Greta Gerwig on her feelings ahead of the upcoming Narnia movies: “I’m scared”


Greta Gerwig has admitted she is “very scared” about her upcoming film adaptations of CS Lewis’ classic series The Chronicles of Narnia.

The “Barbie” director is said to be involved Writing and directing at least two Netflix films Based on the legendary fantasy novels.

Gerwig, who would take over the classic series over a decade later last Narnia movie, told the Inside Total Film Podcast that she hasn’t even started “wrapping her arms around it.”

“But I’m very scared of it, seems like a good start,” she said.

“I think when I’m scared it’s always a good sign. When I’m not scared anymore, maybe I’ll think, “Maybe I shouldn’t do this.” No, I’m terribly afraid of it – it’s extraordinary and exciting.”

The director’s latest film – “Barbie” – is is said to earn $150 million at the box office this weekend, a number that represents the best-ever film opening this year.

In addition to Netflix’s “Narnia”, Gerwig was also involved in another upcoming fantasy film. She co-wrote the live-action Disney film Snow White, which will star West Side Story actress Rachel Zegler in the title role and Gal Gadot will play the Evil Queen.

Gerwig told Inside Total Film that she is open to working on a variety of films over the course of her career.

“I hope to do all kinds of films over the time that I have to make films. While that’s a long time, it’s also limited,” she said.

“I want to do things big and small and everything in between, and having another big canvas is both exciting and daunting.”

Regarding Gerwig’s involvement in a future James Bond film, she said on the podcast, “Oh my god, we’re just going to stick with some lions and some dolls for now.” You never know, I really like it [‘James Bond’ producer] Barbara Broccoli, so.”

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