Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Under Review

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to play through End of Dragons Expansion before launch. While I was able to experience the full story and participate in the events, how all of this will be transferred to the live server remains to be seen, so the review process is under way. proceed. As for the story, I will only discuss the specifics until chapter four. Other than that, I will only mention non-specific observations as everyone should have a chance to experience it for themselves. Arenanet did not exaggerate when they said End of Dragons ending, the story they’ve been telling ever since Guild Wars 2 is out and it’s worth getting into it with as few bug fixes as possible.

A fitting ending to this chapter

After watching the trailer for EoD, I quip that the airship builders will riot and refuse to let us on the airship anymore because they tend to crash when the Commander is on board. Turns out this airship still belongs to the Aetherblades, and we’re after them. Also… this time it was our fault that the ship crashed. This whole thing is open to EoD However, it turned out completely differently than I expected, and it has been exciting to discover and learn about what has happened to the Aetherblade since we last saw them and what they have been up to in the past. when we are busy with other things. While going through the whole story, my biggest suggestion is to take your time. There is a lot of additional information to be found in almost every field, which fills in a lot of blanks and expands greatly on what I thought I knew.

A great side of the new storyline in EoD does it feel like there are more voices than usual? Usually during story missions, when there is an optional step of talking to your companion, those dialogues will not be voiced. However, in EoD, pretty much all of this has been voiced and it adds a lot of depth to everything that’s going on. Since these dialogues include options, the Commander can choose to speak or not, the Commander’s dialogue is not voiced, just who I am talking to. This doesn’t detract from the experience, though, and I hope this will just be the way it’s done by default for all future voiced characters.

An initial surprise was that Kasmeer sounded so different than before, that at first I thought she had a different voice actor. I confirmed to ArenaNet that it’s the same voice actor; she chose a different way to play the character, resulting in her sound being different as well. This was a bit jarring at first, but as the story progresses and I spend more time with Kas, it becomes clear how much she has changed over the years. When we first met, she acted incredibly naive at times, but now she’s a lot more mature, and while she’s still optimistic, it’s been overcome by everything that has happened. out for many years. It was refreshing to see and hear those things reflected in her portraits.

Without a hitch, this is the best story ArenaNet has put together to date. I’ve enjoyed everything before, but EoD raised it up a notch. Some things turned out exactly the way I thought they would, while others didn’t, but none of it felt cheap or contrived. One thing that surprised me a bit was how many stories there were. There were a lot of points where I thought, “okay, now maybe this is the end of the story,” but everything went on. Not in the “omg when will this be over” way, but in the pleasant “oh, we’re working on this right now” way. End of Dragons is a gift that never stops giving.

Map, bringing the best of HoT and PoF together

Come back when Heart of Thorns When it first launched, the maps were in constant danger around every nook and cranny. That fits perfectly into the context but is a significant change from the core Tyrian maps, where exploration is emphasized above all else. I enjoyed this change and enjoyed the challenge, which was helped by the fact that I switched to Revenant with Hot, in general, the community is less happy about that. When PoF along with that, focus more on encouraging exploration and wandering around the map. It was a nice change, but I missed the sense of danger and knew that I could wander anywhere a little boring, even wonderful and interesting as the map.

Another aspect acts as a dichotomy between Hot and PoF map is map metas. In Hot map, every map has strong meta, and when it comes to Dragon Stand, parts of the map are completely inaccessible without conducting meta events. Again, this fits the theme and story very well, but if there aren’t enough players pushing the meta events, players are out of luck. On the other hand, PoF maps with lots of old fashioned events that will pop up but fewer metas that matter in terms of overall performance. Again, this is great for overall exploration and ease of navigation, but it makes the map feel less alive and I often find myself skipping events entirely unless I need them for a project that I want to complete.

