide Hexa Light Panels, I decided to leave the lights on a little longer and take a look at their new Gaming Light Kit. To be honest, before diving into the Hexa Light Panels just last week, I didn’t really consider lighting as part of my setup. However, having spent some time with both the Hexa Light Panels and now the Gaming Light Kit, I must confess that I may be new to the world of custom gaming lighting.

The Gaming Light Kit is a three light system designed from the ground up to bring gamers to the next level of immersion. Packed with features, Govee’s gaming lighting kit is designed to translate what’s happening on your monitor into an immersive spectacle of light. Sounds too good to be true? Grab a coffee, sit back and let’s find out in our review of the Gaming Light Kit, kindly made available for this review by the good folks at Govee.


  • Current Price: $179.99 (Govee, Amazon)
  • Key Features:
    • Game Match Technology: 4 game modes to adapt to your screen in real time without sacrificing framerate.
    • Immersive gaming at the pro level: Rounded neon lighting and two light bars ensure double the immersion.
    • Innovative Game Design: Transform your battle station with more than just light effects.
    • Dynamic Audio Visualizer: Lights move seamlessly with speaker audio and headphone sounds.
    • Ultimate App Control: Build your dream setup with tons of customization options in the Govee Home App.
  • Model: H604A
  • Color: RGBIC, 16.8 million colors
  • Control methods: app control, touch control
  • Voice control supported: Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Features: 4 game modes, 42 scene modes, 8 music modes, 4 movie modes
  • Light bar size: 3.39 x 3.39 x 16.69 inches
  • Light strip length: 0.63 x 0.63 x 55.12 inch
  • Cable Length: 70.87 inches

Quality has a name

Similar to the Govee Hexa Light Panels, I am very impressed with the quality of the Gaming Light Kit. Out of the box, everything about the Gaming Light Kit feels solid and sturdy. The kit comes with two bar lights (each with a built-in stand), a fairly sturdy light bar, a camera, power supply, and mounting brackets.

The bar lights are sleek and clean looking, with a small illuminated logo at each base. The camera shares a similar aesthetic, with a slim profile and a single small logo on the front of the light. Likewise, the light bar feels solid and durable, and mounts securely once installed (more on that in a moment). Govee has taken design and build quality one step further to create a brand that stands for quality. This helps the brand stand out in a fairly saturated market.

It is really that easy

Much like the Hexa Panels, the Gaming Light Kit doesn’t just derive its title as a quality product from its physical construction. Installing the kit is actually a pretty straightforward affair, and considering what this system can actually do, that’s impressive. The camera easily mounts to the top of your monitor (similar to a standard webcam) but comes with an adhesive backing to secure it.

Once the camera is in place, you can choose from two included templates (for 16:9 and 21:9) to lay out your light bar mounting brackets. Each mount easily attaches with the attached adhesive strips and is fixed and immobile in ten seconds. Once this is complete simply clip the light bar into the brackets, plug in and plug in the light bars and the installation is complete.


The process was easy, but there are a few things to keep in mind. According to the instructions, the system is designed to only work with a perfectly flat monitor back, which may be an issue for some users. Additionally, although it could be used on larger monitors thanks to the Govee calibration software, I found my 24-inch monitor to be the ideal size to take advantage of the strip light.

I will say (and this is not a recommendation) that I got it to work with a monitor that didn’t meet the recommended specs without any problems. The back of my HP monitor is definitely not flat, but the brackets mounted to it easily and the strip light had no problem snapping into place. I can’t speak to all the monitors, but the system seems adaptable to different setups.

Once the system is powered on and the Govee app is installed, go through the calibration process. Like almost everything in the Govee ecosystem, it’s a fairly simple setup process. With the monitor on, you will be instructed to attach 7 small foam blocks to the edges of your monitor. Once in place, walk through the camera calibration process. The camera uses the blocks to map the edges of the capture area, allowing you to customize what the camera can capture. The entire process takes about a minute and the results were exceptionally accurate.


The calibration doesn’t end there, however. The light bar now attached can also be calibrated to match your monitor’s layout and design. A visual representation of the fringe light is shown in the app and you can manually adjust where the corners of your monitor are in relation to the light itself. This allows the app to independently project light from above, below, and the sides more precisely. This whole process also takes about a minute.

Having worked with a few other smart light apps before, I am blown away by how robust the Govee app is. Every control for all your Govee products is there and adding a new light system is as easy as pressing the plus sign. Once added, all the features of this system become available. In the case of the Gaming Light Kit, there are many features that overlap with the Hexa Light Panels. Music synchronization, atmospheric lighting and independent lighting control are provided. As well as scheduling and wake/sleep functions.

However, what sets the Gaming Light Kit apart from others is what comes with the included camera. Unlike other systems that rely on audio feedback to create lighting effects, the camera actually captures what’s happening on your screen and translates that into lighting effects, which are then sent to the strip and bar lights.


The system also allows you to tweak everything from effect speed to the type of game you’re playing. You can even go so far as to choose which lights emit effects, giving you control over the entire experience. It’s a pretty impressive system on paper and the app makes it easy and streamlined to use.

In addition, the system uses RBGIC technology which essentially gives the user unprecedented control over what each light can do. Essentially, you can display multiple colors on one light, allowing for exceptional customization to your lighting needs. This works with the camera to create the most complex and immersive experience possible.

The only true

Full Disclosure: When I first started using the Gaming Light Kit, I really expected an experience similar to the music syncing on the Hexa Panel Lights. A simple blinking rhythm that suited audio feedback more than anything actually happening on screen. I was very, very wrong.

The Gaming Light Kit actively reacts to everything that happens on the screen and not just by flashing lights when there is movement. Colors, flashes of light, and even the speed at which it all happens are directly proportional to the colors, effects, and speed at which things happen on your monitor.


It was actually a bit overwhelming at first. So much happened while I was playing the game. However, after a few moments, the added lighting effects really started to add to my experience. When testing the lights with Doom Eternal, it was quite amazing that my entire room would light up red when navigating a lava filled area, only to switch to cool blues and greens upon entering a facility. The entire system is responsive and impressively accurate.

While using it over the past week, I’ve noticed a few things that users might want to customize in the app. For example, if you’re playing games with a mix of blue, green, and yellow, the camera will translate that to yellow rather than blue and green. This in turn means the camera tends to default to those lighter colors unless you’re in a very blue, gray or black room.

The second thing I noticed is that with the sound effects option enabled, the lights are exceptionally busy, almost to the point of being overwhelming. This can be adjusted in the app, but overall when the audio gets complex the system can have a little trouble knowing what to prioritize.

These are small things that can be adjusted to some extent in the app, but it’s worth noting that the user experience will vary and may need adjustment to get the experience you want.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m very impressed with Govee’s Gaming Light Kit. It offers a level of immersion that I haven’t experienced in game before, and it’s easy to use and set up. The build quality and ease of installation also add significantly to the value of this kit. There are a few minor issues to be aware of, namely monitor sizes and some lighting effect options that can cause players to pause. However, Govee’s Gaming Light Kit offers a next level gaming experience and would be a nice addition to any gaming setup. The price is $179.99 Govee Gaming Light Kit is a solid offer.


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