Heartbroken woman whose 38L breasts mean she can’t wash dishes refuses reduction

Charlotte Rowley-Stennings, 26, is fed up with the physical discomfort and unwanted male attention that her large breasts have brought her and is dying to go down to a D to F cup size

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A woman who wears a 38 liter cup size says her two-stone breasts prevent her from washing dishes comfortably – but the NHS is refusing her a reduction.

Charlotte Rowley-Stennings, 26, is fed up with the discomfort and unwanted male attention and is dying to go down to a D to F cup size to relieve both physical pain and anxiety.

But just weeks ago her application was rejected and she is now in the process of appealing the decision with the help of her GP as she cannot afford the £9,000 surgery privately. The Manchester Evening News reports.

Burnage’s Charlotte spends hundreds of pounds every year on bras, which can sometimes break after just a month of wear. If her breasts only grow one cup size, she has to have them custom made, costing up to £140 per bra.

Charlotte Rowley-Stennings has had large breasts since seventh grade



“I was heartbroken to learn I was rejected,” she said.

“It’s not for aesthetic reasons, my back is in pieces. I am trying to gather as much evidence as possible to appeal, I have the support of my GP and the Wythenshawe Breast Clinic who weighed my breasts and I will be having an x-ray in a moment to see the effects that they have my spine.

“I take medication for my anxiety because it affects me mentally. I find it horrible how a breast reduction can cost 9,000 but a breast correction costs 6,000.

“It’s not fair. I understand why women would want breast augmentation when they have really small boobs, but I can’t understand why women would want to grossly overdo it with breast augmentation.

“I have that of course and I wish I didn’t have it. People say ‘it’s great to have big boobs,’ but it really isn’t.”

“I find it horrible how a breast reduction can cost 9,000, but a breast correction costs 6,000.”



Charlotte suffers from skin irritations, cysts and sores that form under her breasts, which can worsen and create an odor in the warmer months.

One trick she learned is to put a sanitary napkin under her bra to absorb moisture. Despite this, her chest tore slightly after chafing during the March heatwave earlier this year.

As early as the seventh grade at Levenshulme High School for girls, Charlotte, then a C cup, felt different and was labeled “fat” by other students.

She had to buy bigger polo shirts and felt compelled to change in the bathroom for exercise instead.

“They would say: ‘Eh, you have big breasts or eü, you are fat.’ I’ve always been big-chested, but I’ve always had a narrow back.

She suffers from physical pain and struggles with anxiety



“I buy medium pants but need to buy XL tops. My family told me not to notice, they would just say jealously.

“But it really started to affect me, and around 10th grade I started trying to lose weight. I wouldn’t eat properly, I would skip meals and say I was ‘full’.”

When Charlotte turned 16, she began dating an older friend, 18, with whom she worked at a bus company. But when she went out in public alone, she could sense that comments were being made about her.

“When I was with my boyfriend, nothing was said, but when I was alone, I got funny looks and could hear comments like, ‘Look at her,'” Charlotte explained.

“It was not nice.”

Charlotte is about to appeal her rejection of the surgery



She has been with her current partner for four years now and when she goes out with her friends she feels the need to wear a fake engagement ring to divert unwanted attention from men.

When men approach her, she finds them staring at her chest instead of meeting her eyes.

“I had recently dated girls from work and I could feel eyes looking at me, men looking at me, you could hear them making certain comments telling their buddies to look at me,” she said .

Charlotte has spent years going back and forth with doctors about her ailments, who in the past have told her to lose weight. She went to the gym but still couldn’t shift the weight off her chest, she says, and instead they grew taller.

Charlotte was an F cup at 16, JJ at 18, KK at 21, and L at 22.

“I have trouble walking or jogging, I would have to wear two sports bras and it’s hard enough to find one that fits. I’m scared of people watching me run, people honking their car horns.”

She dreams of being a DF Cup and argues that the reduction surgery would change her life.

“I would be over the moon,” she said.

“I could wear things that people my age wear and not have to hide so much. I would feel a lot more confident.

“I have trouble sleeping, I have to lie on my left side in a certain way with my arm raised. It would take a lot of pressure off my back and make my life so much easier.”

She added: “It’s a health issue. It affects my work, my lifestyle and my mental health. I had an anxiety attack in my car last year and am now in therapy.

“The NHS should cater for women with large breasts; We didn’t ask, we come as we are and I’m not happy that I have big boobs. You pay your taxes so you hope the NHS will help you.”

Charlotte has started documenting her journey on Instagram at @chaz.br and sharing her experience of the discount application process.

Manchester Health and Care Commissioning has been asked for comment.

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