Gun incompetence: women confront men with excuses for doing housework


The division of tasks between two life partners is always a delicate situation – hence the term “armed incompetence“has gained so much momentum in recent years. The term has become so popular tick tock that the topic currently has over 148 million views.

The newer term for an age-old problem refers to one partner in a relationship pretending to be unable to complete a nerve-wracking, monotonous, repetitive but important everyday task — like doing laundry, cooking, or shopping — in order to to avoid that . This typically results in the other partner becoming frustrated and angrily assuming this responsibility.

And although laziness or disinterest in running a household is not limited to people of the same sex, in heterosexual relationships men tend to avoid the brunt of the household burdens at the expense of women.

This isn’t just a stereotype; it is secured by data. A 2020 Gallup study A study conducted in the US found that even among egalitarian-minded millennial couples, women are still more likely to clean the house, shop for groceries, cook meals, and make decisions about home furnishings and decorations.

The study found that while men do some household chores, they let older generations guide them and take on chores they can do on their own schedule, such as car maintenance and gardening.

“I think it has a lot to do with our ingrained stereotypes and assumptions about traditional gender roles back home — they’re pretty hard to challenge or break once put into action,” said Rebecca Horne, then a third-year graduate student Year. Student in the University of Toronto Psychology Department who spoke to HuffPost in 2020.

Horne also led another study in 2019 It found that women of all ages still tend to do more housework than their male partners, regardless of how much they work or earn from outside work.

When a Twitter user posted a post in early June about how another user on the platform was stunned that the term “gun incompetence” was a “real thing,” she couldn’t help but ask others on Twitter to share their experiences .

So if you can relate to this unfair work dilemma, put down your mop and let your lasagna burn to read about other people’s angry experiences below.

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