Guild Wars 2 end of Dragons

Which brings us to EoD map, and they thread the needle between the poles of Hot and PoF brilliant style. The first map of Seitung Province was beautiful and fascinated me, and I wanted to find every nook and cranny there. We all got together for a day to experience the meta event in this map, which was a blast, but also not to be missed if players wanted to do whatever they wanted instead of participating. New Kaineng City is a great combination of a city map with the feel of a standard area map. There are plenty of locations to explore and events happening all over the city, as well as a meta event. I must say that finding my way around New Kaineng is reminiscent of exploring the Tangled Depths but to a lesser extent.

The last two maps lean towards Hot style, but they also have a lot to explore, and the lack of meta fit doesn’t seem to stop me from doing anything. I found that I needed to make a random event spawn at the map that lasted from Echovald to the last map, but it wasn’t part of the meta, and I was able to dispatch it on the fly. One thing that frustrates me in all maps is that allies will call for help using the Commander’s intercom as events unfold. I didn’t realize it was happening at first, and I thought it was part of the main story, which was confusing depending on what step of the story I was taking. Despite the confusion on my part, this is a good change as it will make it easier for players who want to participate in the event to find them.

The importance of HoT and PoF . masks

As part of the early access, I didn’t play on my account, which means I don’t have everything that I would have available. While I had all sorts of mounts and slides available, I didn’t have any of the associated masks unlocked – I was shocked to realize how much of a difference that made. . It’s been so long since I’ve unlocked the glider, raptor, and spring masks that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to use all of these without a mask. I’m stuck with both of those racks because people start EoD can access gliders, raptors and springs without turning back Hot or PoF. So I wanted a perspective on what that experience would be like.

When it comes to raptor mounts, I completely forgot about the drag effect as its attack action is not a default part of raptor. Since the up ring was one of the earliest souls I opened up in my mind, it’s just the way it’s always been. Being a Weaver being able to gather a swarm of mobs into a close area and instantly deal tons of damage not only helps me kill them faster, but also helps me live longer. Even outside of that, though, it’s extremely useful when interacting with anything with a break bar. I also completely forgot how much jumping over the canyon increases the distance a raptor can jump. Having the ability to jump further would be a huge help when exploring, and I miss it a lot too.

For Springer, it’s all about high vault mastery. As someone who only recently got her plane and hasn’t even started on skyscrapers, springs are my primary way to scale things up. The same will be true for any new players who don’t have a skyscraper or a Griffon yet. Several times during the preview, I managed to explore an area or get to a story marker, and I would have been able to do that easily if I had mastered the high jump. This is alleviated somewhat after unlocking the jade programs and I can use ziplines, but they are only at specific points, which leaves many areas where I just want to jump on top of the springs.

However, if there’s one skill I’d recommend to new players coming back and above all, it’s advanced surfing. This is a bit difficult as it is the second to last master in Hot glide and it will cost you 19 mastery to get the advanced slide and four unlocks before it. I see most clearly the need for endless surfing in New Kaineng. That city is a maze and often the fastest way to get somewhere is to surf, especially before unlocking ziplines. Although, even after I can use ziplines, they don’t always go where I want them to. Not having to free fall to save my glider from drying up helps a lot when navigating around that city. In fact, I died the first time I tried to surf around there because I forgot that there was a time limit when surfing.

I know for new players the draw will be EoD content as soon as possible, but I highly recommend going back to get some of the basics I mentioned here first. They will greatly increase the quality of your experience on the go Guild Wars 2 Generally speaking. I also highly recommend playing through the extensions and legacy content as that will greatly increase your understanding of the story and its impact. I understand that will take quite a while and why some people don’t want to wait for it. One of the great things about GW2 is that old content is always relevant in some way, so you don’t have to worry about missing out if you don’t do it right away. Some of the latter may take a little more work, but it’s always doable.

Live and final review

I absolutely can’t wait to dig through everything on my account and see how everyone else reacts to not only the story but all the content that comes with it. End of Dragons. I’m hoping to have a final review done next week once I get a chance to dig deeper into things and see how things go post-launch. However, in the meantime, what are you going to focus on first? EoD? Is it all about the story, elite specs or something else you would focus on first? Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Under Review

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