Guild Of Dungeoneering brings Doodled Dungeon Crawling to the Switch this week

Gambrinous has revealed that it’s bringing the delightful hand-drawn dungeon crawler Guild Of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition to Switch! Released on Steam back in 2015, fans have been begging for a Switch version since the console’s launch, and now Gambrinous can ship the goods on May 19 and will be playable in English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese from the first day on!

A top-down dungeon crawler, Guild of Dungeoneering is a little different from your usual, grittier dungeon-based adventures. Each card looks like it was scribbled by a schoolchild in their exercise book and the characters look like paper cutouts. But apart from the charming aesthetic, the game is all about you building the dungeons rather than simply escaping them.

To construct your pencil dungeon masterpiece, place a card from your guild deck onto the paper to build a space ranging from monsters, traps, loot, and so on. The character chooses which way to go, so you’ll have to be a bit intuitive and place your cards strategically to make sure they don’t die too quickly! You also use your cards in combat to fend off spiders and other creatures. But don’t worry, there’s a bard who’d be happy to sing about your mistakes for you.

The version we’re getting this week is the Ultimate Edition, a remaster of the 2015 release that adds tons to the already wonderful base game. Here’s a huge list of everything the developers have added:

– 3 new dungeon classes (Guild Digger, Super Chump and Ultra Chump)
– 25 new monsters
– 22 new equippable loot pieces
– 16 new tasks
– Many more bard songs
– Extremely snazzy move-in animation when you drop a room in the dungeon
– Detailed tutorial in the first mission to give some important information
– Big dungeon customization improvement with many more options!
– Added Guildopedia. Can now examine every unlockable attack map and enemy in the game (each visible after encountering them).
– Choice of fancy paper backgrounds to change
– The Dungeoneer “Voice” set now has two variations
– Sharper font rendering throughout the game
– The loot screen UI has been massively overhauled to better show what you win/lose on each selection
– Full controller support (and keyboard support)
– Localization support and initial translation (Simplified Chinese)
– Two DLCs integrated into the main game and rebalanced accordingly
– Extensive rebalancing of existing classes with many tweaks and improvements (full details)
– Scar system completely reworked in ‘Victory Traits’ and ‘Advanced Victory Traits’
– Favor system improved with 3 skills in dungeon and 3 different skills in battles
– Display * star icons for tier 1/2/3 content (loot, classes, monsters, quests, and regions) in various places to highlight that information
– Lots of new animations, art and polish (check out the little dance when you win a quest!)
– Improved which dungeon cards you draw each turn (they always pass)
– Many more lines for dungeon masters and bosses now have a final line when you defeat them!
– Great improvement of the Graveyard. Much more interesting information is kept for each tomb and interesting tombstones unlocked by more successful dungeon explorers
– Improved pathfinding/AI in several very useful ways. Also pull out a card and hold it over the dungeon preview as the path updates
– Can view the current deck from the character sheet
– Huge number of improved or new SFX throughout the game
– Improved the favor-based traits for loot and spread them out beyond the DLC content they arrived in
– Unlock economy rebalanced (especially considering DLC ​​content)
– Reworked 5 quests with frustrating “You lose after X turns” loss conditions
– Revised end quest line
– Region markers appear on the map in the cloudy area before you reach them
– Better display of how many quests you have completed in each location on the map
– Toggle text size for magazines
– Found a way to bring back the old Guild Classic tutorial Rubber Ducky as a miniboss
– Realigned guild upgrade screen to group all blessings/dungeons/loot in their own sections
– Cloud saves (Steam)
– Other interesting achievements (Steam)

The fact that Switch players are getting all of these quality of life improvements right from the start is excellent and will immediately let us tap into our inner child. Ratings on Steam are mostly positive with over 1500 comments, and our friends at GameSpot praised the game’s style and challenge, saying “When the game’s immense charm and good-natured sophistication wear off, the challenge sets in.”

Let’s check out some of that charm, shall we?

The game is also currently available for mobile devices, where you can use the touchscreen to map your dungeon. Whether this will be part of the Switch version we don’t know – although we’d love to see it!

Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition is coming to the Switch eShop later this week, May 19! Tell us if you remember to pick this up in the comments! Guild Of Dungeoneering brings Doodled Dungeon Crawling to the Switch this week

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