Guide Reaper 2 Races – Soul Reaper, Quincy and Hollow!

Races in Roblox Reaper 2 are one of the important aspects of making your character. If you want to dive into the game, then you’ll need to hone your levels and hopefully be able to unleash transformations that will give you awesome powers. If you’re wondering what races there are and what modifications they have to them, we’ll tell you all about it in this guide.

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Guide Reaper 2 Races

As of now in Reaper 2, there are now three different races you can start with in the game. This is Soul Reaper, Quincy and Hollow. The metamorphosis that can then change you into something more powerful, but these are the basic races you can start with for now.

When you start your character in the game, you will be assigned a random race. You can also roll your race, which will again give you a random race (including the possibility of getting the same race). Here is the percentage chance you have to get each of them:

  • Soul Reaper – 50% chance
  • Hollow – 35% chance
  • Quincy – 15% chance

Soul Reaper

While it seems that Soul Reaper is the worst and Quincy is the best based on rarity, it is not. Soul Reapers also randomly select one Shikai, which will determine their abilities later in the game. Here’s your chance to get a Shikai:

  • Zangetsu – 50% chance
  • Wabisuke – 50% chance
  • Sakanade – 34% chance
  • Sode no Shirayuki – 34% chance
  • Katen Kyokotsu – 12% chance
  • Benihime – 12% chance
  • Senbonzakura – 12% chance
  • Shinso – 12% chance
  • Ryujin Jakka – 4% chance

Once you reach level 5 as a Soul Reaper, you can transform into the Shikai you’ve been given. All you need to do is type its name into chat to convert. At level 10 you can meditate and fight your Shikai and if you beat them you will earn Soul button to upgrade it.

Image of Reaper 2 Battle Shikai

Soul Reapers will eventually get the Bankai, but it hasn’t been added to the game yet.


Hollow, on the other hand, is built around leveling up and transforming into a more evolved version of itself. Here’s a look at the different stages of the race. Your first transformation into Gillian will happen when you reach level 15 and kill one more enemy.

  • Menos (Gillian)
  • Adjucha
  • Vasto Lorde

When you transform into a Menos (Gillian), Adjucha, or Vasto Lorde, you can decide to remove your mask and become an evolved version of that particular evolution. The transformation of Menos into Menoscar is the weakest, followed by Adjucha into Adjucar, and then the strongest is Vasto Lorde into Vastocar.

You don’t want to take off your mask as Gillian Chung. Menoscar is a very weak version of Hollow, so you won’t have much fun with it if you decide to pursue this path in the game.

The transition from Hollow to Vasto Lorde is quite slow and will take a while. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to do:

  • Upgrade your Hollow to 15 to evolve into Menos
  • Deplete the red level bar as Menos by killing NPCs to turn into an Adjucha
  • Level up your Adjucha to 50 to evolve into Vasto Lorde

Once you’ve reached the form you want to pursue, you need to add points to your skill tree until the section where it says you’ll transform into a Menoscar, Adjucar, or Vastocar.

When you remove the mask and transform into an Arrancar, you will be revived. This is similar to the Soul Gainer’s Shikai and is randomly assigned to you. Here is a list with rare percentages:

  • Tronido – 50% chance
  • Volcan – 34% chance
  • Sombra – 12% chance
  • Ligero – 4% chance
  • Primero – 1% chance


Quincy is the rarest race, but it is quite simple compared to other races. You will need to get up to level 25 and climb the mountain near the forest first do some parkour to talk to Quincy Grandfather. Then you will need to make an obby and fight the enemy at the end of each part of it. If you can complete it, you will get your Voltstandig.

Currently the only Voltstandig in the game is Flugel. You just need to type “Flugel” into chat while your Bow is equipped to transform into it. You get a bunch of different abilities that you can use while in this form.

If you’re confused about any of the races, here’s a pretty solid video that explains everything:

That’s everything you need to know about the different races in Reaper 2. We have more details on the game in Reaper 2 section on our website. Guide Reaper 2 Races – Soul Reaper, Quincy and Hollow!

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